Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mama Didn't Tell Me There Would Be Day's Like This

I can't remember the last time I was this happy. The home schoolers graduation was one of the most beautiful experiences we have ever had. Four teenagers all committed to Christ, all with servants hearts giving God the glory for their lives and their accomplishments. It was a tear jerker, truly beautiful.
We had a speaker who works with them and knows them well. He began sharing the verse that inspired his message. "For I know in whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him until that day. 2 Timothy 1:12. What was so special is that is one of my life verses. When I didn't know if my granddaughters were alright; when we couldn't even reach them by phone, over a year of total silence. I was in prayer in tears praying this verse for them. I told myself, God is able to keep. God's arm is not too short to save. I need to commit the children to Him. Casting all my cares.

Here we are. Those days of fear and sorrow behind us. These beautiful girls now have a future and a hope; not because of us, because of God! He brought them out. He kept them when they were in danger. He protected their hearts, their bodies, their minds. He has given them a future and a hope. They love Him. I am so grateful.

Mama never told me their would be days where my heart would be too full too hold it. blessing poured down and overflowing until I am undone from the joy. My precious sweet girl, here, graduated from high school, loved, befriended, and blessed.
Life just doesn't get any better than this. I know there is more in the future, more hurdles, more difficulties, but not today. Today is a mountain top. Today we give God the glory, for truly GREAT things He has done!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Savy?

Computer problem

I was having trouble with my computer. So I called Ben the 11 year old
next door, whose bedroom looks like Mission Control and asked him to
come over. Ben clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem.

As he was walking away, I called after him, 'So, what was wrong?
He replied, 'It was an ID ten T error.'
I didn't want to appear stupid, but nonetheless inquired, 'An, ID ten
T error? What's that? In case I need to fix it again.'
Ben grinned.... 'Haven't you ever heard of an ID ten T error before?'
'No,' I replied.
'Write it down,' he said, 'and I think you'll figure it out.'

So I wrote down: I D 1 0 T

I used to like little Ben.............

(from the internet)

Monday, May 26, 2008

How does It Look?

I colored my hair. What's your vote? Leave it alone or go the hairdressor and have it changed to something else?

AND ta ta da! MY friend Linda started a blog go and check her out!

A Tribute to Courage

It is Memorial Day. I read a post over at Susie's that really touched my heart. She very transparently portrayed the struggle that single parents feel every day. Like good soldiers they too, get the mission done, no matter what. Courage comes in many forms. Their are single mom's and dad's because of the war, some temporary some permanent. I think today is a good day to remember all courageous Americans. Our soldiers example has sunk deep into the fabric of our nation. Our citizens have the potential to have noble character. The people in our country live lives that require courage, fortitude, honor,and commitment, every day. There are those things that are in the front lines of our sight; and those behind the scenes battles that we don't think much about. Each one is part of this body we call our home. Our nation, such as it is, with all the afflictions it has, inspite of the political agendas, and ungodly choices, this country still has in the hearts of it's people, the courage that makes America great. Today I say, God "bless America" and mean it.

To all the men and women who have ever served, have ever died for, are serving now, are missing their husbands and fathers, to all who have given to provide us a future, a secure country, our lives to live; to all of these, thank you does not seem words enough. Thank you for giving, we are here because you gave. Thank you.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Down Dog--for People

It took me awhile to find something like what we are doing but this is pretty close. Wanta try it?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

6 Miles on the Road!

Hot! Humid! Where are all you envious people of my early spring bloom? I didn't see anyone from the nice cool, dry, temperate climates sweating buckets out there this morning. 7am was too late, it was already hot. I've never seen so many soaking wet people. Some of these guys had such soaking wet britches floppin on their legs that the idea of naked Roman athletes did cross my mind. Even technical fabrics get drenched. The goal was 9 miles this morning I did 6. i think it was 6, it may have been 5 1/2 but whatever it was it was enough. I could feel my face was red as a beet. Tomorrow is yoga, more down dog and plank,.... why am I not skinny and beautiful yet?

I am coloring my hair with a semi permanent color today. That way if I don't like it it will fade back out to natural old lady. I do believe that it is breaking out my head in a terrific rash. I went to beauty school in my 20's in between nursing careers and i have put a lot of crap on my head. I have never had a skin reaction to any of it. Which is why I don't bother with a patch test. i may have to soak my scalp in cortisone. This is not good.

Tigger and I are going to see Prince Caspian today. She is mad because I patted her bo hiney. She isn't mad enough not to go with me. I patted them all their lives it's a habit. I don't even think about, I just pat them. If you have little munchkins don't even start, it's a very hard habit to break. Piglet was such a little girl I used to call her Tiny Hiney, at six her butt still was the size of my hand. Dinky. Now a days you can't hardly touch someone, they might think your getting fresh. I'm not getting fresh, I just think little bo hiney's are cute, like kittens are cute.

I need a graduation gift idea. My dad suggested a charm bracelet. At first I didn't think so. Yesterday I was looking on line and found a bracelet I think she would like, and they have charms she would probably like. I even found a skateboard! Do 18 year olds like charm bracelets now? I don't want to just give her money. If it's not that I may go find something silver and turquoise. If I was rich I'd get her a car but that ain't happenin.

Did ya'll see Pioneer Woman's Cousin Tim the ranchelor? If he'd go for a woman a bit older than him Daddy BB has a daughter that would fit in just fine with that cowboyin life.

One more think. We watched the movie, "National Treasure 2," last night. I like the first one so much I just ordered it before seeing it. Am I being picky or was the story so similar to the first movie that it was predictable? I enjoyed Nicholas Cage and everybody else, but really it was disappointingly the same. What did ya'll think?

Friday, May 23, 2008


Yoga was hard. She is kickin it up a notch, big time. Down dog-plank-chatta-cobra--hips up! Down dog--plank- repeat repeat repeat. A plank is basically a push up that you just hold, my arms turn to quivering shaking masses of jelly. Then we worked our abs until those were shaking too, and I felt like I had just had abdominal surgery.
I should be looking like a super model for the amount of suffering. Our instructor always says, you should be feeling the burn. YEAH where is an extinguisher? We go beyond burn into outright flames, see the smoke?

