Sunday, May 23, 2010

The State of My Address

In the last few weeks the Hunny has had to fix a lot of stuff around here.

The clothes dryer.
The dishwasher.
and now the water purifier.

He is a good sport about it. I would be irritated if I had a never ending "honey do" list.  Wait a minute I do have a never ending list!

He doesn't complain about this.
Even when he can hardly get through the "utility room" which is a fancy way to have a whole room to catch junk.

You know the place where you put things, "FOR NOW." Famous last words that we need to just eliminate from our vocabulary. "For now"--that should be household cuss word.

Needless to say this mess has been tackled. Just forget about the picture and take my word for it.

I'm tired now. I don't give a flip about taking a picture.

Now for the outside.
Something nasty in the leaves.

Hateful nasty bugs and creepy crawlies that ruin my garden.

I hate them. I don't even know what in the sam hill these dastardly devils are! But they are yukky that is for sure. It's a dad gum plague for the pecan tree.

Same story for all my trees every one of them has some kind of bug infestation. Each one has it's own variety.

I hate them this much.

It's time for chemical warfare.

Sometimes my organic ideals go out the window.

My organic ideals go out the window when I go outside and it is 94 degrees outside and 97% humidity--with long pants on, and shoes and socks. The clothes are to protect me from being a bug fest picnic.

I do not like being eaten alive one nasty bite at a time.

The dastardly devils crawled up my pant legs and bit me. I kid you not. I hopped into my Grand Ma car and went straight to Wally Mart. I bought 3 bags of this kill everything crap. I am the back yard Rambo right now!

After all---

this is for us-- not them.

All of this is really not to promote the good health of fire ants.

And this

a spot like this would just calm down my soul;
except for the second I stop to admire it, I get bit again!!

Murderous mudderings to the insect world--die you devils die.

Laughs like Renfield while twisting hands in glee.

On a calmer note.

I have done a lot of work in this not so impressive corner.

It doesn't look like much now but it will.

It is weeded of several buckets of briars.

We added 5 lavender azalea bushes. There are seeds up here too. It's my shady "naturalized area" and it will be very pretty come summer.

This is part of the shady area. A baby dogwood tree and some new hydrangeas. I love baby trees, this little one is 2 years old now. It was a little slip we got in one of those free tree give away deals.

We had 3 and this one is the only one that lived, but Dogwoods are touchy. I am pretty proud we have one healthy survivor.

These little hydrangeas are slap happy bloomin their heads off. The bugs don't know they are there yet.

My healthy tomato plants and some peppers and plants to eat.
Back off bugs!!

Mine mine!!

Another view of the garden and it's little guardian angel. Poor little thing has no idea how totally outnumbered she is.

The side yard, herbies, strawberries, cucumbers and etc.....bugs.

Love fresh basil.

Love strawberries.

What the heck eats one bite out of every strawberry?

Photos can fool you. It looks like paradise and it's a bug fest.

Gah look at the dead heading I need to do!

We just walked around and the weeds are thick as thieves. Spring is just endless work.

I haven't been blogging much, because of all this work. If I'm not working then I'm swimming.

If I'm not swimming its something with the teenager, or the cats, or the husband. In other words there is always something going on around here.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the medication induced dementia. Occasionally I really do try to use something correctly for a beneficial effect. In plain language, I get desperate enough to follow doctors orders. Pain is a good motivator. I have been using Lyrica and getting nuttier and nuttier. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. I'm crazy enough without any additional assistance. Remember it's a short walk and not a drive. This med had me so wacky I couldn't do anything.  The last straw was setting down the garden hose and leaving it to run. Just forgot what I was doing. I could hardly talk that is SERIOUS.  MY tongue would get tangled up and sound kind of like somebody with a speach impediment, or a drunk.  I'm weaning off and feeling better mentally that's my story and I'm stickin to it  but pain is going to be an issue. Oh well. Me and Dora, we got a plan; just keep on swimmin.

And take a vacation. I am taking a real vacation. I am going completely off the grid.

No Lyrica.

No cell phone.

No intranet.

No e-mail.

No blogging.

For reals.

If the universe doesn't implode I'll be back in the middle of June with a gazillion words and pitchas. It has been about 8 years since I really got to visit with my daughter and her two youngest children. I am praying there won't be any big upheavals with all the different factions. Seems everyone cannot get along at once but that's the case in a lot of families. Seems that might be the new American way.

