Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Steps

 Thank you all for the kind comments on my last post and for your prayers. God is listening because my bruises are fading fast. The swelling in my arm has gone way down. The pain is getting much more manageable. I am trying to reach for things and move a bit more but my right arm is still very restricted.
The good news is that I go to therapy tomorrow. The bones have not been hurt, except for the broken ribs.
I sneezed today**ouch**but only twice which is a major miracle because I always sneeze at least 10 times if  I sneeze even once. I am getting a lot better.

AND ta da ta da!!!!

I can zip up and button my own pants now!

My next goal is to be able to put on a bra and a shirt by myself.

It's the little things in life you know?

Friday, September 24, 2010

No News Is Usually Bad News

 back of my arm
 broken ribs on the side and a teeny bit of bewbee--thought it was covered up.
 another shot of the back of the arm
 king tut and my arm from the front if you look at the bottom edge you can see the bruising.
Well blogger has changed it's format again. I don't have the energy to figure it out. There is a picture of spoiled rotten puppy who is only 5 months old and can take up most of the couch already. It can be a race to see who gets to sit there because we don't both fit.

The other pictures are the results of a very bad fall I took on the 15th.  I was making good progress on the post op of my shoulder a mini arthroplasty. That means that part of my shoulder joint was replaced. THEY USE CHAIN SAWS AND DRILLS AND ALL KINDS OF POWER TOOLS FOR THAT.

Well almost.

What I didn't count on was playing the part of Humpty Dumpty. I felt like I got pushed too, I know just how that poor guy felt. I really didn't know you could fall that hard just walking around. The unfortunate thing is I landed on my right side. The long purple eggplant shot up there, and fractured some ribs. Then as I slid down on the bathroom cabinet my surgical arm was forced up in the air and turned rather violently. You can see the results yourself. That colorful appendage would be my arm.

Let me tell you this pain beat childbirth. I immediately began to cry and practically scream. I didn't scream because I could tell that my ribs were broken it hurt to inhale, you have to take a really deep breath to scream. The rest is hazy that shocky kind of forgetfulness. I was alone so I had to crawl to a phone. I called my hunny. My brain wasn't working because I should have called 911. We did go to the ER and got diagnosed with a rib fracture. The bone scan I had later showed multiple rib fractures.
I appreciated the morphine shot and could have used them regularly for a week. It has been one week now and I am beginning to come back from the dead. Sort of.

My granddaughter is camping along the Ohio river with crazy homeless people to be with her boyfriend. If that isn't enough to kill a person with worry. I thought I had talked her into going back to her mother and then today she said no deal. This is the kid who had the full scholarship to a wonderful school and instead of being there in class and enjoying her beautiful room she is homeless. The people she hangs out with are insane a lot of them think they are vampires. That is just Tom Tee Terrific.

I miss blogging but I haven't had anything good to talk about. I also have to type with one left hand, not  so easily done. I just wanted to catch you up and tell you your missed. My garden reflects my life it is a big mess too, nothing to take a picture of out there. So even if your bored with the puppy he's the best I've got right now. It's going to be a very long haul for me. There is a good chance that I have ripped some tissues ligaments or whatever in my shoulder. My doc says it would be a big mistake to go in there again and maybe even muck it up more. So the plan is gentle PT for starters and see how I do.
To think that when I started this I just wanted to be able to swim again. I couldn't stand the pain anymore. I have however discovered a whole nuther depth of pain, and like the cartoon characters from "Aladdin" say, "it's amazing what you can live through".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm doing well

This is how my day goes. I stretch out, and rest but I am also up a lot.
The main thing is that horrible pain in me shoulder is gone.
I have surgical pain but the toothache thing is over.
This is the cutest cat ever. He pets me. I'm serious, he takes his paws and strokes me with  them. Is that cute or what?

I can sleep. Before my surgery I was on the same pain meds but without relief. Now I can rest and it's a whole new world.

I am learning to use my left hand, like this typing! I spill when I eat but oh well, thats what boobs are for. To catch the mess.

My cousin has been helping out.
Including a puppy  bath. That's love isn't it.
He loves the water.  Check out his little old man nose. The hair is a lighter color. He is doing great.
I was so worried about how I would manage a puppy with a major surgery. It's been fine. He is doing just great  and shhhh no pee pee in the house.

I really don't have a lot to talk about unless you wanta talk about Lortabs. Just thought I'd pop in and let you know I am on the mend.

Now to do some reading and see what ya'll have been up too. Thanks for the prayers and notes!!