Monday, June 30, 2008


Is the moon full? Daddy BB and I are working on a resolution. We mostly get along so this is hard. His daughter came by today and helped me take Callie to the vet.
She keeps loosing weight. She's not very old only 15 months. She peed on me which is never a good sign for a cat. Her mouth and toes are pretty pink but she is definitely loosing weight, with a poor appetite. No vomiting. That would be considered a "report," for a person. The vet kept her to check her for feline leukemia. The bad news is that Piglet took her for spaying and did not get shots. How that happened is beyond me, everybody at our house has had shots. I even get rabies for the cats. Soooo
This little one has been over sighted, I feel terrible. The vet thinks it's kidney damage from the tainted cat food last year. He said he's seeing a lot of damage and it's taken this long to show up. The first thing to rule out is the feline leukemia.
Daddy BB thinks if she is sick we should put her down before the kids come back home.
I think if she still purs and eats if it's only a little and seems to enjoy life leave her alone. If she is contagious then no, and I don't even want to THINK about that.
When it rains it pours.

Home Again

We had an incredible trip and one of the worst fights ever on the way home. How does that happen? How can you repeat yourself over and over and not be heard right? How can you both be feeling exactly the same way and be so far apart that no resolution can be had? It was a bummer.

It is a bummer. Here we are home alone after all this travelling. We should be talking about this great weekend. We should be on webinars learning how to share this amazing new version of software that can change the course of this country. Should be's don't give any honey. Just like supposed to be's and ought ta bee's, none of them give honey.

Adding to that, Trent actually said that he didn't like my hair, it is a little dark, but I almost fainted. Trent always likes my hair. My haircut is too adorable, and yes, the color is a bit on the dark side but it's so rich and warm, and I can wear pink. When it's too red I can't wear pink, I love pink. My favorite nail polish is not red. What's worse than a bad hair day? Thinking your having a great hair day and somebody actually tells you they don't like it! Pinch me!!

On a more positive note, we do have to choose not to default to the negative.
In Atlanta we learned that our new software, version 4, is able to manage multiple properties. They have also made a program for people who are in debt that don't have a mortgage. We heard incredible testimonies of people who have paid their debts off including their mortgages in less than 10 years. The highlight of the weekend was that our company received the FIRST place award from Ernst and Young LLP for entrepreneur of the year. WOW that means they checked us out, and we ain't junk!

Glenn Beck was the key note speaker and he gave an incredible speech. America has got to get out of debt. We have to. Out of every 19 dollars earned in this country 20are spent,....and even I, the dumb at math girl, can figure out that is one to many.
The guys that built this company are on a crusade to save America. It's a good thing somebody is, the government isn't going to do it.

How about you? Would you like to see if we can help you pay off your home and debts in 1/3 to 1/2 the time and save you thousands in interest? I mean really, think about it. Can you think of any reason not to check this out if we can save you even
5 years and $50,000? No personal identity info is needed for an analysis. Wouldn't you like to know what your numbers can be? Your actual debt free date in black and white? What does it do for people to have a GPS dashboard for their finances? It lets them SEE where they are going, and when they will arrive.

"Insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results." Einstein. This smart guy also said,"Those who understand compound interest earn it, those who don't pay it."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funniest thing I ever heard

All in a Day's Work!

