Friday, June 22, 2012

The Rehab of Home

I downloaded about 200 pictures and have about 6 posts in my head.
They are in my head because I have been busy with my home.

 It's always fun to create new looks in our homes and clear away clutter. I think that maybe myself and everyone else is into birds this spring.  They really are cute little fat critters. I identify with fat critters. When I look at their plump cuteness I am not alone in this world, and perhaps I am cute too.
 When I clean I like to rearrange stuff. I have been cleaning. Cleaning up my house is part of my own rehab plan.
 You know good old American ingenuity. You see I really want to be able to go back to work.
Little by little I have been busy pushing myself to get better. To work at something everyday.
To make my body strong again.
 It isn't easy but nothing worth having is ever easy. My last illness with asthma almost put me in the grave. Really, I'm not just saying that, and a month in bed will make anyone as weak as a newborn kitten. If you can't breathe standing up you have to lie down. It's just common sense.
 When you don't have health insurance and can't afford physical therapy you can get up with the roosters. Why? Because it's not so hot in the morning. Working in the heat is very unpleasant for those of us menopausal women. I sweat enough without help.
 I have been playing with my trinkets. Wiping them clean and making little "still life's."
It's therapy. It makes me feel better to clean and make things look pretty. These are all from Turkey.
I displayed them in this basket. My inner hippie just won't die.

The basket is to the left of this window that I have always loved looking out of. I have a thing for windows,

 and plants,
 and turquoise pottery.

 You can't imagine just how much stuff I have gotten rid of. As I have sorted and tossed I wonder how come I collect all this crap. It's gotta be about the "deal." What I discovered though is crap colects dust, thick dust can be used as potting soil when it's thick enough. If you saw the buckets of dirty water I have thrown out you'd catch my drift.
 Yes this plant is really this big and it was started from a little baby spider plant, without the aid of dust/soil.
 I got this plant when it was a wee tiny, too. I picked the table up from the curb on trash day. I really like to cruise around in the pick up on trash day. You would not believe what people leave on their curbs.
 My daughter decided I needed my pictures to come out of the 80's and she did this. I like it.
I also liked that she provided this stuff, she is a good girl fixing up her mamas house.
 This is full but two shelves now hold "objects of art." I have turned loose of a a couple of car loads of books. Books need to be read not hoarded, so I have done my part by sharing.I also now have the perk of less dust collectors.
 I like it all. Scoring this couch from Good will makes me like it even more than the one I bought at a furniture store. The leather is verra verra soft. It is awesome.
 My craft/laundry room is actually being used. I didn't take pictures of an apron I made, sorry next time. Somewhere in my archives is a before photo of this room as a storage heap. I am too lazy to find it and you were scarred enough the first time around.  If you remember you know this was a job and if you don't you can just think it's cute. It's cute right?
Here is a little doll bathing suit I made for a friends child.

and here is a full hamper of that endless supply of laundry that keeps us all busy.
Is anyone still making their own soap? I quit. I just got lazy. It's enough to wash the clothes.
 Bathrooms always need cleaning, another chore
 and deodorizing. Right? Especially when the bathroom is stocked with reading material.
 That flash in the mirror makes this look uber sparkly!
 The guest room, would you like to visit? This is the guest bathroom too.
 Once all of that is ship shape my eyes focus on the outside of my home.
I know, I'm sick, really really sick.
 Guess what? After an entire season of no care, it is a huge mess. I say season because it has been too long to remember, one year maybe two?
 A mess which of course requires a supervisor, no work can be done without the cat!
 and a dump truck.

 Time for a big over haul and I have accomplished a lot out there. But I will save that for another post another day. If you are still here I know you are relieved.
 One of my favorite places to relax and recover from all of this rehab.

Do you like to have your favorite treasures in your room?
These are dishes from my Grandma and gifts from friends.
 From by bed I can watch TV or read, maybe even write a blog or read a bunch of them;
with my feet up which is also part of my rehab, after all that home rehab. They deserve a little rest and nail polish, don't you think? All of this is why I haven't blogged much. I can't do everything you know, I'm over 50. That's my story and I am sticking to it, so what's your excuse?