I took this smoldering body of aches to work last night and guess what? More fire. The charge nurse said, "I'm going to give you two patients because we have more coming and everybody else wants to keep their patients." How can one human being look another human being in the eye and basically say, we are going to dump on you.
I did say, your planning on giving me 4 admits? She said no. Well, I had 3 with frequent vital signs that the aids cannot help out with. You go try and take a set of vital signs every 15 minutes on three people and see how much else you can get done. I needed those shoes with wheels in the bottom that the kids have. Then at 8pm the clerk told me the patient in number yada yada needed pain medication. I said I don't have that patient, oh yes I did. No one bothered to tell me, nor did I get a report. So I knew nothing about this person. I went in to the room to see what she needed and she was just moaning. I asked her where are you hurting? "My belly," she said. When in total ignorance, I am a firm believer in talking to the patient. So I asked her,"Tell me about what happened to you today." She told me about her surgery and she was an alert oriented person, this was to my advantage believe you me. Next question, "have you peed since you came back?" She replied, "I've been peeing all day but not very much." OK now we are getting somewhere. I ran and grabbed the bladder scanner and a pain pill. She was a heavy person and the scan isn't always accurate, but I got almost 700. That is a lot, that would explain the belly pain. In between all of this action is the stinkin scanner situation which is driving me, no definitely a short walk, to nuts. Thumbing wildly through the chart for a post op, in and out cath order. Nope not there. I asked the charge nurse if he felt comfortable writing an order for an in and out cath. No he did not. They have been firing people for the smallest infractions, like eating in the wrong place. Whew talk about a relaxed work environment. I look at the patients doctor and he is one of the head honcho heart surgeons a big cheese. It is NIGHT and he is not going to want me to call him about a stupid catheter. Oh boy, I braced myself for a big a-- chewing out. I got someone else, an on call doc who actually just wanted me to get it straight exactly what the procedure was that the big cheese had done on her. This is not my area and I fumbled my way through that. After which he said, "Now what's the problem? I made it plain English easy, "I scanned her and she needs to pee, I need to do an in and out cath," "Fine." That means yes.
Run to machine that holds supplies, check out cath kit, fly back down hall. Explain to poor lady who is about to bust, that I'm about to save her life. Cath in and pee out, pee everywhere, little disposable tub that holds 1000cc's is almost full to the top and pee is still coming, umm think quick what to do? Grab plastic bag, kit came in, sterile inside, put cath into bag and take very full container to bathroom and dump it. Bag has collected a fair bit of pee so back into the tub for some more, and finally she quit. I said what I always say,"I bet you feel better now." Yep she did no more belly pain.

Fine, but what I have to wrestle with now is my anger at not getting report, not knowing anything about the patient, missing a 7:30 check, she was another patient on frequent vital signs, and feeling a bit put out. No time for this, the patient across the hall's wife comes out and says, "he's bleeding." Ok If you haven't guessed I was working in a step down unit heart floor. I am not really comfortable with hearts, it's a vague nursing school memory with some old ACLS stuff. I am definitely not in my comfort zone, but I know people, and most things cross over. Bleeding ok, first question, from where, how much, how fast? Let's look. There was some blood up around his neck on his pillow but this was not a hemorrhage, good. No gushing, better.
I again hurry down the hall looking for an experienced nurse to this floor, someone who can help me assess and decide what to do. I hit the jackpot. I got two! Two helpers, very nice actually and one who had cath lab experience and told me step by step what to do and how to talk to the doctor, who by the way is one of the better ones. YEAH, called his cell phone repeated exactly what she said, received orders, ran back, helped redress area, calmed down patients wife. Gave pills with stinkin slow scanner. Checked clock it was nearly 10pm and my 9 o'clock meds needed to be given and I have now officially lost track of where I am in the vital signs on all of these patients. Home looks good, potentially very far away, maybe one in the morning? Uh uh bad idea, just sprint.

I did have a few more fun events like the pharmacy telling me to go ahead and give a pill without scanning it. I had asked for a replacement because someone had opened it and put it in a med cup back in the drawer. I knew what it was, but there is no way in hell that I am going to give a patient an opened unlabeled drug. Forget about it. What were they thinkin? I did miraculously get to leave at 11:45 only 30 minutes of overtime. Praising Jesus. My feet however are still on fire this morning. I am going back tonight for more. This is where a Renfield laugh would make a great sound effect. Or a wicked witch cackle with a bit of insanity in it. As burned out, and burned up as I am after doing this job for all these years,it is amazing that I care. if I ever get where I can't care then I quit, not there yet.
Is the moon still full?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Full Moon Rising.

I have a headache. It was over 95 yesterday and feels that hot again this afternoon although the morning was very nice. I have a ton of work to do, and here I am blogging. I did wash the dog. My yard needs cleaning up and weeding. The house is dirty again, imagine that.

My first night working in my old hospital was pretty funny. I could tell it was a full moon without looking. First event was walking down the hall I slipped; but did not fall. There was a very large amount of water, as in a small pond, on the floor. I went into the patients room, who had water coming out from under his door, to see the bathroom faucet running full blast into a full sink that was spilling over. There was already several inches deep of water in the room. The man looked like he had a visual problem, cataracts or something; not my patient. Thank God for small favors. All he had to say was, "I need to pee." Alrighty then will see what we can do. I called for maintenance stat. They came up with a huge water vacuum, very cool. They didn't come stat though, we put a bunch of bedspreads on the floor.

Next up, a nurse aide came flying out of a room saying,"We need help in here now!" Not one to ignore that I ran in to see 4 nurses struggling with a scrawny confused person who was trying to poop in a garbage can. The poop was everywhere, on the bed, on the nurses, under the can, on the side of the can, and in the can. The patient had stripped butt nekkid, pulled all the sheets off the bed so the poo was actually on the mattress (YUK) and the can was collapsing under her. I didn't even have gloves on but she was heading to the floor. Just as I reached for her, a big male orderly stepped into the room. There are knights in shining armor, really there are!
He picked her up like she was 5 pounds and put her in the bed by himself. Wonderful.
now the only thing left to do was throw out the can and clean up the mess. I helped dispose of the can. That got me out of the room. Well, she wasn't my patient either. I actually had my hands full with my own assignment. The hospital is using scanners now for patient identification and medications. It felt like it took forever. I suppose I'll get faster after a couple more shifts. That floor was actually a pretty nice unit, it was just the kind of thing that happens during a full moon.