We took the midgets this morning for their mission trip this week. They will be gone for 8 days. Tigger is beside herself because her beloved cat Kiwi is missing. I checked the pound, no cat. I haven't seen any black and white road kill either. Somebody may be feeding her chicken, and she is just visiting with them. I hope she turns up. She is our cranky cat and resident killer, as she hunts every day. She is also Tigger's cat.
When we came home just a bit after 7am in the morning, it occurred to me that the air was a decent temperature, not too hot. I got the bright idea to work in my garden.
Work I did. Sweat was running down every nook and cranny as I weeded, deadheaded, cut back, and bushwhacked for 3 and 1/2 hours. Nothing like trying to do everything in one day. My hands are aching from using the clipper so much!
As if that wasn't enough, I tried to get Callie in the car to take her to the vet, nothing doing, she jumped out of course. Have you ever tried to catch a cat? Usually Tigger holds whoever is going for a visit. Callie is my calico cat and she is only 15 months old, and she is losing weight. I tried worming her with Droncit. She climbed up on me a couple of weeks ago and peed. Now that is weird! Maybe she has a bladder infection, I dunno. I've given her time to recover on her own and she isn't so,.....we need to go to the vet. Of course this is going over really well with Daddy BB who is already pushed to the limit with animals these days. It does not help that he grew up on a farm. You know how farmers are. Just shoot it. Naw, he isn't that bad. The good thing is her gums and toes are pink so I don't think she has feline leuk, we got the vaccines for that. But smart kitty did not make it to the doc today because she didn't want too! That's a cat for you.

Lu is just hanging out moping. She is content to be in the kitchen and have me wipe her butt 20 times a day. I think they should make Midol for dogs. If I actually survive this and we do ever have a litter of puppies I'll probably be traumatized for life. What am I thinking anyway? When Kiwi had her kittens we kept two because we couldn't part with the little varmint's. I would've kept them all. Puppies? Is there really anyone out there, I would deem worthy of one of our possible in the future puppies? Not that there are no good homes, I just have control issues. Coffee Bean are you listening to this?

Kathy would you please come to Mississippi and be my vet? Considering it's hotter where you are! California is on fire big time. Lot's of areas where we have friends are burning. One friend who lives in Aptos which is right on the coastline and usually foggy and cool had 110 degree heat! The south is looking better every day.

My suitcase is empty, it needs to be packed. I'm exhausted from our VACATION. I can't think of anything to cook. The laundry however is done all 12 stinkin loads of it. The kitchen floor has been mopped a gazillion times. I'm just sitting here thinking of anything else that might need to be done today. How about you what did you do today?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Daddy BB is ready to kill me. Miss Lulu is digging copious quantities of holes in the garden. Does anyone know how to stop a dog from digging? It is not helping that she's bleeding all over the kitchen. Mop bucket is ready and I am cleaning up frequently.
Piglet went out and dyed her hair black today! Ughhhh her hair was so pretty. I don't get it but I am trying to keep my negative comments to a minimum. I went and had my hair done today and I LOVE it! Very cute haircut and nice color.
Thursday morning we leave for Atlanta, I hope I still have a husband then.

Two Friends

My California friend Debbie, avid gardener and cook extraordinaire has a new blog. I've listed her on my favorites list for you to link to her. Her blog is "Wisteria and Roses" she has a 7 acre garden! hopefully she will be sharing some FaBoLoUs recipes and photos of her beyoutiful garden! She has a lovely family, and then the youngest child entered her life to make it very interesting! She is a hoot!
Ya'll go by and visit.

My other friend Lucy, may start to comment now and then. I set her up a little fledgling blog so she can write if she wants to. She is still recovering from bilateral knee replacements, a hurt shoulder (maybe torn rotator cuff) and complications from surgery that has left her feeling pretty depressed and sick. Anybody can handle anything for a few weeks but this is going on 6 months. We all want to lose weight but not from being sick. Welcome Miss Lucy at "Old Suzzannah."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We're Back.

My beayootifful niece!

We had as lovely dinner tonight at a beautiful Italian restaurant.It was a high end event with one of those enormous 3 figure tickets at the end of the evening. I had lamb chops that were perfect. We had appetizers something I can't even pronounce, a type of torte, and calamari. They kept fresh tomato and basil bruchetta coming, with wonderful thick crusted old world style breads. Everybody sampled and tasted what each other ordered. The birthday boy had swordfish in a lemon white wine sauce with capers, it was fabulous. My nephew is hilarious, he could make it in stand up comedy. when he got his little piece of torte, he forked one large white bean and said, "I've got a bean. OK this is it?" He's way over 6ft and lean, he was looking to get full not sample a taste. He did get full but did not appreciate the little anise cookies at the end of our meal. "Yuk, that's licorice!" I was falling off my seat.

