Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am Certifiably CRAZY and something to share

These are the new steps the husband is building , they are wonderful. I told him that for 8 years I have been hauling my big fat butt up into that shed and it's a tall hike. He must have taken me seriously because look at how lovely this is. It is now, oh so EASY, to get in there!

It isn't like I didn't have anything else to do today. I did way to much. Including pulling up about 8 years of irises multiplying and overgrowing their designated areas. A whole WHEELBARROW full! If you would like some you can have some, really I will mail you some. Just say if you want 6, or 12 or however many. If your too greedy you won't get it all. You must like surprises because they are some shade of purple, blue, and 2 tones of burgundy, and who knows what is what? E mail your address. If you don't have my e mail leave a comment and I will put my e mail address in a comment on your blog.
I am serious, you can have some.

The wind chime I bought, I wish you could hear it.

The wind chime I am making. It is in process, it is not done.

This is the pan, or what is left of it. I am trying to clean it. It is one of my favorite pots.

Today I worked like an army of men. I need morphine. I am in PAIN. Lest you think I jest this is what happened today.

My house STINKETH!!

I scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, all of the walls and the cabinets.

I did the laundry and also took my throw rugs outside and scrubbed and hosed them. The curtains had to be washed. The floor had to be mopped. The house still stinks but it's getting better.

After cleaning the inside like a maniac. I decided to put the first coat of tung oil on my rocker. It only takes a minute. That went well. It went so well I decided to re oil the kitchen table top, the hutch and the top of Kayla's dressor because she has just about ruined it. After all the hardest part is getting the stuff out and the rag was already soaked with the oil.

I then needed to go to the bathroom. This is the Coffee Bean part of my day. I flushed the toilet and it over flowed. It did not have just pee in it. Yep, you guessed it. The plunger was no where to be found and AGAIN my husband was not at home! Twice in one weekend? I found the plunger and plunged like crazy and thought it was fixed. So I gave it try, and flushed the toilet. No, it was not fixed. It overflowed again. I did not cry. I stuck my arm in that thing trying to find out what was clogging it up. Nothing but a dirty arm. Hey, I'm a nurse, I clean up crap every time I go to work. For once in my life I was cleaning up my own instead of somebody elses!

Since we are doing laundry some already dirty towels sopped up the gallons of yukky water on the floor. MORE mopping. More cleaning. I bleached myself. By now the hunny is home and am I ever glad to see him.

I was sick of the house, sick of problems and frustrated. I thought to myself go out into the garden.

I went out into my garden and worked like an army of men.

I pruned, weeded,and dug up that wheelbarrow full of irises.

My yard looks awesome.

The house is clean.

The laundry is half done, I am not that nuts.

The furniture is getting refinished in stages.

I really have lost my mind, some one help me.

I am going to lie down now. I flushed all my pain medicine down the toilet in a previous moment of insanity, and I am so sorry. I need a doctor. I need a nurse. I need to find my mind because I am very sure I lost it.


joanne said...

OMG, I don't know where to start! Thank God you are o.k. and so is the house, dog, and everything else. Darn fruit flies...what does it take to kill them anyway? At least you go some pretty windchimes and dinner 'out.'

No dress yet but I haven't given up....ever had Gnocchi??

Karen Deborah said...

it's delicious

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh girl, yesterday's warning to go back to bed? You didn't heed it, did you?

I'd LOVE me some Irises, they're my fav. flower, but countries get funny about shipping plants and I'd hate to get kicked out of this one for trying to have some pretty.

Have the Hubby show you how to turn the water off to the toilet for next time-- could save you a lot of mopping :-)

Heidi said...

You Poor thing!!!!! *thinks about driving to Mo. to check on dear friend* well, its a bit to far - dang it! Those kinds of days you just want to go back to bed, yet you can get so much acomplished. I truely love those kind of days, but the payment is heck! Smoochs for hubby for getting them thar steps done - he's the man - man!!! LOL and the Iris's is it a little over the top that i am waiving my hands violently and jumping up and down at the same time! Send as many as you want - I LOVE surprises you know!! But please let me send you somthing in return for reimbursing the shipping!!
I love tonuge oil also - but have found Nordic oil to be wonderful also.. love it!
Better get busy the boys are done with breakfast and the kitchen needs always needs cleaning... LOVE YOU!!!

Angela said...

You accomplished SO MUCH....WOW...I thought about you a lot yesterday, especially after reading that post about the fire...and in my mind's eye I thought about all that cleaning that would have to happen.

Last night as my girlfriend and I were on her porch having our filthy ciggie's..we hear people screaming, fire fire..They ran into our neighbor's back yard (across the street from my girlfriend's house)..