Tomorrow I try and get done some of what's left out here but I'm not going to kill myself to do it. One more swim in my beloved pool and then; sing it with me!

"I'm leavin on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again," But ohhhh baby I LOVE to go!!
Don't forget me I'll be back!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You'll Never Believe This

Have you ever wondered if you were born under a bad sign? I mean does it ever seem like life is more lemons than lemonade and who was the idiot that coined that slogan anyway? Shoot him. I know it was a man, a woman would not say anything that dumb. A woman would say lemon pie or lemon bars.

I have no photos for this story. You will need to imagine this all by yourself.

I would like to share with you about my spa experience. You remember right? My uber cool present from the Hunny and Kayla? The 1/2 hour massage a mani and a pedi? The coolest of all Mothers Day gifts. What could possibly go wrong with a great gift like that?

Well, hold onto your hats kids cuz wez goin to hell--so to speak.

Enter salon.

Salon is in a good area of town, exterior uneventful but the shopping center is nice in a medium upscale kind of way. No bums, no drunks, no litter or riff raff, it looks safe enough. The name of it is "Serenity", that sounded promising.

 Inside the shop --it's completely empty of customers. You could hear a pin drop inbetween the nail gun going off, they are under construction. A small remodeling project they explain.

Stupid me, "You are open for business?"

Devilish them, "Yes, certainly we are doing this little project but we are glad you are here!"

Stupid me, "Well, ok then." this is the part where I should have bolted for the door. Somebody has to pay for the remodel though.

I proceeded to fill out the client info form for the massage which was much to much like a doctors visit.
Most of the questions were none of their dad gum business anyway.
The massage was alright, I was pretty relaxed inspite of the hammers, the nail gun and the workmen.

Then I got a little trim. I was so relaxed he could have shaved my head. I thought it was odd that he sprayed my head with cold water and got my face all wet instead of shampooing my hair. Isn't one of the best parts of getting your hair cut getting it washed? Another red flag but silly me I missed it. The massage was better than I thought!

This hairstylist is a little guy. He was telling me how he just moved here from Nashville because he got flooded out. I asked him where he went to school and he went in San Francisco. Hummm. He used to live pretty rough and getting his license to do hair has been really great. He just can't believe he can make money painting nails.....instead of roughing it in bars.....

This is where the whole "experience" really became an experience. The pedi chair is kind of in a back hall by the dirty shampoo bowl and all the construction goings on. The construction guys are going in and out and every time they walk by they glance at what we are doing; or trying to do. They keep walking back and forth with bright red molding. I'm wondering where the bright red molding is going to go? The salon is purple, green, and gray. About the twentieth trip I asked. The bright red molding was for the front desk. Whatever you say.

Back to the pedi--I have been distracted.

First he says, " the water is hot."
Stupid me, "How hot?" I am thinking about smoking little snausages.... not that hot I can get in. It feels slippery though and that is because there is too much soap in there. I know there is too much soap in there because the bubbles are going above my knees. I am thinking that the bubbles are going to completely hide me soon which will be alright.
The guy from Nashville is trying to let the water out so I can get rinsed off. He can't figure it out. He tries to add water to rinse and it is cold. Cold water and hot water---very interesting. He scrubs my heels a wee bit, a very wee bit. He then dries my soapy legs off with rough stained towels I would use for rags or throw away. Then he rubs cream into my soapy skin. This is getting good! I am not kidding.

Nashville guy says, "So you just want a clear coat?"

VERY stupid me says, "No I'd like to pick a color." Stupid me is wondering where the polish is because it is no where to be seen. Stupid me has been wondering why everything this guy reaches for has been in  a duffle bag. So just how clean is your duffle bag anyway? Gross. I am getting freaked out. This is translating into hysterical fits of laughter. I cannot believe this. I am waiting for a reality show person to jump out and say "Your punked!"

Stupid me is stuck behind the towering bowl full of bubbles wondering how to get out of the chair. There must be some where to get my toe nails painted that is out of the construction zone. I some how scooted around and out of that without falling on my butt face.

Onto the fingernail room. The fingernail room with the fingernail clippings all over the floor--EWWWWWWWWWWWWW....