Called Piglet and she is having a wonderful time in Hilton Head. It is jelly fish season and the ocean is full of them so swimming isn't too relaxing. They have also been near stingrays and a shark. She went kayaking today, that sounded good, a boat between her and all those sea creatures. She said she woke up this morning from yelling in her sleep. She hollered, "GET OUT!" Naturally all her friends were concerned and worriedly asked her what she had been dreaming. Her reply,"I was in the shower and my Nana wouldn't get out of the bathroom." They all giggled. I had to ask, "You mean you didn't want me to scrub your back?" She is so funny. The Dad of this family is a gourmet cook and they are eating high on the hog, she mentioned shrimp kabobs. Good, now I don't have to feel guilty for taking Tigger out to dinner. She was feeling kind of lonely and left out so we splurged and went to the Red Lobster. I love their biscuits. I also ordered her a virgin pina colada, it made her feel special. I think we will go the movies too and see Prince Caspian.

I have made a paint decision. I'm going to strip the wall paper off the walls in the dining room and paint it just like the kitchen. The rooms have always been different colors since we bought this house. I started thinking, I have enough of both the primer and the paint, and I think it will open the area up to have them match.
Don't ya'll agree? I think the walls will look better in one color with the white trim, and I really like the color.

I'm quitting ice cream, and candy. That's why I have a headache. Food is too expensive to be fat, we are going to eat rice and vegetables. How are ya'll coping with all these rising prices? Even stamps went up!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Dirt Daydreams

Is it part of middle age starting on down the half centurion mark that makes one so reflective of life? We have only so many days here and I'm thinking about what I've done and where I am. In my wildest dreams I'd like to be like the Pioneer woman and have a ranch full of hooligans and cattle, they don't have to be my hooligans. I can borrow some. Having a ranch for kids who need homes would be too cool. As long as Pa was there. HE is the patient level headed type. I am the red headed reacto type. I used to be an auburn haired girl.
How about a vineyard on a country side hill like in "French Kiss?" with the sweet little french blue shift blowing in the breeze, and big smooch in the sunshine of the morning? Where do these day dreams come from?

Maybe they happen when a neighbor makes a comment to you about the leash laws at all times. I am working on teaching Lu to come back and she sometimes takes a little detour to sniff a trash bag. Poor planning on my part, but hey it was early in the morning and I was exercising before a cup of Joe even. She did not tear the trash up she just smelled it. Out came the huffy neighbor lady who put the bag in her can mumbling about the law. If she had room in the can why didn't she put it there in the first place? If my dog would've made a mess I would've cleaned it up. On the other hand I understand that people do not realize that my dog is a big goofy puppy who will run off if I try and chase her or go get her. She has to come to me, and I was working on that task exactly. It was early who could we bother?

When is dreaming about something no longer dreaming, but wishing your life was just different. How come I can't be one of those folks who is just content with their lot in life? I think about the quiet country life every day. a friend of mine once said I was just a natural born dirt digger.

What I would like to cultivate is a grateful heart. Grateful for a roof and what I have already been blessed with. I have a pretty home. Why would I trade it for a small cabin if it meant being out of the city? I don't know. When I was young I solved it by going to visit my friends in the Sonora foothills on weekends. I chickened out though to move there by myself with my baby away from my mom. Coward. Annie Oakley would've done it! That was a lifetime ago. I am not old but Daddy BB is 70. If we don't go soon I can't see us ever getting there. Let's be practical! We have two teenagers who love this house, they love their church. The Jr. college is 2 miles away. They would pitch a wall-eyed fit if I took them rural. Well for a couple of weeks they would.

My brother is a rancher out in Texas. He's up before the sun and in bed after it goes down. They do nothing but work. I love the ranch. It's over a 1000 acres in the hills. The country isn't what you would call fetching; it's desert. Granite and sandstone are the number one natural resource. Cactus actually sprout up like wild grasses they are everywhere and a problem. Water is an issue too, sometimes there are long periods of drought. This winter they had flooding. It was called the 200 year flood and the cattle were sunk up to their shoulders in mud with coyotes sneaking around to eat their tails off. It was grim.

In spite of the hardships, my brother has never been happier or looked better. He's cultivating a close walk with God. Up on top of one of those hills all you can hear is the wind. As far as your eye can go there is only land and sky. Out in the middle of this desert is a patch of marine fossils on a hillside. At one time all of this land was under water. I believe I know when. I loved seeing proof with my own two eyes. Standing near a split rail fence gazing out at that beauty my heart hushed in the presence of God. I felt for a moment like Elijah as the Lord went by in the still soft voice, in the breeze, in the quiet beauty of the unspoiled morning. It was quiet. I was quiet. My mind was calm. My heart was resting, gazing, drinking, worshipping, wondering at the beauty of this place. In moments like that I am content. If someone offered me a million dollar shopping spree I'd decline, "No thanks, don't need it." I am so grateful for memories and experiences like these.
How about you? Where and when does your heart sing?

Monday, May 19, 2008

PM's and Piglet

I'm working a pm shift tonight. Back at my old stomping grounds. When I'm there it seems like I never left. Hopefully my brain will work and I'll get this computer scanning stuff down. In class I didn't hold my mouth right, the scanner wouldn't work. Just how do those checkers at markets do it? They make scanning look so easy.

Piglet called from the beach condo. Her first day she got stung by a jellyfish, youch. Then she stepped on a piece of glass. Bummer. Her parting request was so funny. Nannie, "Pray I don't fart." The agony of being a teenager. She wasn't alone in her fears. Another one of the invited guests voiced the same worry. What about when you fall asleep? Well, I said that in an entire week with 5 teens somebody is going to poot. It's a matter of timing, who will be first? I couldn't take the stress.

The hosting Dad is fun loving, he threw spaghetti noodles at everybody during dinner. I hope she wears sun block or we're going to hear about a SUNBURN.

Ya'll have a good monday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Do You Dream Of?

