Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Answers, More Questions?

Whew ya'll can really throw em!

Peach asked. What is your favorite flower? That is an impossible question. My entire yard and all the stuff I never planted. I do like blue and purple flowers and I have favorite combinations like mixing a clematis vine with a climbing rose. I posted a picture of the America Rose with a purple Jackmani clematis, that is pretty.

Another difficult question is my favorite book. That's kind of like saying what is the best chocolate you've ever eaten? What ever is in my mouth at the moment. I have favorite childhood books, all of the Little House series. The Trolley Car Family, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Maggie Rose and her Birthday Christmas, all of Louisa Mae Alcott's books, especially Eight Cousins. I could go on and on and on. That is just a sample of my childhood favorites. Next we could delve into the girls childhood, In the Rain with Baby Duck, Guess How Much I Love You, A Porcupine named Fluffy, and on into infinity, well almost.
Then would you like to move into the adult years? I love memoirs of real life stories. Extra Virgin is a wonderful story of two English sisters who restore a villa in Italy. Sting wrote a compelling memoir, that I just finished. The Secret Life of Bees is a book I just finished that was hilarious and very touching. I could easily list a hundred titles. My house is full of books and I have a huge wish list on, huge, really huge.

Dinner with one person dead or alive? I'd like to see my mother. Since she died when I was only 26 I feel like we missed so much. I was going to say Jesus but he is available all the time.

Kathy asked.
What's your favorite pastime or hobby? Blogging. I am so hooked on this, like a fish hooked. I also would like to develop skills in pottery. Every time I have an opportunity to do that I just love it. I can work with clay for hours and hours, I love hand building. It takes a great deal of strength in your hands to use a pottery wheel, it's actually very hard to do.
I am a gardener. I crochet blankets in winter, or for babies. COOKING, and EATING. Can chocolate be a hobby?

Where was your favorite place to live? My dream is to have a place in the country, with a view of water. I should say where I live now, that would be the correct, thankful, not looking back answer. In some ways that is true but not completely. I loved our house in Felton. It was a 4 story house styled like a Swiss Chalet, on a hillside in the forest. It was big, over 3000 square feet, the kitchen was a cooks dream come true. Our entire front room was made up of mostly huge windows. since we were on a hill we had an incredible view. The backyard had every kind of fruit tree you could want, the most delicious plums. We had apricot, cherry, peach, pear, apple, and also ollaliberries. There were three levels of decks too.
The house had a full length attic. There were cubbies and great places to hide, a pantry, and two large linen closets. Each of the girls had their own room. We had a room just for school. Daddy BB's mom lived with us she had a master suite. We had a master suite. Daddy BB's daughter used the basement for her apt. Later on my daughter and her husband made the attic into an apt. It was an awesome house. Across the street was Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center, because we were residents we had access to one conference a year of our choice free. We also could attend the outdoor concerts, Sunday morning events and we had use of the pool. The girls took swimming lessons there. To get to the pool we walked across the street and went through the woods. We would cross over a river, by way of a large wooden suspension bridge that would shake if you jumped on it. We went past waterfalls, ferns and lush vegetation. the walk alone filled my heart with it's beauty. At the pool the girls would delight in fun and play. They could swim like fish. It was a delightful time in our lives. It was a place of special beauty and it filled a great need for our family when you consider that 4 generations were comfortably settled in that large homey house.

How did I meet Daddy BB? We met in a singles class at our church. How he proposed is a great story and I'll get to that later.

What was I like in the 70's? Oh lord. What were you like? I was searching for freedom. I got involved in the hippie movement but wasn't in SF and definitely not a fully fledged flower child. I liked the clothes, the music, the concerts. i drove a 1953 Chevy pick up that I bought for $200. I had my daughter in 72 so I was trying to figure out how to manage with a baby and be a single teenage parent. I did mess around with some drugs, I think everybody did. I always had a limit.

I think my life would have turned out very differently if my parents had not divorced. I went to a parochial school until 8th grade. My plans were to go a Catholic high school and study for medicine. I completely ditched all that with my parents divorce and went to public high school. It was a case of a very protected and naive girl getting indoctrinated very quickly into the ways of the world. I also had a terrible flaw. I would take a dare. I got into plenty of trouble. My mom didn't even know where I was half of the time. I was also smart and could keep up my grades without much effort. When you are young you have no idea that the choices you make are shaping the outcome of your life and where you will go. I just wanted to have fun. Music consumed me. I loved it. I went to the Keystone in Berkeley and saw really awesome bands and musicians live. I went to almost all of the Day on the Green concerts. I spent almost all of my money on albums and books. I was also boy crazy. In the late 80's I met my friend Lucy who introduced me to Jesus and that was when I found peace.


Anonymous said...

These are all great questions and answers!

Flea said...

Very cool. :) My favorite book is hands down The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis.

Flowers are hard, though! Liked your answers.

Kathy said...

We all know you better now. AND we LIKE you! Can't wait to here the propossal story.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i had to ask that one(flower) cause someone asked me it and I could not answer with one either LOL.
I love your posts they just make my day!
Hugs Laura

Kathy said...

OK! I have another question. What (who's) babies do you crochet the blankets for? Years ago I loved to crochet, haven't done it in ages. I have some lovely crocheted blankets from my Mom.

Anonymous said...

So, like, where are you today?

Karen Deborah said...

huh? whadaya mean where am I today? I'm right here.

Karen Deborah said...

I crochet baby blankets for my friends. My grands, just about anybody. One of the moms in our homeschool group is expecting and all make her one. I've been using 100% cotton yarn lately and it works up nicely. All I ever do is single crochet. I make variety with the needle size, the yarn and sometimes by using more than one string at a time. I've made more blankets than I can count.