Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture Update--The Winner Is?

This is my finished wind chime. It cost me about $25, to make it. Jimmy cut a piece of copper pipe from the plumbing section of the hardware store. The pipe was $10, the beads were $15, including the geode. How do you like it?

Tigger and Cali

Look at these plants already!

I'm working this weekend. But I wanted to show you how big the plants are getting in the garden. We planted seeds too, and late. This is what hot humid weather and rain do, see it's not all bad.
I got out my flat iron for my frizzy hair, I have been looking like a poodle. It's humid. What's good for the garden is not so good for the gardener.

Another update. I am just stunned that Susan Boyle did not win Britain's Got Talent. I have seriously never watched that show or American Idol either. Yikes, a true confession, but sorry just not my cup of tea. The dance group was fantastic but they weren't even in the same league. I hope the Queen invites her to come and perform her. I'm sick to death of the youth culture thing and all the hoop de doo of show biz. They had a chance to embrace "the biggest wake up call ever," and blew it.

I don't know who will help her make a CD but I'm buying. She really belongs on stage she loves it. I just hope she isn't devastated. All this pressure has been rough on her, it would be on anybody. the press can drive anyone nuts. What did you think? Did you think Susan should have won?

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mark is Here

I received an email with this title. I tried to upload it to show it to you. A micro chip has been developed to be place either in a persons forehead or their right hand. It will used to buy and sell and for identity. Right now it is voluntary and still in the preliminary stages.

The email that has been circulating about the couple in San Diego having to apply for a permit to have a Bible study in their home is true.

Service men are being told they cannot enter a religious establishment in uniform.

The government is working on mapping every persons property on GPS.

The signs are there do you see them?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is This A Sign?

Part of my orientation requirements for the hospital where I work is to spend 4 hours rounding with the wound care nurse. I finally got it done today.

As we went around the hospital we were talking. You have to say something when your with another person for that amount of time.

She was funny. At about our third patient she started asking me how I got into critical care. By our fourth patient a cancer patient she was almost having a conniption.

It went something like this.

Her- Why aren't you on 5 South (the cancer unit)? You are a cancer nurse. Don't you know your trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? You aren't the type to be an ICU nurse. You like to talk to people.

Me--Did I tell you I worked in oncology?

Her- No, you mentioned you learned skin care in hospice. If you worked in hospice you had to work in cancer.

Me- Everyone says it hasn't been long enough to really judge. To be fair I should stay for at least 6 months.

Her- Yeah, right you are a slow learner, you need more time.

Me- Yep, my favorite color is clear.

Her- I know the manger in oncology I am going to tell her about you. You aren't going to be happy here until you get over there.

Me- Should I pay her? All this clarity in 3 hours?

Is this a sign?

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Love Her!

Check out the full version of Susan Boyle in the semi finals which she won! i had a you tube clip here and it has been disabled. I think the beginning of the 7 minute version is important as she shares more about her life and her struggle to overcome her disability and prove that her life isn't "worthless," that she can contribute.

Yes Susan you are contributing to more than you realize!

I have begun to pray that her choice of the song she will sing in the final is absolutely perfect for her.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

She Is There Safe.

Heather took this picture. It's at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. She grew up there riding her bike and skateboarding around. She took this picture before she left, to move here. I guess she thought she could keep her love for this beauty satisfied with some pictures.

She kept in touch while she traveled and had quite a few adventures.
Her car broke down twice, both times a mechanic stopped to help her. the second time a man with seven children overheard her talking on the phone with a friend in Santa Cruz; as she explained her plight. When she hung up the phone he offered to take her in and help her with the car. Turned out that her Pa was right that the little Honda would not make a cross country trip. It died in El Paso, Texas. If you ever drive across country you realize just how big Texas is. It's one thing to look at that big ole state on the map and another to drive across it. It takes a day and a half at 80 miles an hour, don't you mess with Texas.

So with a dead car what to do. She called a friend, wired him money for gas and he came and picked her and the dad gum dog up. The dog ran across 4 lanes of traffic to chase some cows on one stop; big hint, that is what that dog should be doing! She would have been wise to find that rancher and offer him a cow dog. But who thinks like that at 19? I'm not going to tell you anything at all about myself at 19, besides, I can't remember.

Did I just tell a lie on a Sunday?

Okay, so I do remember and I am not telling. That was BC, before Christ.

What to think about this whole new twist in the road we call life? This is my take on it.