I've been reading a book titled, "Captivating," by John and Stasi Eldredge. John wrote a book about men called, "Wild at Heart." My husband loved it and gave it to Piglet to read. I am somewhat chagrined to admit, I haven't read it yet.
The back cover of Captivating says this;

"Every woman was once a little girl. And every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. She longs to be swept up into a romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, to be the Beauty of the story. Those desires are far more than child's play. They are the secret to the feminine heart.

And yet-how many women do you know who ever find that life? As the years pass by, the heart of a woman gets pushed aside, wounded, buried. She finds no romance except in novels, no adventure except in television, and she doubts very much that she will ever be the Beauty in any tale.

Most women think they have to settle for a life of efficiency and duty, chores and errands, striving to be the women they "ought" to be but often feeling they have failed. Sadly, too many messages for Christian women add to the pressure. "Do these ten things, and you will be a godly woman." The effect has not been good on the feminine soul.

But her heart is still there. Sometimes when she watches a movie, sometimes in the wee hours of the night, her heart begins to speak again. A thirst rises in her to find the life she was meant to live- the life she dreamed of when she was a little girl."

The authors develop this idea, that our dreams are the heart of us. Our dreams are what we were created to live for and do. It's an interesting idea. Kind of a which came first, the chicken or the egg question. Does God create us with these desires in our hearts? Are they flesh or are they spirit? It makes sense to me. When I look at the whole counsel of God his attributes and character, it would fall into place that we are designed to fulfill the plan He has for us. Why would He create us with deep longings for a simple country life and then place us in the city? We want our children to develop their talents, we watch them to see what their interests are, what natural abilities emerge, we delight in what they can do. Why wouldn't our heavenly father be the same? Being perfect wouldn't He be even better?
God has created us to live this life. We are here for a purpose. How do we discover what that purpose is, how do we hear his voice speaking?

Another interesting book is by Gary Chapman, "The Five Love Languages of God." He has actually written books for marriage, teens, probably more, on how to apply these love languages to those around you who you love. In the English language we use the word love for so many descriptions. We love food, we love new clothes, we love nice weather, we love a good book, we love our husband. In our culture the whole enchilada is tossed into one pot. We have no finesse, no ways of developing different meanings to talk about love. Chapman proposes that each of us has a primary form of giving and receiving love. We have a "way" that most expresses us and also fulfills us. Where we get into trouble is when our love language and our husbands or our child's is different. If our primary love language is "quality time," and our mates primary language is ,"words of affirmation," we have to understand how to keep each others love tank full. When people express themselves in their language and are not "heard" by someone else, they drift apart. Hard feelings grow and the heart suffers. We have "tanks," like a car holding fuel, and when they run low we get into trouble in relationships. Learning what each others love language is then, can be vital to succeeding in the relationship, any kind of relationship.

Both of these books present different ideas that are blending together in my thoughts. Why do some women live their dreams? Doesn't it take courage to put yourself out there and to take risks towards making a dream come true? Why are some people so much more confident than others? How do people overcome deep rejections and disappointments? Are all men truly created equal?

I began thinking that living and dreaming, begins with love. When a child feels nurtured, special, and wanted they blossom. What happens to those children who never experience that, or worse experience pain at the hands of their would benprotectors? Their loves tanks are not only empty, they are shot full of holes; even if your filling them, they are full of leaks. What happens to the dreams of these? What happens to the little girl who gets teased that she's ugly, whose Beauty does she become?

And this is exactly where God comes into the picture. He says, "I have called you by name, you are mine. I have loved you with an everlasting love." To Him we are a Beauty. To Him, the dream giver, the dreams are significant. He is the Bright Morning Star, the ray of hope in a new dawn. He is the life giver, and the sin bearer. The way maker, and the healer. Without Him there is no dream, no life, no future, no love. With Him, life begins anew, dreams are rekindled, hope refreshed, the holes in our hearts filled, leaks stop leaking, and we begin to soar again.

When I was a young girl I dreamed I could fly. I could feel it, the struggle to reach the heights and then at a certain point I was flying sailing overhead, the world beneath me. These dreams were exhilarating, I longed for them. I would have loved to fly every time my eyes closed. As I grew older they happened less and less. Now they are gone. Perhaps it was the closing of the door to imaginary possibilities. Developing common sense. For whatever reason, that delightful part of childhood has been lost to me. I also have held the desire to live a simple country life since girlhood. The clock is ticking, some kind of biological rhythm that says, hurry, hurry, it is late. That dream is almost hopelessly out of reach.

Why is it that some of us dare to live our dreams and others do not? Is it just a simple twist of fate? Can we really live life as an adventure? To dare to do the stuff of fairy tales and legends, to transcend the ordinary, and live on the edge of spectacular? Perhaps the answer is with our faith. If we will but let go of what we think is so dear and trust God with where He would take us, the life He has created us for. We may yet discover our dreams, our heart may quicken within us once more and thrill to be the Beauty of our story. It could happen.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Do You Have An Accent?

Flea had this little accent test over on her blog. it apparently thinks I still sound like I'm from California. But I have picked up a bit of a drawl from around here. Somethings just can't be tested. Click on it if you want to see if a computer can size up the way you talk.

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The West

Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Unless you're a SoCal surfer, no one thinks you have an accent. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta.

The Midland
North Central
The South
The Inland North
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?
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Crocheting is easy. Everyone can do a single stitch. It's amazing how many different ways one stitch can look. By varying the size of the hook, the type of yarn and how many strings you work with, one can make beautiful designs.
For children and babies I enjoy cotton yarn. Surprise but Walmart has some very pretty skeins of cotton yarn in either natural or multi colors. The large spool is actually very economical it's about six dollars. A G, or H hook is a good size for a single crochet cotton blanket. Start chaining and go about the length you think you'd like. It does always seem to grow, so I stretch it when I'm trying to figure out my size. Then it's simply a matter of working back and forth until it looks good to you. I like to make a border by going around the blanket. I think it makes a nice finish. Sometimes I make a wide border, sometimes narrow, it can be a contrasting color or the same; again the possibilities are endless it's up to you.
Textured yarn with lumps,bumps and fuzzies can be fun to work with.Most of my blankets are given away as gifts so I don't have one of those to show you. My favorite is to use the giant blanket hook and work with 3 strings. the effect is a very heavy thick woven look, and it feels wonderful. I always chose nice soft yarn, in some type of natural fiber. I don't like acrylic and it's too much work to make something handmade with cheap yarn. People who read patterns can make anything they want too. Unfortunately that wouldn't be me. I make stuff like I make food, making it up as I go. Crocheting isn't exactly a spring or summer type of hobby to enjoy unless their is a baby on the way. A friend of mine is due at the end of August so I will be getting busy soon. She is fun and she likes bright colors so I'm thinking of making a primary colored blanket with red in it. Not your typical plain blue for boys. Babies enjoy color and personally I think they look even cuter with some bright colors next to them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Answers, More Questions?