Still stupid me did not flee for the exit. Stupid me proceeded to have my foot picked up and placed on the Nashville Guy's knee on one of those hideous towels. Did I mention that I am seated in a chair that rolls? Leaning on a table that rolls? Leaning on a table until I actually LOOK at the table--another EEEWWWWWW. Ya'll own any windex?

Nashville Guy says, "Can you bend your knee?"

Stupid me says,"sure," and when I do I sail back wards in my chair that rolls. At this point I am undone with laughter. This is my "spa day" the irony of it is cracking me up. I don't know why it isn't making me angry but it just isn't. I mean really I have got more upset over not getting bread when we go out to eat. I think the massage first, was a plot. I was just too mellow to realize that they were working me over here!

We still have not started painting nails. Mr. Nashville drank to much coffee well that was the story anyway.  He has the stinkin shakes bad---I am sure my whole haircut is textured. I watch in sheer unbelief as his hands bounce all over my toes. His hands are so jumpy the polish is going everywhere, he is blobbing it on in any direction. It looks like crap. But!!! Stupid me I sit there and take it. Hope dies hard for me. This is my uber cool spa day.

After what must have been an hour my horrible paint job is over. I still have a manicure to get.

Did I leave?

NO. It's true I have no brain.

 Let me sum up with this. No finger bowl. More yukky nasty towels. Horrible blob job of thick wet polish that was hanging in chunks from my nails by the time I got home. He "sprayed" them with this stuff that was designed to kill me dry the nails. Clouds of that asthma producing toxic fog did get me to feet and headed for the door! One more glance back and the bubbles were still there! Good bye forever"Serenity" you lie!

When I got home the first thing I did was grab my nail polish remover and clean up.
Next I grabbed my swim suit, my towel, and you guessed it--- headed straight for the pool.

No more spa days for me. Think I'll buy myself one of those home foot spa know, do it myself. As it is the heels still need a good scrubbing. Good grief Charlie Brown!

Lemons? Lemonade? Pishaaawww!!! Maybe I should publish this in our local paper.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Morning Report.

This morning I got out of bed thinking about the pool.
So I dressed appropriately.

Then I remembered something.
Really amazing things can happen!
A memory actually surfaced in my head of it's own accord. I know- you can pick your chin up off the floor now.

I received a very cool gift for Mothers Day!

Can you read it?

1/2 hour massage
mani & pedi.

Be still my heart.

Praise the 8 pound baby Jesus I told them,

I made the announcement to them.
Get creative people, think about toes or something!
We are not going out to eat. I am in food rehab.

My card was hilarious.

Loved it.

I am blessed!, and I am counting my blessings; a 1/2 hour massage, a mani and a pedi.

I picked up that card and called to make an appointment.

Not there but will return soon.

OK somethings are WORTH waiting for!

While waiting I began to play,
with these...

This is what you call an ambitious case of fabric fever. I was looking for vintage patterns and found some on clearance. The clearance patterns had to have on sale fabric. The fabric had to have matching thread. Vogue patterns ALWAYS have a ton of "notions" which make the register go into the "ka ching" mode on steroids.

All I have to say is that I better sit down and make this stuff up like right now this week.

If it goes on a shelf for the "in the future projects" I will let my family know that I need an intervention.
Having been a former fabric junky.
Having closets of material and boxes of patterns,
that I finally took to the Goodwill,
because they were completely out of style.

I ain't kidding people!

I hope I have not relapsed.
I actually really do know how to sew.
So sweet Jesus help me- not a cuss a real prayer  I better get to it!
I really would like to have a blue batik sun dress,
with covered boning in the bodice.
Heck I need a stinkin corset!

I also read your blogs today and luved it. Swim time has interrupted blog time but for a better healthier me. I do miss you while I am out there enjoying all of this.

OK well maybe not,
but one thing is for sure--it is bliss.

I am on my way now!
Can't wear a swim suit all day for no good reason.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Memories

Do you save things?

Like hand made cards?

Like pictures that catch a feeling, but are really pretty awful?

This was the first dress I ever made for my baby. It was Christmas.I had to keep it even if it's not a very good picture. I'm so glad I did.

This is a collection of old pictures.