Soooo, off we go to get a look. I stayed in the front to keep an eye on the 6 month old who was left in the buggy, and tell his 3 year old brother to keep me company instead of being by the fire in the back yard..

I guess Daddy through his filthy ciggie in the recyling bin at the side of the house. It caught fire, melted plastic, burned up papers, and ended up melting part of the siding on the house...

Well the wife thinks her husband is an ass..LOL..I just praised God that he wasn't having his butt at 11 at night, when the neighbors would have been in bed, and no one would have seen the fire that could have destroyed the entire house..

So now they have a huge mess in their backyard. He thinks he can just paint over he siding. His wife said, 'I'm not going to look at that all summer long, so you better figure out what your going to do with it'..LOL

Ruth Hunter said...

Hey, I enjoy reading your blog. You are so funny!! I would love to have some of your iris..Just a couple of each color will be fine for me..I will pay the postage.

Ruth Hunter
P.O. Box 115
Wilmar, Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... I don't know... I think I'd rather like being your kind of crazy. You got it done woman! Days like those certainly suck and kick your butt but... you kicked their butt back big time!

WAY. TO. GO. !!!

Throw that pot back on the stove filled halfway with water and a drop of dish soap, get it boiling and then turn it down so it doesn't boil over. If you need to leave the room set a timer so you don't forget about it. You should be able to boil that off. You might have to do it a couple times and scrub it with an S.O.S. pad and some Barkeeper's Friend in between. You should be able to save it.

The reason I know this is because I got my grandma's pots and pans when she had her stroke and had to move to the nursing home. They were older than I was and looked brand new. I did this to a pot and wanted to DIE. I could not just throw out the pot. So, I just kept at it. I think I did it over two days. Sometimes stuff like that gets too frustrating and you just need to walk away for awhile.

Can you call your doctor and have them call in a limited prescription to get you through the aftermath of your time on the battle front? I don't like taking vicodin (constipation anyone?) but will when desperate. Muscle relaxers like soma really help... When I took that we called it the soma coma because those would knock me out. I'm afraid you are all laid up at home today and miserable. I'm praying for you!

Michelle said...

I would love some of the Iris as well. Just send it C.O.D.


I will e-mail you a reply with my address.

Don't you kind of like those days when you get so much accomplished?

Big Hair Envy said...

You POOR THING!! I hope today has been a bit more relaxing for you....the hard part is over, right??

Laura ~Peach~ said...

if you have some left i would love some!
get some rest woman!

farmlady said...

The toilet story was probably more info than we needed, but you are a nurse and probably deal with gross stuff all the time.
What a weekend you're having. I sure wish you would sit down somewhere and chill for a while before the roof caves in on you.
Good job on the Irises though. I need to do that here. What a job!!

Please, please sit down for a while (preferably outside).

Werna Gail said...

Whew, boy am I tired ! after reading your blog, my first time here, found you on Wisteria & Roses
came by to ask for some iris but by now they are surly all gone. I have burned my favorite pot, twice!
If it is stainless steel it will come clean but it takes some scrubbing. Enjoyed your blog.Gail

Tracy said...

HA HA HA....Your toilet overflow is hysterical to me!! That happens at least once a year at our house. Usually on a Sunday or when we have company!!! And it's never just pee!!! We think the problem goes beyond the house into the city street because my husband replaced the pipe from the house to the end of the lot we are on. We were hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't. I can relate...

Karey Swan said...

GOODNESS! I'm tired just reading about it. And I'm tired and sore from my own yard work. And these older bodies sure don't bounce back fast at all!!!

I did comment back to your comment on my blog - don't know if you saw that.

Sadie said...

I would LOVE some iris's! I have a few bulbs I could mail back if you'd like a surprise :)

I just got some of my grandma's iris's, my mom had some before grandma passed on, and gave some to me this year! They are different from yours though, the bulbs or whatever you'd call them, are more like tubes. Once they start to grow and spread they kinda lay half in the ground, half out.
I love burgundy, but would be tickled to get any color :)

my email is

Thank you!! and thank you for your words of encouragement too. :)

Flea said...

Oo! Oo! Oo! I want irises! I do! I do!

Kathy said...

I was wondering why your house would stink so bad....then I read on to the next post, yikes! You made me tired just thinking about your day. What a sweetie to build you those stairs. We have huge bunches of irises to thin also, another project on the ever expanding 'to do' list. You are a doll to offer them to your bloggy buddies. Take care of your sore tired body. Hugs!

Cindy said...

Aghhh there is nothing worse in my opinion than the toilet overflowing! It's such a state of panic! That is one of the few times I wished I had a man around the house!

You were right with my location in Santa Cruz! Did you notice I only put the nice part of Santa Cruz on my post? We went downtown for lunch, that is the best place for people watching. There are some really weird people down there! Haha!