Whew ya'll can really throw em!

Peach asked. What is your favorite flower? That is an impossible question. My entire yard and all the stuff I never planted. I do like blue and purple flowers and I have favorite combinations like mixing a clematis vine with a climbing rose. I posted a picture of the America Rose with a purple Jackmani clematis, that is pretty.

Another difficult question is my favorite book. That's kind of like saying what is the best chocolate you've ever eaten? What ever is in my mouth at the moment. I have favorite childhood books, all of the Little House series. The Trolley Car Family, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Maggie Rose and her Birthday Christmas, all of Louisa Mae Alcott's books, especially Eight Cousins. I could go on and on and on. That is just a sample of my childhood favorites. Next we could delve into the girls childhood, In the Rain with Baby Duck, Guess How Much I Love You, A Porcupine named Fluffy, and on into infinity, well almost.
Then would you like to move into the adult years? I love memoirs of real life stories. Extra Virgin is a wonderful story of two English sisters who restore a villa in Italy. Sting wrote a compelling memoir, that I just finished. The Secret Life of Bees is a book I just finished that was hilarious and very touching. I could easily list a hundred titles. My house is full of books and I have a huge wish list on, huge, really huge.

Dinner with one person dead or alive? I'd like to see my mother. Since she died when I was only 26 I feel like we missed so much. I was going to say Jesus but he is available all the time.

Kathy asked.
What's your favorite pastime or hobby? Blogging. I am so hooked on this, like a fish hooked. I also would like to develop skills in pottery. Every time I have an opportunity to do that I just love it. I can work with clay for hours and hours, I love hand building. It takes a great deal of strength in your hands to use a pottery wheel, it's actually very hard to do.
I am a gardener. I crochet blankets in winter, or for babies. COOKING, and EATING. Can chocolate be a hobby?

Where was your favorite place to live? My dream is to have a place in the country, with a view of water. I should say where I live now, that would be the correct, thankful, not looking back answer. In some ways that is true but not completely. I loved our house in Felton. It was a 4 story house styled like a Swiss Chalet, on a hillside in the forest. It was big, over 3000 square feet, the kitchen was a cooks dream come true. Our entire front room was made up of mostly huge windows. since we were on a hill we had an incredible view. The backyard had every kind of fruit tree you could want, the most delicious plums. We had apricot, cherry, peach, pear, apple, and also ollaliberries. There were three levels of decks too.
The house had a full length attic. There were cubbies and great places to hide, a pantry, and two large linen closets. Each of the girls had their own room. We had a room just for school. Daddy BB's mom lived with us she had a master suite. We had a master suite. Daddy BB's daughter used the basement for her apt. Later on my daughter and her husband made the attic into an apt. It was an awesome house. Across the street was Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center, because we were residents we had access to one conference a year of our choice free. We also could attend the outdoor concerts, Sunday morning events and we had use of the pool. The girls took swimming lessons there. To get to the pool we walked across the street and went through the woods. We would cross over a river, by way of a large wooden suspension bridge that would shake if you jumped on it. We went past waterfalls, ferns and lush vegetation. the walk alone filled my heart with it's beauty. At the pool the girls would delight in fun and play. They could swim like fish. It was a delightful time in our lives. It was a place of special beauty and it filled a great need for our family when you consider that 4 generations were comfortably settled in that large homey house.

How did I meet Daddy BB? We met in a singles class at our church. How he proposed is a great story and I'll get to that later.

What was I like in the 70's? Oh lord. What were you like? I was searching for freedom. I got involved in the hippie movement but wasn't in SF and definitely not a fully fledged flower child. I liked the clothes, the music, the concerts. i drove a 1953 Chevy pick up that I bought for $200. I had my daughter in 72 so I was trying to figure out how to manage with a baby and be a single teenage parent. I did mess around with some drugs, I think everybody did. I always had a limit.

I think my life would have turned out very differently if my parents had not divorced. I went to a parochial school until 8th grade. My plans were to go a Catholic high school and study for medicine. I completely ditched all that with my parents divorce and went to public high school. It was a case of a very protected and naive girl getting indoctrinated very quickly into the ways of the world. I also had a terrible flaw. I would take a dare. I got into plenty of trouble. My mom didn't even know where I was half of the time. I was also smart and could keep up my grades without much effort. When you are young you have no idea that the choices you make are shaping the outcome of your life and where you will go. I just wanted to have fun. Music consumed me. I loved it. I went to the Keystone in Berkeley and saw really awesome bands and musicians live. I went to almost all of the Day on the Green concerts. I spent almost all of my money on albums and books. I was also boy crazy. In the late 80's I met my friend Lucy who introduced me to Jesus and that was when I found peace.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I howled with laughter, reading these questions. Rock on girlfriends!

My favorite family vacation was a husband vacation. I had just passed my nursing boards. Daddy BB picked me up and told me to pack my bags to leave for a few days. He wouldn't tell me where we were going. We got in our car and I noticed a cooler in the back. My curiosity was going nuts. A picnic? My hubby does not do surprises. He does not throw parties. This was very out of his usual comfort zone and I was getting excited. What's up with this?
We headed South towards Monterey, a good sign. Finally the suspense killing me he told me we had a room in Carmel with a kitchen and we were going away for 3 days to be alone. He had packed my favorite red wines and delicious cheeses, my favorite Steve's' Smooth French Roast coffee, fruit and crackers; we were packed up with all the goodies you could want to nibble on.