This girl loves California. She has a little brother and sister there, and they are with their mother. She knows what terrors she faced with a mom who is an addict. I think God had her go back, for them. I don't like the way she did it, but I do understand. Sometimes we just have to get up and go, I have been there and done that. What I don't think is that she left because she wants to surf.
Her siblings have been weighing in heavy on her heart for a while. Christians call that a burden. Sometimes God assigns us the job of caring for someone, either in a tangible way or in prayer; but they become our burden. Those are not unwelcome or unwanted, they are blessings, to be trusted with the hearts and lives of others. Her sister is 12 and her brother is almost 10. She hasn't even been able to visit with them, when she went back and tried, so it's been almost 2 years since she has seen them. I believe that they are behind what appears on the surface to be a rash, impulsive move. I think those of you who left comments were also right about everything you mentioned. Continue please to pray for her mission.

It's memorial day. A day to remember. This morning we were reading in Acts chapter 20, part of Paul's missionary journey. God had revealed to him that when he arrived in Rome he would be imprisoned and die there. Yet he did not count his own life dear, but set his face to go on.

Just as Jesus set his face towards Calvary and went there willingly, NO man took his life he laid it down of his own accord.

Just as men throughout time have fought and died and given their lives for their country and their families.

It is an incredible ability that men have, to face death and charge ahead.

Women are wired to protect and defend too, but differently. We look for escape, for shelter, to evade danger, to keep the hearth, to protect the young. All these films of warrior women pervert the true nature of women. Some may wield a sword but that is not the usual heart of a woman.

Men fight, men die, men give, serve, protect and defend. To all of them that have ever served, and are serving now; to those who have lost loved ones to battles and wars, giving the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. I say THANK YOU, words are not enough and you are all worthy

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Don't Know What To Say.

Heather is gone. She packed up her car, took her dog and headed back to California. The girls have been with us for 3 years as of this month.

The positives;

she finished a year in college.

she has good work experience.

she took the dad gum dog.

she is rooted and grounded in the Lord. Maybe her little sister and brother need her.

she's got guts to go drive across the country by herself.

The negatives;

it looks impulsive, she just left and left us a note.

we are mad, sad, feel had, too bad.

her sister and friends are so bummed.

her room is a dad gum mess, and I really can't set fire to it. I just cleaned up a big mess from smoke.

I am working another day tomorrow. I will pack up irises this week after I rest up a little. The colors are not known, you'll be surprised. They are nice and healthy. I'll be scrounging up some boxes and getting busy with that.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am Certifiably CRAZY and something to share

These are the new steps the husband is building , they are wonderful. I told him that for 8 years I have been hauling my big fat butt up into that shed and it's a tall hike. He must have taken me seriously because look at how lovely this is. It is now, oh so EASY, to get in there!

It isn't like I didn't have anything else to do today. I did way to much. Including pulling up about 8 years of irises multiplying and overgrowing their designated areas. A whole WHEELBARROW full! If you would like some you can have some, really I will mail you some. Just say if you want 6, or 12 or however many. If your too greedy you won't get it all. You must like surprises because they are some shade of purple, blue, and 2 tones of burgundy, and who knows what is what? E mail your address. If you don't have my e mail leave a comment and I will put my e mail address in a comment on your blog.
I am serious, you can have some.

The wind chime I bought, I wish you could hear it.

The wind chime I am making. It is in process, it is not done.

This is the pan, or what is left of it. I am trying to clean it. It is one of my favorite pots.

Today I worked like an army of men. I need morphine. I am in PAIN. Lest you think I jest this is what happened today.

My house STINKETH!!

I scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, all of the walls and the cabinets.

I did the laundry and also took my throw rugs outside and scrubbed and hosed them. The curtains had to be washed. The floor had to be mopped. The house still stinks but it's getting better.

After cleaning the inside like a maniac. I decided to put the first coat of tung oil on my rocker. It only takes a minute. That went well. It went so well I decided to re oil the kitchen table top, the hutch and the top of Kayla's dressor because she has just about ruined it. After all the hardest part is getting the stuff out and the rag was already soaked with the oil.

I then needed to go to the bathroom. This is the Coffee Bean part of my day. I flushed the toilet and it over flowed. It did not have just pee in it. Yep, you guessed it. The plunger was no where to be found and AGAIN my husband was not at home! Twice in one weekend? I found the plunger and plunged like crazy and thought it was fixed. So I gave it try, and flushed the toilet. No, it was not fixed. It overflowed again. I did not cry. I stuck my arm in that thing trying to find out what was clogging it up. Nothing but a dirty arm. Hey, I'm a nurse, I clean up crap every time I go to work. For once in my life I was cleaning up my own instead of somebody elses!

Since we are doing laundry some already dirty towels sopped up the gallons of yukky water on the floor. MORE mopping. More cleaning. I bleached myself. By now the hunny is home and am I ever glad to see him.

I was sick of the house, sick of problems and frustrated. I thought to myself go out into the garden.

I went out into my garden and worked like an army of men.

I pruned, weeded,and dug up that wheelbarrow full of irises.