Important women in my life.
Both of my grandmothers and my mother.
We took this when my mother had cancer, a four generation picture.

Pictures of my baby when she was little, with my mom before she got sick.

Pictures are proofs.

 My grandmother and favorite Auntie, must have been modeling coats the sun was out.

I was pretty good at sewing for awhile, I made the Snow white outfit and Jen loved it! She liked costumes.

First grade in a dress and jumper that I made.

Just lately someone gave me the "what toand the where for" about letting a certain strong willed youngster, wear her hair in Princess Leia buns. This now grown young woman said to me,"Mom what were you thinking? Kids have parents so they don't actually have pictures of them wearing their hair in Princess Leia buns in PUBLIC!" Hum, she doesn't remember just how earnest she was about style. That kid loved her hair like that--yes sirrreeee bob she did. Proof.

We also went back packing in Yosemite. I was thin once, proof.

My little girl did play with dolls occasionally, rarely but here it is, proof!

And then my baby had a baby.Bless her heart she was so young the photographer set us up like this.
She was young. Thank God she gave this sweet child life! 
I loved them both! Proof!

The family grew.
More grandchildren and good friends.
This was a time in life where we had stress and joy.
I see the smiles, the beach, the fun, the celebrations; proof.

Mother's and daughters, from one generation to the next. Girls I love, adore and pray for. Girls that make me laugh and make me cry. Girls that bring smiles and fun. Girls full of energy, full of creativity, full of fun new words, and ways of doing things.
Girls becoming women.
Young women becoming older women and  the passing down of traditions.
For all the mothers today;
celebrate the joys.
Remember your proofs.
If there is sorrow remember the joys.
Where there is loss there was once fullness, thank God for the full times.
I think this Mother's Day is my best ever, my family has been reunited.
This Mothers Day
I can look at proofs and not cry.
Because I love and am loved in return. There is nothing richer than that.

Happy Mothers Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Indoors and Out.

Bouquets indoors.

And out.
and I am swimming in water and chores.

Getting this girl signed, sealed, and delivered for college.
We have moved our flights up and are leaving sooner.
Busy busy busy.
Spring is like that, and summer is worse.
I am reminding myself with this post,
to take time to smell the flowers.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Do Men Always Do It First?

It probably started before Star Trek, you know, the whole "exploring where no man has gone before" thing.  Men really do have a strong sense of fearless adventure I think.

I know color is a really "in" thing right now, but my neighbor has been into it for the last 10 years that I know of.

He is an undiscovered trend setter.

This blue is really this vivid. I love it.

My Hunny did the paint job. My Hunny was not so sure about this vivid blue. For one thing it was hard to paint with. But that is probably not the first thing that my Hunny was thinking about the with this color choice. Don't you love the pillows?

How about from this direction?

Love the stain glass on each side.

Love the choice of light fixture.
It's pretty fun over here!

Just a little peak around the corner.

Actually all the rooms are pretty cool, each different but with the same bold color palate.

You know, a long time ago, when I was getting bored with my house;
I went over to my neighbor and asked him what color he would paint the living room. He said gold. I was amazed, that is one color i would have never picked.

Which prompted me to paint my living room the pretty color it is right now.

Which prompted my neighbor to go back and paint another room at his place in that theme. Of course he kicked it up a notch.
He loves art it is everywhere on every available surface. It looks good I think.

Each collection also has a theme. This is the modern, bold statement section.

 I like this corner in the living room. The living room has florals and still lifes. The art in this room is my favorite.

I could handle these paintings in my house--really I could--easy peasy. I am not coveting, yeah right, I am admiring!

I am flat crazy about the dark blue vase in that still life. The sunflowers over on the side wall kinda float my boat too.

Isn't this place fun?

Here it is. Ya'll have been waiting for this sneak peak.

fireplace mantle. I really thought this was going to be his first really BIG mistake. My Hunny painted it. MY Hunny thought maybe he was having one of those crises. Nah, just teasin.
It works, a bright orange fireplace mantle. Yes, the color is that bright.

I remember when he came home with all these armloads of flowers.

Not being indirect I just blurted it right out; "Whatcha goinna do now?"

Little laugh, "you'll see."

Darn right I'll see, wild horses couldn't keep me away.  What's he gonna do next?
Inquiring minds want to know!