When we arrived the fog was socked in, which I love. Our room had a fireplace and a huge scenic window that viewed the ocean and the wildlife. The deer were abundant, they just stared at us. It was chilly and foggy and we kept the fire roaring. We sipped wine and ate . We talked. If we could have made a baby we would've had triplets, it was divine. I was completely blissed out, romanticized and endeared. At this point I would've done anything for my hubby, he made me feel so special and so loved. It was definitely one of those times you keep and ponder in your heart. The ocean was spectacular, we walked on the beach, enjoyed the sand, the cold, the fires, the ah ha, the wine,.... it was heavenly. No trip has ever been better.

My at home get ups are all bad, I need a makeover. I am ready for the Stacy and Clinton team on "What Not to Wear."
There are basically no good outfits. Everything is a scene, so my family and my husband are now officially unshockable. 90% of my clothes don't fit so they could make fun of me and trash them and it would all be worth it. KJ you were killing me with the glasses and the cotton balls. I was trying to think of something and couldn't. Daddy BB just walked by so I asked him. "Whats' my worst get up around here? You know the worst outfit you hate laying eyes on," He answered you don't wear anything that's the worst thing I ever laid eyes on." So I made it easier ,"What's the worst thing I run around here in?" "Nekkid" he replied. I'd be crushed except for I thought of the same thing. It's a whole lot of nekkid. No harm done, really.

My spiritual fantasy is the same, it has always been to be a speaker, a published writer and host women's retreats. No whales, no big fish. Fame is the true confession, but not necessarily for personal gain. I just find myself giving imaginary speeches. , I'm not scared and I enjoy it. It's a long term dream had it for years. I love to speak in front of groups.

When I'm down nothing gets me through. I do not get more spiritual. The truth is I wallow in the flesh. I take whatever drugs I've got in my "stash" prescription of course; like that's any big improvement. I pray that God will just get me through. I pray simple short, not profound prayers. I cry for help. Chocolate helps, sort of, not really. When I'm down, I'm a scum sucking bottom dweller in the depths of despair. My last big depression was losing my dog. The kids said we buried my soul with him. I quit cooking, I quit eating, I quit talking. I just went into my sorrow and stayed there.

One of my visitors said Lu was "special" like the short yellow bus kind of special. My next friend said she was "unique." This is not looking too good. There is no scripture to get me through paying a 4 figure price for a special, unique dog, that doesn't even look like the photos that represented her. That is depressing. I can love ugly things, ugly people etc,,..It'll be alright. I suppose if their was anything "scriptural" that comforts me its, "It came to pass." I tell myself that, "it didn't come to stay it came to pass."
When hard pressed I always feel that I fail miserably and have wimpy bah sheep faith. I always say that it's the Lord not me, because I have absolutely nothing to bring, no shining pearls. I am no superstar of faith. I simply hang on.

If I had to have a last meal I would want to go see the Pig and have her fix me what drinks she would want, and what food she want. I'd just say surprise me and would be delighted. I am big on the visual aspects of food. I like pretty food, colorful food. It wouldn't really matter much because I'd know that in heaven I could eat and not get fat; it'll be perfect right? So my last meal here will just be the last time my body has to deal with calories and what to do with the excess that my mouth wants and my bo hiney doesn't.

So far, so good, this is fun. Anybody else want to ask something? I've been so tired since this kitchen escapade I haven't been feeling too inspirational. Thanks for the good topics!

Go Ahead Just Ask

Here goes nothing! If ya'll (all 4 of ya) would like to ask a question, I'll answer it. This actually does take some courage doesn't it? I mean what if no body asks you anything? But life is about risk!

I cannot even think; Tigger is taking close up shots of her nostrils and she is cracking me up. I told her to post them. She's so funny.

Go ahead just ask.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommie Memories

When the girls were young we lived by the ocean. We home schooled and made use of all the beauty at our fingertips. They grew up exploring tide pools, petting sea urchins and stroking fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We also visited local farms and went regularly downtown to the local farmers market that was an extravagant display of color, smell, and beauty. They loved to have all the free tastes of fresh peaches and watermelon. I loved to smell the herbs. I had not yet learned how easy they are to grow and would pay the rather high prices for small bunches of pungent freshness. The girls had a happy childhood in those days. Life seems to have always revolved around my kitchen, and food on the table. When the girls are reminiscing they are talking about something I cooked or what they ate.

I bought them an adorable tea party set and an Easy Bake Oven. They had more fun making
minature parties. They would bake the little cakes and then sit down with the little neighbor girls and have an official, "for reals" tea party. So cute. I had more fun than they did watching them. All the nicety would dissolve after the cake was demolished and out they'd go to the yard, usually to begin goofing around in the mud. Mud pies were a good second to the Easy Bake and just as much fun when you aren't hungry, maybe more.

When we lived in Felton the girls came rushing in one afternoon with panic in thier voices shouting, "Nannie, Nannie!" I first wondered who broke what, falling from a tree or some other disaster; but nothing could have prepared me for what they said.
"Nannie there are sea stars in our yard!" These girls knew the names of many sea creatures from our studies and I assumed they were teasing me. "There are not any sea stars in the Felton forest." I answered. "Yes, come and look!" Ok, so I went to look. Down near the street in the pine needles lay two very large starfish, sea stars as they are now named. They were alive. "How on Earth?" We had a mystery. We didn't know how they got here to be certain but they were here now and they weren't dead so what to do next. The girls were urging me to save them. I really wasn't sure at all of what to do. I figured they needed water but how much salt? We sprinkled some salt into tap water and put them in a bucket. This was probably our fatal error. My mind was really working to come up with an idea. Of course! The UCSC Marine Biology Lab. They had all kinds of sea life there. We had visited and enjoyed everything from the whale bones to the dolphins. I called them and told them what we had. They agreed to let us bring our two sea stars in. By now the girls had named them, Fluff and Flathead. When we got to the center we were taken in the back and one of the biologists showed us around the lab. They had sinks with faucets connected to the ocean and she turned on the spicket and filled up a tub. Our sea stars were in acute distress and very sick at this point. The shock of being thrown on the ground for an extended period of time and our home made salt water had really made them very ill. She very gently told the girls that Fluff and Flathead would probably die but they would do what they could for them. Two sets of little girl lips started to quiver and the scientist decided to give them a quick improntu tour. We were in places usually closed to the public and it was fascinating. We must have been there for an hour and then it was time to go. When we got home the girls began making books about the day. They did such a cute job. The books were shaped like starfish and each one drew pictures and told the story. They decorated the purple construction paper covers with glitter and ink pens and titled them "Fluff and Flathead a Sea Stars Tale." Later that evening we received a call that our rescued friends had not made it. The little girls were very brave and decided that their books were going to be memorials for their little sea friends.
We still had not figured out how they got into our forest. It was a few days later that our neighbor pulled up in his old blue pickup and tossed some fish into our yard. My big poodle had often come in with fresh fish breath and I had wondered where he got it. Mysteries solved. Our neighbor went fishin every morning on the pier, he used traps and had no regard for the starfish considering them pests. We asked him nicely not to put anymore in our yard and explained how we tried to rescue them. In a way the rescue was a success for the lasting memory we have kept.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The aches and pains are not even forgotten and the plans for the dining room have begun. Gluttony can be more than food, sometimes one can be a glutton for the punishment of paint. Painting is really not hard, it's all the prep!
After fretting for an indeterminate length of time over another color; I have settled on a soft blue gray for the dining room walls. I already have the textured wallpaper that is paintable for the bottom half to be the same white as the trim.
I should be too tired to even plan. That is why gluttony came to mind. All my trim needs to be repainted.