My Dad and his wife did not come. My brother looked so happy with his family all around and his children.We laughed and howled, and ate, and ate some more. We had a tray of Tiramasu for ten to go. That was decadent. poured down rain all afternoon, through dinner and into the night. The sky out in the distance was cloudy and very dark, ...thunder rumbled and lightening flashed across the ocean sky, looking ominously beautiful. The roll of thunder, flashes of lightening and the sounds of the waves hitting the beach made a beautiful symphony together.

Oddly how different the elements come together to create beauty and stir up storms. It's been so clear to me how these visual pictures in my life are painting the truth about things we experience with broad brushstrokes of nature; and showing in those pictures the very hand of God.

My brother decided the best way to chase away a storm was to have fun. BIG fun in the form of para-sailing and jet skiing! At the last minute Tigger opted out, but Piglet flew in the sky! Talk about a baby birdie, she really looked like a little peanut up there in that parachute. They had a blast. The sun was out no thunder or lightening that fine day.

We decided to take two days to drive home it's a long drive. Sunday we had a home church time of reading and sharing. All of us sat around in a circle and read favorite scriptures and shared from our hearts. My Dad showed up part way through and participated. He mentioned that his pastor spoke on reconciliation that morning.
At least we hugged goodbye.

The best part of the trip was the kids. Getting close to my nephews and niece again, laughing our heads off, eating way to much food; was priceless. In spite of hulabaloo, chiggers, and cranky maids, we had a memorable time. You could feel the love! Those crazy kids think WE are normal! They made comments about how great it was to have some "normal" family. Those poor kids are really in bad shape if they think that about us, or maybe we just fooled them. Ya'll know better!

We came home to our house in great shape, our friends had stayed here and made the funniest video of their little baby, while here, it could seriously win $10,000 on America's funniest videos. We were all falling off our seats and slapping our knees. His Daddy was trying to play for him on the guitar and he was making the most expressive faces, and he wasn't feelin the music either.

Lu is in heat, I am so not prepared for this. We are home for two days and then back on the road for a business convention. It's a busy month! How are ya'll? By the way the Ban roll on worked, and even better I sprayed my feet and legs with "Off" the relief was instant. Chiggers can make a preacher cuss.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thunder and Lightening

Every day here there is a thunder shower. The rumblings are happening right on schedule. We are having other storms as well. Old dragons are raising their ugly heads, demanding to be fed their own way. Grown children repeatedly put on the altar of demonic sacrifice. What is she talking about, you ask?
How is it that in my fifties, my father's wife still needs to create a scenario where he chooses her over us? We have so little contact with him and yet her dragons demand that she stir up fire every time. It amazes me that I can still be hurt.
But then, their are our children to stear clear of these unhealthy choices.

My brothers kids have been throwing their guts up with some kind of stomach bug and my husband is still mashing these horrible red bugs out of my feet. I have thought about going to the vet for a flea dip, for me. Speaking of vets Kathy has been missing in action for awhile. I hope she is alright! Funny how attached a person can get to these bloggy buddies, I mean really we don't even know each other; or do we?

Sometimes it seems that what I wouldn't talk about, I will write about. That my thoughts are on the world wide web doesn't really ever cross my mind. Only those who want to read it will. Those favorites that I like to read too, and share fun, food, and sometimes sorrows with. It is a human connection in a technological age. I think sometimes our bloggin has replaced neighborhood girlfriends. My mom used to drink coffee with her neighbors, the women always congregated at somebodies house for a little daily wit, and sharing. Sometimes they cried, mostly they laughed, some next door neighbors became friends for life. It was a way to connect.

