Monday, February 4, 2013

Crossroads Hypothetically Speaking

I have piles of old shirts and fabrics. What I need is some enthusiasm about living life and get some creative juices from out of my head and into action. I was looking on line today at recycling old shirts and clothes and redyeing them into something special.

It's an interesting idea, redyeing something. I'd like to try it. Instead of looking for pretty fabrics I could look for anything in the fiber wanted and then make it into something pretty.

I'm still thinking about what to do to earn some money. Thinking doesn't accomplish much, doing does. But what to do? That is the question.

I think sometimes when there are too many options and too many distractions that it becomes hard to focus on one path and just start walking it. Cross roads are like that. There are a lot of paths facing me. Would I like to go back to school and be a nurse practitioner? Yes, but the funds is an issue and so is the work. There are a huge questions around that whole issue.

What about writing? Well I do my writing for free. My spelling, typing, grammar, punctuation is atrocious. People have said I should write a book but I don't have an idea for a book. There are a lot of questions about that too, like marketing.

The path of an artist. I have always been attracted to this. I am artistic but can I do something people will want to buy? What about the economy? Is anyone out there not on rice and beans like we are?
Truthful questions. I see the Etsy shops, but do items sell? What sells? That is the question all of America is asking right now, not just me.

Today I am thinking about the recycled aprons. How appealing are they? Hypothetically would you buy one if you saw it on Etsy? What would you pay for one?  I made so many at Christmas and didn't take pictures which is a bummer,  but you get the idea. So I ask you what does the survey say?