My yard looks awesome.

The house is clean.

The laundry is half done, I am not that nuts.

The furniture is getting refinished in stages.

I really have lost my mind, some one help me.

I am going to lie down now. I flushed all my pain medicine down the toilet in a previous moment of insanity, and I am so sorry. I need a doctor. I need a nurse. I need to find my mind because I am very sure I lost it.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Have you ever been to tired to do anything at all? I was so tired today all I really wanted to do was lie in bed and sleep, and do nothing. Did I give in to that? No sireee Bob not this woman, no way Jose. I am queen of the push. Push myself to get up and go.

Wandering around my filthy kitchen was the first big bummer of this day. Midge had been trying her hand at cooking and dumped about a half of bottle of Herbs de Provence into a sauce that was absolutely not edible. She is a messy cook and the cupboards were splattered, the cook top all smeared, and dishes still in the sink. That makes grumpy. As I started cleaning, because I am a fool and did not go get the kid to do it; I noticed an old baked potato on the stove FULL of fruitflies! Shades of Cheasepeake Bay Woman's greatest INFESTATION! This was so totally not cool. Now I am getting beyond irritated into the p.o. mode. Atilla the Hun ain't got nuthin on me. Do not mess with my kitchen. I cleaned up everything but one bowl of the inedible pasta dish that Midge left on the kitchen table all maggoty looking from the night before. I had thoughts of throwing it into her bed with her.

There was however this entire bowl of pasta that needed an edible sauce. Looking into the refrigerator there was the pound and a half of ground chuck that I had told them they could make hamburgers with. The plan was for them to have pizza and hamburgers, not inedible sauce. Midge did make pizza one night and her dog stole it. That it has not been a smooth week is a little understatement.

So I browned the meat and added some stewed tomatoes and went to get some sauces from the cupboard which was practically empty. I was shocked. I don't have a real pantry here but I have always kept cupboards of food, and kept them well stocked. Me, not have any tomato sauce? Unbelievable. Ok fine. I'd drag my tired carcass of a barely moving body to the store and then finish the sauce.
I could pick up some sour dough bread too and we would have a nice outdoor dinner tonight because the weather has been so pretty. I needed some things from the hardware store on the way, so might as well go.

Stopped at the hardware store and they had the most beautiful wind chimes I've ever heard. They are called "Corinthian Bells," beautiful. After all this fuss with the one I am making that might not sound like anything at all, I just bought it period. Take that Damn Ramsey. I will still finish my project, 2 wind chimes is not too many. After meandering around the hardware store, I moseyed on down to Kroger's and picked up a small load of groceries. When I pulled up to the house I noticed a strange smell. What was that weird odor?

Was someone having a barbecue in the morning?

Then I saw it.

My house was full of smoke.

It was bad.


Oh, God did I kill the dog, is the house on fire?

I obviously forgot to turn off the pot of meat and tomatoes. I also forgot everything I've ever learned about fire safety and barged into that smoke filled mess. Picking the pot up scared me to death. It was so hot sparks flew. My trusty wooden spoon was lying right next to the pot on the stove, wood for the fire. I carried the smoke machine to the back yard and grabbed the hose to put the smoldering mess out. Not to much longer and my house would have been up in flames. Now what to do about the smoke! Axel came out, thank God the dog hadn't been asphyxiated. First I opened up everything and turned on all the fans. Hoping not to hurt my lungs (asthma), but this is my home we are talking about. Then I called Jimmy and tearfully asked him to please hurry home and help me. I had really done most of it by then but I felt like a wreck.

The house stinks something awful, but it is here. I have those air purifiers from Ecoquest and they are working full blast to clean up the pollution I caused. Next time I am so tired that I can't see straight I am staying in bed. Trying to have a Pollyanna attitude about the day I thought, maybe the smoke killed the fruit flies. No deal. A couple are bugging me right now.
Needless to say, my smoke alarms need new batteries. However to finish the day on a good note after the hullabaloo died down and my nerves had recovered I did make a meatless sauce and we ate outside.

We had to eat outside if we wanted to eat. P.U.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Days Off with Storms and Baking

A Southern thunder shower.

My four days off are over and it's back to work tomorrow. I have been busy living life more than writing about it with a bad case of spring fever. We have already had some heat. I tried to take a picture of a thundershower but my camera isn't good enough to catch it. We have the most amazing storms. Most of the time I really enjoy them.

We have been busy in the garden. When we first moved here 9 years ago we planted 36 roses. Over time fungus and disease have decimated that collection and the scrawny sick bushes gave me so much grief that we have been digging them up to go to the curb. I used one of the empty holes for rhubarb. The rest the Hunny wants to let grass grow back in so he can quit weed whacking so many areas.

The garden is sprouting and the excitement is growing.