Nobody seems to know their neighbors anymore. They certainly don't come over during the afternoon for coffee or tea. But that's what we do. Each of us looks forward to the little comment, the new article on one of our favorite blog sites. I know that there is a good chance I will giggle at Coffee Beans and salivate at Noble Pigs, and learn something about kids from Brenda's Life with RAD. The Ladies of the House in Alaska posts the most fabolus picchas of natural beauty that even tiny 2x2 sizes are stirring and she is a great cook. Peach just shares her heart in it's many ages and stages, with her own unique voice. Everybody just wants to go see Kathy, her place is so cool. The Pioneer Woman doesn't write back but she is irresistibly fun. Each one has something different to bring, and we share. It meets some kind of need to gather that lies deep in the heart of women, that our cultures pace has set aside, and we have rediscovered. Today amidst the storms, what is comforting to me is you. I know that tomorrow will be better, life will go on, and I will BLOG!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chiggers or No See Ums?

We are having a blast. However I am scratching like a banchee. I am eaten alive under my boobaloobas and my feet, including in between my toes. Bug food, walking bug food.Not sure which bug it is but it's something little and itchie!
It is spectacularly beeyoootiful! Every afternoon we have a little lightening and thunder shower which keeps everything green and luscious. The coconuts are ripe, the kids cut some open and drank the milk. I told them the Survivor guy says they have a laxative effect. Their kids they can deal with it.
The kids have been playing Mad Libs which are totally funny. I laughed so hard I had an asthma attack, totally worth every guffaw!
Last night I made a huge pot of spaghetti with homemade sauce full of red wine, it was yummy. The mushrooms, fresh bell peppers and ground sirloin also added to the flavors. We warmed up a couple of baguettes and made a fresh salad of organic baby greens, spinach and veggies. It was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it. We sat under a palapa (spelling?) grass hut open area and had salsa music for mood setting. We brought the camera but not the downloading wire so the picchas will be later.
I have found out on this trip that my two nephews have RAD, amazing how God works and goes before so I have shared with their mom about Brenda's blogsite.

The good news is everyone is having a ball! We have a surprise birthday party in the works for Saturday. My brother says he reads my blog but I don't believe him so ya'll can know about the party!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunny Florida

I'm visiting Lucy. I set her up on a blog with nothing on it so she can post comments. She's askered of ya'll even though she adores each and every one of you. Peach is her favorite, she is sure you are writing a best seller.
Florida is warm just like home. My poor Lucy is worn out from being sick, it's just been one thing after another. Pray for her.

KJ asked about first dates. My first date was a disaster, I was the 13 year old geek and the one the guy was disappointed in. MY step sister arranged the whole thing. We went to a Christy Minstrels concert in Chicago. She was pretty cool but she didn't take charge for my choice of wardrobe. I put on my navy blue dress with a white collar and bow. I had my hair back in a barrette and my little black horn rim glasses. Oh yeah, braces and a cute little sprinkle of acne, not freckles across my nose. When we opened the front door this guy almost fainted from disappointment. Your classic blind date, what have I gotten myself into? I really don't know how she talked me into that. It was humiliating. I knew I was an ugly duck.
So anyway he had some dumb old station wagon that had water in the back and I made 101 dumb comments about the sloshing noise. DORK!!
Thank God for the end of that date, it was years before I went on another one. Contacts, long hair and blue jeans changed the whole scenario. A few years later he would've been the dork as he was actually nothing to write home about.

Happy Father's Day tomorrow, see you at the beach if there is a hotel hook up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


