Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ART for Africa day

 My friend Elysa who lives down at We Will Go invited me to come down to her house and paint some pictures. She is auctioning them off to help her son raise funds to go this summer to Swaziland!!It will be his first mission trip. They live as missionaries in downtown Jackson.
I haven't made any art myself in years.  It sounded like so much fun though!
 Elysa is painting a background on a board to dry for later. Carolyn is one of the neighbors and I love her. She has made some really cool paintings!!
 This is my picture. What do you think? I had Jimmy cut me a piece of wood and then he made a frame for me. I inked in a lot of the wood grain lines and then used them to make the water. The thought behind it is,  "We will be like a tree planted by the waters, our leaf will not wither and whatsoever we do will prosper."
 Carolyn painted this the other day. I love her sense of color and design. It's a powerful piece.
 This piece is available for auction now. A man named Chris with a life changing testimony and a South African missionary worked on this one. Personally I love this. I placed a bid and have already been out bid. I may place another bid on it.
 A painting by one of Elysa's kids also up for auction at some point. All these pieces will be available through her blog. Musings from Graceland.
 I painted this big cross. You can't really see it though.
 Laura and Carolyn discussing something we are having fun!
 Elysa's masterpieces, personally I love the little African hut.

 Carolyn and I and the piece she made today.
 Don't make us look fat! There that's better....maybe....
 Well OK, any way I am fat but I'm happy too so that's OK for now.
 I feel like I'm in kindergarten and having a bunch of fun.
 Just because I haven't posted in awhile I'll show you my rehab plan. I am USING it!
It's helping me a lot too.
Signing off with a bit of sugar, the man and the dogie.

So tell me do I have any potential as an artist? I've already quit my day job so you can be frank. HA!
If you want to bid on anything got to Elysa's blog and let her know!!
See you soon.