Houses just require maintenance. My husband doesn't seem to think so. Maybe his eyesight is going to the same extent as is his hearing. We had a couple of funnies today.
Tigger asked Pa," Where is the flyswatter?"
To which he replied,"No, thank you."
Tigger, "Pa what did you think I said?"
Pa, " You asked me if I wanted some ice water."

Works for me. Later Pa went off without saying anything. We had a bit of snit this afternoon so I was wondering if he was going to the Wine Shop. When he came home I asked him where he went. He said something and I said,"I thought you went to the wine shop." He said, 'I went to the Blind Shop, looking for a bracket." Whoops.
Whatever delusions I have of being at least young at heart are totally smashed on days like these. Someone could make up comedy acts or intranet jokes based off our real life conversations.

Between the dementia and the hearing I could use one of the Piggie's lovely drinks.
Have I told ya'll how to make my super easy breakfast cheesecake? I'm going to make some on Monday before my girlfriend comes. Hopefully the weather will slack off a bit so they won't be afraid to travel. There have been a lot of storms in Alabama.
She lives in California and they flew to Alabama and then will drive here and fly home from our airport.

Back to cheesecake. I may have already told you this, but it's delicious enough and easy enough to repeat myself. I usually do not buy canned biscuits of any kind, but I tasted this before I saw the recipe. Sometimes it isn't worth it to be too much of a purist, especially with results like this.

2 cans of crescent rolls.
2 pkgs of cream cheese softened
2 eggs
1 c sugar
large squirt of pure vanilla.

spread out one pkg of Crescent rolls in glass oblong baking dish (pre spray with PAM)
blend cheese filling and spread evenly onto dough.
Top with second pkg of dough.

Mix in a small bowl 1 cup of chopped pecans and half cup of sugar. Sprinkle evenly on top of second layer. Bake at 350 for 30 mins, or until puffy and golden brown.
your mouth will swear you have labored long and hard to produce this fine pastry of such delicious quality. You and I will be the only ones who know it took 10 minutes.

All this thinking, has made me hungry. What's cookin at your house? Pig has blue booze in the blender this time, that girl has too much fun.

Just to cover everything. I darn near made my pup bleed to death cutting her toe nails today. I have a dog toe nail clipper and used the safety and still managed to nearly amputate her toe! She wouldn't stop bleeding even with pressure. Off to the feed store to get some styptic powder. When I returned her toe was still bleeding. I felt horrible! What a nurse. I'm good with people but my poor animals. Once Lucy made me give her cat a shot and the needle was so dull it bent. The idea of picking up skin and sticking them in the neck just gave me the creeps. I mean what if I poked them in their spine, or hit a nerve or something? I hated it. Lucy is still trying to get me to give my animals their shots. I still go to the vet. I will finagle some stuff but not shots. Now people let me tell you that I am a good stick for you though. I'll shoot your bo hiney, or anything else for that matter.

Pioneer Woman was taking pictures of calf castration. I was feeling queasy. Some joker was smearing the castrated appendages on her boots. That was not funny. Ranch life was not nearly as glamorous as before. That guy would not get even one bite of warm breakfast cheesecake no sirree bob, not one bite.

There is no way I can neatly wrap this all up into the topic of gluttony. We could however discuss it over a piece of warm pastry and a good cup of coffee or tea. After which we could discuss painting the dining room, and you could help.

Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Before During and After

It's finished. Yesterday was incredible. First the colored primer, a hot coral, just to freak everybody out. While the primer was drying we tackled the cabinets. Washed them inside and out! I enlisted the help of two fussing teens. Finally got them to shut up by using some of Peach's "therapy," one additional hour of weeding in the sun! They quit gripping! Next I wiped out as in cleaned, the refrigerator. I did not take it all apart, masochistic I am not, except for the crisper's.
Right about 2 in the afternoon I am not feeling like lifting one more finger to do anything. I am officially exhausted. We have worked our hind ends off. At which my husband arrives ready to paint. There is a catch, I have to help. What's my preference, do I want to cut in or roll? Roll right out the door. First, I heated water. This calls for strong tea and forget the pearly whites. My teeth are translucent thin and don't take too well anyway. That's another story, I wore my teeth out with a Sonic toothbrush.

Back to the painting. Was it the primer that inspired my husband to put his hand to the plow? once I tried buying hot pink screwdrivers to see if they would stay in my toolbox. I thought my man would be to embarrassed to use pansy tools. Not. They are gone. Whatever his motive, he was ready to work. We started with me cutting in, and quickly switched. He started critiquing. I told him I was to tired I could hardly hang on to the stinkin brush much less paint straight and not get much paint on the tape! Isn't that what tape is for? So we switched and I rolled. Then we had some off white oil base to brush on, he did that. In a couple of hours we were finished, actually finished. We put the refrigerator back and cleaned up the paint mess.