What am I doing up? It is 4:45 in the morning. I'm ready to go. I don't however need to be up this early. I think it was a hot flash that got me going. I woke up thinking that the air conditioner was off. Usually if my head gets started even that much, forget it, sleep is over. Wake up, go to the bathroom, do not think, stumble back to bed, snore some more, that's the ticket. I know better, just didn't follow the rules, hot flashes will mess you up!
I have a one way ticket. One way tickets get airline people's panties in a wad. I am wondering just how many times a person can be searched because that will probably be my day. Now this is crazy, to get to Florida, I am flying the other way to Texas. In Texas I get to sit and wait for 4 hours for the next sky bus to take me to Jacksonville. GIMME a BREAK. Who is the master mind behind this genius? Does that make sense to you? Flying is getting to be such a pain that it's a wonder they aren't already all broke. MY favorite airline is Southwest, they have a sense of humour, they also do not cancel flights because they are under booked and leave you stranded. Good reasons to like them. They however do not fly to Jacksonville from here. So it was whoever is cheapest, just not Delta.
Did you know there is now a charge to check your luggage? I packed one small suitcase to put in the overhead. I have another bag with the things I'll want at the beach for Daddy BB to pack in the car. I am not even going to mess with shampoo or anything else they would start examining, and wrinkling up panties. The good news is that on the way home when I have dirty laundry nobody will be going through it with plastic gloves. I guess why this is all so irritating is it doesn't seem to be effective for the terrorists. They have to do SOMETHING but every time they freak about something new like baby bottles, you know the terrorists have found another way. I wonder if people who think we aren't having any issues with the "War on Terror" which should be called Jihad, ever fly?
It is perfectly apparent now that I can just forget about going back to sleep. This is NOT the kind of thinking that encourages rest. Maybe I should go read those letter confirmations for commenting you know OKLPAF, ZOULKEPF, RIPERLETFK, all those goofy combos that I have the compulsion to read as a word,....Now you get it. Driving me crazy is a very short walk.
I'm going to go read about making pastry and see if I can go back to sleep for an hour.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We spent the entire afternoon at the college getting registered for the fall. Piglet has signed up for the hardest load of classes I have ever seen a freshman take. Biology, Western Civilizations, English Comp 1, Spanish, and Intermediate Algebra. What is worse, she signed up for classes back to back with 10 minutes between class, wham wham wham!
Then she was upset with me, for being very vocal about her being totally nuts to schedule herself like that. For Pete's sake I may be the only person who ever went to a junior college for 6 stinkin years; it's true, I am ashamed. What can I say? I never could make up my mind what to do and everything was so interesting. I just kept signing up for classes. I did get a Liberal Arts degree, which did save my royal bo hiney when I finally, in my late 30's, decided to get my nursing degree.
I could've been a doctor with a little encouragement, I certainly went to school for long enough.
But I do digress! The point is, Piglet doesn't think I know anything about college. I am scared to death she is going to sizzle and burn with a schedule like that. BUT she is going to have to learn this one on her own. She doesn't want to listen to me, the professional student. My Uncle used to greet me with the same three words, "GET A JOB!" Who wants to work when life can be so fun in college? It really wasn't hard, read a little, write a little, how tough is that? But this HOME schooled, kid who has never known sleep deprivation; has signed up for 5, count them FIVE, hard core,no nonsense classes; without even a break in between.
I am definitely going to have to spend this fall on my knees prayin.

After we had this panic filled afternoon of registering for a buster of a first semester, I was ravenous. Was it panic? One bowl of Raisin Bran had long since disappeared. We were right by the Fresh Market, our fancy new, very expensive store. NEVER go shopping in an expensive, trendy food market, with a hungry, ravenous, foodie. NEVER!
It was a sin. We spent $50 real bucks, on a couple of bags of nibbles, a sandwich, and our choice of deserts, one each. I couldn't believe it. Really we could've gone out to lunch at some great Italian restaurant for that. But it gets worse, really it does, because my desert was an absolute bomb. I chose a Napoleon. does anyone out there KNOW how to make a good Napoleon? I should've known better. The granddaughter of real Danish immigrant bakers; born and raised on the finest pastry. This thing that I actually paid two dollars for, was so tough you needed a knife to cut it. In between the tough dough was nothing but whipped cream, topped with frosting made with shortening,,,,,arghhhhh hideous. To be a good granddaughter I put it in the trash. It would be a sin to eat it. I tell you the truth, they should be ashamed to sell something that nasty. From my memory, my childhood memory, I can tell you what should be in a Napoleon. First of all, the pastry should be crispy and tender, flaky and fall apart with a fork. There is a layer of custard, homemade of course, and a layer of raspberry seedless jam. Layers of whipped cream are in ADDITION to these other lovely delights. The top is a deep dark chocolate granache of the finest bittersweet chocolate and thinly applied not to overwhelm and drown out the other flavors. It is a work of art, a delight to the palate, it is magical. This thing that I purchased was no such thing, not even close, which is why, even though it was whipped cream it went into the trash. A sin, a sin, not to even know what a good pastry is. Maybe I'll have to try and make one.