Something is wrong with my camera every picture is blurry.

With all this heavy rain I do believe we are going to be having a bit of fun and some happy accidents in the garden. It looks like watermelon is coming up in the lettuce patch.

Another project this weekend is working on this.
We are working on this old mission rocker. I've had it for over 39 years. It's tiger eye oak. The Hunny sanded it, took apart the loose pieces, re glued it, and fixed it up to be a sound seat again. I stained it this weekend. On the out door "dining table".With all the rain why not bake?
Lots of folks have been showing how they bake bread. I am lazy I love my Bosch.
I have shown this before but you may want to watch again. I am having a problem with my loaves. Maybe you have a solution.

The basics for bread. Water not shown.

Nice warm, freshly ground flour, Prairie Gold white wheat. Courtesy of the Hunny who has become the resident wheat miller. Men are so smart. He is using his air compressor to blow the mill clean!

Well it's a blurry picture but I am adding yeast to warm water and honey directly into the Bosch.

The proofed yeast, bubbling like mad. I add my salt after all of this.If I wait until the flour I tend to forget.
Stop adding flour when the dough pulls cleanly from the sides. It'll happen all of a sudden.

Can you see the edge of the bowl ? No dough stuck to it. Now the lid goes on and it runs for 7 minutes on low. It comes out soft as a baby's butt.

Then the dough goes into a lightly oiled bowl to rest or autolyse. I like to let my bread age before baking it. The bowel is covered with a clean tea towel. This is a loaf of my last batch, look at the sides.

These are smaller than usual to see if the splits will stop and also to make pizza for dinner.

Notice the split in the side? This is driving me crazy, oh yeah, a short walk.
I am trying to figure out why my bread rises and splits on the sides like this. I was reading in my King Arthur cookbook and it mentioned that people who bake often may need to reduce the quantity of yeast in their dough. In their bakery they use half the amount because the kitchen is cultivated with wild yeasts from frequent baking. Could it be? I made smaller loaves thinking it was too much dough in the pan but the same thing happened. It might be the yeast! My bread rises fast for being a whole grain bread dough. Any seasoned bakers out there have any thoughts on this?

It doesn't hurt it, the taste is good the texture is fine, it just bugs me. I like a perfectly shaped loaf I am neurotic like that. I read a lot of yummy sounding recipes today and will be venturing out with some new breads soon.

The wind chime is a work in progress. We bought a piece of copper pipe in the plumbing section and the Hunny is going to saw it into 4 equal lengths. He suggested un equal lengths to have a variety of sounds. I don't know if it is even going to sound like anything at all! There are six holes on the dumb bell and I got enough pipe for 4 cuts. Maybe I should get another piece of thinner pipe and have 3 thin and 3 thick in different lengths. I could stagger the heights and make a nice looking effect. As I said before this is going to be the most expensive wind chime ever. So much for home made being less! You know we just can't compete with "made in China."

So where is your spring fever leading you?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Wow I almost missed it. It's late but not over! To all my bloggy buddies, and the inspirational women out there who are not only creating homes for their children and husbands; but they write. You know you do. You cook, you clean (well sometimes) you drive the taxi service, you raise puppies, gardens, make crafts, take photos, cook divinely, read stories, share secrets, send wishes, inspire others and share love.
Your what makes the world a better place, without mothers the future generations lose all potential for greatness. No one can replace a mother. You ladies are a fine, fine lot of them and I am proud of you all!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pay Backs

I am not superstitious except at work. Nurses call it the "whammy" or getting slammed.
Today I did code brown from 10:45 am until 6pm or 18:00 hours. I did not know until yesterday that the "whammy" extended to off hours. Hence I will never ever again make a reference to an "easy" day, lest I die.

That is all. Pay backs are double.

And now for my nightly fix.
You tube and Susan Boyle singing I Dreamed A Dream. I love her. She's wonderful, she gives me goose flesh every time I listen, which is often, daily in fact. How about you?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shake it Up

Just in case you might be getting bored around here, it's time for something different!
It was slow at work today, whew, wow, wonderful, what a deal. Somehow we started reminiscing about old rock songs. I sang "Fat Flabby Annie," for them from you know... The Kinks. They about fell out of their chairs laughing. Of course there were no families or innocent bystanders close by because we must remain professional at all times.

After visiting hours were over we went right back to it. Carly Simon, Your So Vain, and Micks rebuttal, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." Hee haw and howdy, you can sure get into a funky groove with You Tube at work!

This about sums it up.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sprouts, Roses and Grads

At the graduation brunch.

Nope it's not snowing it's rose petals. This is the most amazing flush we have ever had.

I wish you could smell this it is amazing.

Lookie its sprouts!

I've been working a lot, will tell you about it later.