Saturday, May 24, 2008

6 Miles on the Road!

Hot! Humid! Where are all you envious people of my early spring bloom? I didn't see anyone from the nice cool, dry, temperate climates sweating buckets out there this morning. 7am was too late, it was already hot. I've never seen so many soaking wet people. Some of these guys had such soaking wet britches floppin on their legs that the idea of naked Roman athletes did cross my mind. Even technical fabrics get drenched. The goal was 9 miles this morning I did 6. i think it was 6, it may have been 5 1/2 but whatever it was it was enough. I could feel my face was red as a beet. Tomorrow is yoga, more down dog and plank,.... why am I not skinny and beautiful yet?

I am coloring my hair with a semi permanent color today. That way if I don't like it it will fade back out to natural old lady. I do believe that it is breaking out my head in a terrific rash. I went to beauty school in my 20's in between nursing careers and i have put a lot of crap on my head. I have never had a skin reaction to any of it. Which is why I don't bother with a patch test. i may have to soak my scalp in cortisone. This is not good.

Tigger and I are going to see Prince Caspian today. She is mad because I patted her bo hiney. She isn't mad enough not to go with me. I patted them all their lives it's a habit. I don't even think about, I just pat them. If you have little munchkins don't even start, it's a very hard habit to break. Piglet was such a little girl I used to call her Tiny Hiney, at six her butt still was the size of my hand. Dinky. Now a days you can't hardly touch someone, they might think your getting fresh. I'm not getting fresh, I just think little bo hiney's are cute, like kittens are cute.

I need a graduation gift idea. My dad suggested a charm bracelet. At first I didn't think so. Yesterday I was looking on line and found a bracelet I think she would like, and they have charms she would probably like. I even found a skateboard! Do 18 year olds like charm bracelets now? I don't want to just give her money. If it's not that I may go find something silver and turquoise. If I was rich I'd get her a car but that ain't happenin.

Did ya'll see Pioneer Woman's Cousin Tim the ranchelor? If he'd go for a woman a bit older than him Daddy BB has a daughter that would fit in just fine with that cowboyin life.

One more think. We watched the movie, "National Treasure 2," last night. I like the first one so much I just ordered it before seeing it. Am I being picky or was the story so similar to the first movie that it was predictable? I enjoyed Nicholas Cage and everybody else, but really it was disappointingly the same. What did ya'll think?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i enjoyed nationa treasue 2 but yes it was woudl be hard I think to top nationa treasure anyway.
I am clueless on graduation presents but martha says yes to charm bracelets :D
it was over 90 here today and the humidity was sickening... so I feel your sweat... we were just sitting in the yard not out Exercising... read contemp in that word... ewww
hope the dye does not break you out..HUGS laura

Flea said...

I love to pat hineys. My kids, my husband, the dog. Of course with my 15 year old daughter it's a competition. I, um, don't necessarily pat. I give her rump a good smack and RUN. :)

Brenda said...

I have 2 clematis just like yours. They are in full bloom now too.

Anonymous said...

I heard Prince Caspian is so good! Hope you enjoyed it!

Karen Deborah said...

Prince Caspian was great!

Susiewearsthepants said...

My sixteen year old loves the special occasion jewelry I buy her. It's something special from me to her that she can keep and (hopefully) pass on to her daughter. She HATES it when I pat her boody. It REALLY makes her mad. I know what you mean. Their kid butts are so cute! I now only pat hers in extreme circumstances. I see no need to rile up an already hormonally imbalanced teenager. Movies, you got me there. I hardly ever watch them anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think a charm bracelet would make a lovely graduation present.

I still think of Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl. LOL.

Patting Sweetums on the behind is dangerous these days. She's bigger than me and thinks that turnabout is fair play!