A quick joke

Mirrors don't lie, but aren't you glad they don't laugh?

Loose Ends

I have been busy. I worked a lot last week to put something in the account before we leave town for most of June. Working of course is an endless supply of stories.
Women, have your men put plywood in the attic before they walk around up there.
I met an unfortunate fella that was working in his attic when he fell through and straddled a joist. It wasn't until he tried to go to the bathroom that he realized how hurt he was, blood everywhere and couldn't pee. As he told me what happened I was more than sympathetic. For a guy, this has to be the ultimate injury.
I teased him a little when he said he went to the ER. "Yep, now that is a REAL emergency, do not wait in the lobby, go directly to the back, and pay at least
$200." He laughed, "That's right." If I have any gift it's to help people to laugh when they are in deep weeds. It helps them get better.
One night was insane nuts, a flat run for 9 and 1/2 hours, I opened my charts at 10:45 and that is, in plain English, not good. The good news is, God is on His throne and it really is rare to have two nights in a row that bad. The next night was relatively quiet; I was able to get my work done on time and actually visit with people a bit. That is when I love being a nurse. I love to talk to people and ask them about their lives and how they got to where they are now, what brought them to the hospital. I had a ball with one more than middle aged couple. She needed some "panties" to hold a lovely hospital kotex on with. We joked a little about the garter belts,...umm and then I told her we could supply her with fishnet panties. She and her husband howled. He thought it sounded interesting. I told him,"Nope, this is absolutely nothing to get excited about." These peri panties come up wadded in a little ball that would fit in your hand. when you unroll them they look like half of a sleeve. My patient started howling when I showed them to her. "How will I ever get these on?" "You?, your not even big, they STRETCH", and I demonstrated how they would stretch into this net with 2 holes in it where your feet are supposed to go. More laughter. I then told them if they saw some outrageous fee for these things to call and protest. Tell them the peri panties should be complimentary, all 25 cents worth of netting.
Some nights are fun, really why do you think I still go back after all these years? Hopelessly hooked.

The other items on the agenda have been building transcripts and college prep. We have a meeting in 30 minutes at the local JC. We have to start there, to late for financial aide this year. Unless $15,000 just miraculously falls from the sky. Not too likely. But I will be on this like a hound dog on a hunt. That Christian College would be perfect for Heather. Tigger has been acing her marine biology tests, do I have a future scientist on my hands?

On the dog front, a woman is interested in her that lives in this state, within driving distance. She has a beautiful male. She is offering a pet home first, and then a couple of litters. That was what I wanted to do. She has two boys not to small. The catch is, she doesn't have money, she would like to trade puppies or work something out. It sounds like a good situation for the dog. It gives me time to get the college thing going, and still have a dog in the future. It makes perfect sense, but I feel like I'm ripping out a gut. I hate these grown up decisions. I've asked her if she would like to have Lu at her house while we are on vacation to see if they all connect. The trick will be to keep the dogs apart if she should come into heat for the first time. That could be a hassle.

I'm not sure if I'll blog on my vacation. Maybe a little. It's going to be the acid test of addiction. The computer, or the beach? I kinda think the beach will win, but then ya'll have your winnin ways. I'll look for a little beachie souvenir to give away when I come home. To go along with a challenging contest of some sort. I'll dream up something enjoying the sun and the sand.

OK ps, If ya'll want to win the stretchy fishnet hospital panties i'll see what I can do! Noble Pig can get all she could ever dream of from the Wild Boar, he is after all in that line of work. A couple of years ago those mavvvveeelous belts were still available too. Not to mention your jumbo size peri pads, should we have a feminine hygiene give away?