Today, when I came home from work I finished the kitchen. Hung pictures, the curtain, cleaned up, and had the girls wipe out the microwave and mop. I then headed for the market. I haven't cooked dinner in about two weeks. The girls were bowing to me when I came home. "Thank God, your going to FEED us!" Poor starving children. There is food in the cute kitchen, it looks great. Later I plan to tile and change out counter tops etc,...all the pricey stuff. For now we are just ready to eat. Tomorrow is tacos.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Falling out Fast

Im going down quick, the mattress is calling. I almost feel kooky, we got up and primed the kitchen. While it dried we cleaned the kitchen cabinets inside and out and rearranged a couple. Oooooh lordy what a mess. The refrigerator needed a scrub down too inside and out. We managed to get sheet rock dust everywhere. It looks so nice. More to do but we can't take another step. My fingers have cramps and so do my toes. Will post picchas when we ere fini! Then you can admire my teeny weeny kitchen all spruced up!
Workin on an orientation day tomorrow. MY new CD came so who out there has the brilliant mind and ya know savay, to tell me how to post just a song???
Then ya'll can hear "Skin and Bones" the combination of the music and the words really cracks me up, I luv it.

Noble Pig, just feed me and I'd like a drink please,..

I'm going straight to bed, I'm beyond tired,......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time Out

My computer won't boot up the Internet. My friend is coming on Monday from California and the kitchen looks like someone threw flour all over it. Sheet rock dust and it's everywhere. I am exhausted because I whitened my teeth and can't drink coffee or tea. What timing! The walls are ready for primer and I must do it! Paint tomorrow and then clean up all this MESS!!! Which brings me to the time out, which I need to take to accomplish these jobs without any caffeine, but my smile will be pretty!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Little Fun

In my twenties I enjoyed some rather "different," music. Off color you might say. Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks had some great tunes like,"How can I Miss You if You Won't Go Away?" I still have that LP, you know are very large CD that works on both sides. What a concept!

I was thinking about fat ladies, and loving food. That would be me. I did get up and walk this morning. We had a thunder and lightening storm at 3 am so when the clock went off I thought it was the middle of the night. I could not however in good conscience roll over and snooze on. The work out today was humiliating. My fastest is last, about a half mile behind everyone else. How depressing. Old flabby men that look like they are walking in slow motion are passing me. I am moving as fast as my legs will go, why don't I cover more ground? Go figure. I did not go the whole 7 mile route. I could not risk being late for Piglets graduation brunch, but I probably did 4 1/2 or 5 miles. Some things seem to never change, being the last to be picked in school ball games. Being last on the walk/run. You would think it wouldn't matter at my age, that just doing it would be enough. You'd think. Not.

In my honor and in salute to off color music, and fat bottomed girls; I am going to write you one of my favorite songs. It was recorded by the Kinks about 30 years ago.
The Muswell Hillbillie Album, which I have actually just discovered thanks to the song is titled, "Skin and Bones."

FAT FLABBY ANNIE was a bit over weight,
she weighed just about 16 stone,
till a fake dietitian, put her on a diet,
now she looks like skin and bones,
can't see her walk by.

She don't eat no mashed potatoes,
she don't eat no buttered scones,
do your daily exercises,
you gonna look like skin and bones.

She used to be lovely,
she used to be so fat,
Oh what a sin, she's oh so thin,
now she's lost all the friends that she had.
she looks like skin and bones,..

skin and bones and bones and skin and bones, bones and bones and skin and bones,...

Ahhh now that my dear friends is a good song.

Just in case this leaves you with a hankering for some Kinks,....

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gifts Wrapped In Pain

What would you do if your son had cerebral palsy? This father and son team is inspirational, and that is a major understatement. The father is now 66 years old and still participating in the Iron man with his son. With our narrow vision we think in terms of a "handicap." We can't think of positive outcomes as a result of adversity; but when does human nature shine the brightest? Are we full of courage and triumph under the guise of pleasure and affluence?

Our first reaction to the news of a Down syndrome child, or spinal bifida, or cerebral palsy( fill in the circumstance) is tragedy. Put them away. It can be the worst defeat, or it can be the catalyst to drive a family to such a close connection that others would stand in awe and wonder. When a person can't speak they develop their non verbal skills. When a son can't walk, his father helps him to experience being an athlete by carrying him. When a family says "No," to the recommendation to institutionalize their child, they take a stand on a hill of sacrifice. What great love, when a father says, this is no vegetable, this is my son, and give him life.

This father and son are a picture to me of what our relationship is with the Lord Jesus. We are powerless, weak, and dependent; but because of his great love He endures overwhelming challenges for us. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. We feel the heat, the wind, the forces of the race, but He is the one who is carrying us. His love provides for our needs, quenches our thirst, and thrills our hearts with victory, with Him we forget our disabilities.

It is a picture of the ultimate victory, to overcome the worst odds, to develop ones character, to set a shoulder to the wind and persevere. These giants among us, who receive these gifts wrapped in pain, achieve what ease can never birth. The soul refined by fire, gleaming and reflecting the Father, inspires us to greater heights and reduces whatever little obstacle we may be facing to what it truly is. Without adversity we would shrivel up and surely die. There would be no shining ones among us. No one would ever desire to chose to suffer, or should; but in all these trials there is a gift, the potential to overcome, to be stretched, to experience victory. It is up to us to decide how far we will go. Will we trust? Will we endure what seems to be so hard?
A prayer of mine is that the Lord would open my spiritual eyes that I would see life in light of eternity. Stamp eternity upon my eyes. These two men have increased my vision, my faith and my hope. I hope their example impacts your life too.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flower Mysteries

Flea has a mystery in her garden. Here are some picchas from mine of what I think it may be.
Lillies or?


Blah, double blah. No witty repartee today.

Weight loss zero,...weight gain zero. Guess that's a good thing.
Runs this week-nada. Yoga times 2.

Accomplishments this week;
one high school diploma ordered.
kitchen walls cleaned, prepped, ready for mud.
Girlie physical and mamogram.
Job- signed up with an agency one day orientation tomorrow.

To Do List.
finish kitchen- did someone mention cooking?
yard needs major weeding and fixing, changing from spring to summer,
some plants need cutting back. roses already covered with blackspot.
get emotions out of the tank- depressed.
work on high school transcript---HUGE chore, HUGE, did I mention large enormous job?

The "I forget, I forgot list."
Been there, done that, can't remember.
I'm sure this is the longest list of all, if I could only remember what to write on it.