Friday, June 6, 2008


It's almost Father's day. I was thinking about the things Dad's do and don't do. Ladies of the house was asking about guns, her husband is teaching her daughter gun safety and shooting. Someone elses Dad is teaching Piglet archery.
What kind of Dad's did you have? What kind of Dad's do you know? What's your most poignant memory with your father?

Here's an example. My father owned a bakery when I was young. He taught me to bake and frost cakes. I used to stick my finger in the giant vats of frosting at the bakery. We often used to bake a cake on Saturdays, seems like I had to make a cake very week. Once we were casually talking and I said when I grew up I was going to feed my babies a bottle. He rather abruptly said, " you feed them with your breast." I almost fainted. He did not just use those words together, MY....BREAST. My Dad was not to supposed to know I even had one. Had he looked? Where was a hole I could crawl into and die? I zipped my lip and didn't say another word. I know I blushed beet red, intense heat to the face. It was my most embarrassing dad moment. I mean really while baking a cake?

Your turn, whatcha got?

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Work has been exhausting. My feet are just on fire. I run for 9 solid hours. Is it my imagination or am I the only one who runs like that? It is noticeable that my assignments are stacked pretty heavily. Welcome to being an agency nurse. BUT the alternative is working weekends, holidays, and whenever they beg me to stay and do a double. This way when I am too tired I can just not sign up, take a little break. I like taking care of the patients. I've been seeing some of the docs and they remember me. It's nice. I'm actually very at home at this hospital. I worked there a long time. Monday I'm going to orient at a locked adolescent/child psych facility, now won't that be something? I hope I don't end up bawling, a lot of those kids have rough homes.

I put an ad for Lu on puppy find. Seems everybody wants a price break. I don't blame them but they are already getting a price break; about a 50% one. It'scary to offer a dog with full registration. I would die if she ended up in a puppy mill. She doesn't even like to be crated. I hate the whole idea of crates. I know some people love them, and the whole cave philosophy. I'm just old fashioned, a dog is a companion for me, stuck to the hip and sleeping by your bed. Two dogs, three cats, hermit crabs, and beta fish are a house full of critters. My pet bill is fairly substantial per month.

When I saw this college that Piglet is interested in, I knew that it is the right place for her. Who knows maybe it's why we live here now?
The school she wants to go to is small, the entire freshman class won't be more than 250 people. At Cal State Hayward I attended some classes that had that many people in them. That's the stuff nightmares are made of, those big auditoriums and a professor with a microphone. The college is a cluster of old beautiful buildings. They had put up a sign to welcome her with her name on it. Talk about a personal touch. I suppose it's expensive but not that bad, I'm sure there are colleges that cost more, and less. Has anyone been shopping schools lately? One of the real advantages to this school is they have developed a worldview program that satisfies the lower division prerequisites, except for math and science. I attended a program like that myself and loved it. They also have an independent majors college; where a young person can customize there learning to fit a goal and gain job skills without dragging there years of schooling on into infinity and beyond! Very very cool.
We were almost as blissed out touring the college as we were for graduation. It has become a number one priority. They even offer a course for freshman called Master Learners that explores career interests and helps with study skills and the like. Their population of students is 40% homeschoolers. I thought it was perfect.
If I was any good at math, I'd calculate how much 15,000 a year is in shifts; but I'd rather trust God to come up with a way. His resources are so much better than mine. I am really getting stretched in the faith department here.
Anyone have any ideas on how to make sure people tell me the truth about what kind of home they have for a dog?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big Decisions Ahead

We toured a Christian college campus today. It was truly an inspirational day. I felt like a child of Israel viewing the promised land. The question is if we believe that God will provide this for our darling girl. I told her you must begin the process for Him to work. The first step to go on mission is to buy a passport. The first step to going to college is filling out an application.
We are too late for financial aid but not for God's aid. We need a hundred percent financing, a supernatural college plan. It can happen.

To help with the budget the Lord has directed me to make a sacrifice of my own. I am looking for a home for Lu. She is well trained now. I would feel good about her going to another home as she has quit her pee habits and is secure. She is a bit shy, but she is not mean. Please pray for the right home for her. She is a great dog. The money I spend on food and grooming and vets is needed for these girls. We have a lot to do. When they are grown and their futures are secure I may yet get to have my country place and poodles. The Lord has shown me that the time is not now. The time now is for these two beautiful young women.
I was so impressed with the school I was seriously thinking of living in a trailer.
I was a pregnant teenager, my daughter was a pregnant teenager. By the time she was 19 she had both of these girls. She had Piglet when she was 16. To have two young women in my family that are good students and committed to God is a blessing beyond anything else that I have received. Their futures are our brightest hope.

Sacrifices for them are joy, not sorrow.

Not to be Confused

To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine ... And those who don't.

As Ben Franklin said: In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria. In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) - bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop

However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer
because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.

Remember: Water = Poop, .........Wine = Health
Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of poop. In moderation of course.

There is no need to thank me for this valuable information: I'm doing it as a public service.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Pretty Fun Contest

My friend KJ/Coffee Bean is in the mood to give away some Starbucks. Just go over and leave a comment. You can click on my favorites list, Righteous Buzz and just maybe you'll win some MOCHA's, LaTte'S, espresso TRUFFLES!!!!

Serious Thoughts

We watched a movie this morning, "The Journey of August King." It was a powerful film. Freedom is never free.

I have been thinking a lot about the law changes in California to marriage. I wonder why people who say there is no God care about the sanctity of marriage. Even deeper I wonder how long we will continue as a country that is an empty shell and shadow of what it once was created to be.

I remember in the eighth grade I learned that the communist powers considered us to be a paper Tiger. They thought we were an unprincipled and weak people because of our materialism. They had a plan to take us down without gunfire. They would change our education, our family structure and language. We would be destroyed without ever firing a shot. I am paraphrasing of course, this is from my memory. Even as a youngster I could see the power in their insidious plan.

Jesus told us to be aware of the signs of the times, to keep vigil and watch. He also taught much about farming, the law of sowing and reaping. Those seeds of destruction, and division, were sown when I was young. From what I see, it seems they are ready for harvest. How much longer will we continue to function as we have for all of our lives, with these changes all about us? I am not trying to be a prophet of doom here. There are just too many facts out on the table. It is just a matter of connecting the dots. Immigration has the potential to ravage our country. AIDS has the potential to transform us to a picture like that of Calcutta, there are so many infected people not yet in the throws of dying. Health care is imploding. Social security is going broke. Now the very core of what has made America a strong country is being rewritten, what a family unit is. We have blood guilt, 40 million children that have never been born. The writing is as clear on the wall as it was to the King who inquired of Daniel. Our time is short.

So what do we do? Do we panic? Do we stock up hordes of food to stave off hardship? Do we focus on self preservation at all costs? I don't think so. I think it is time for the people of God to seek Him. We are an apathetic people. We have not walked the talk. We let people come into our lives and never think to ask them, "If you died today are you SURE of your eternal destiny?"

Our comfort is of paramount importance, of this I stand most convicted. I know what it is like to be on "mission" for God. To set aside self and live for His work. It is a glorious feeling of transcendence and purpose. It is existing in the front line of battle. With all the discomforts, dangers, and disadvantages of risking one's entire being. It is not without a price, freedom is never free.

We have forgotten. We are asleep. We are being plundered already. God's people need to be focused on his coming and on those we know will be left behind; inviting them to come. It is interesting that in the end times prophecies of the Bible, there is no United States. All future drama will unfold in the Middle East and the revived Babylon.

How many of us have let our principles be redefined by the political powers of correct ideology? How many of us are prepared for the changes that are coming?
I am not afraid. I am not worried. I am standing on the rock. My trust is in Him.
How about you? In what or who do you trust?