Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Changes

Sweet Adeline is moving into a nursing home. It won't take her long to become a favorite resident she is so cute. It's been harder and harder for her to stand up. She has had so many guided falls to the ground that we all became worn out. I had been looking for a day to just sleep in and rest. Today I  slept in and didn't get dressed. I am doing laundry and washing all my bedding. One has to wash the entire bed more often if the dogs get to sleep on it.

Speaking of dogs Roman is barking his fool head off right now. Sammy---aka Lil Sampson is one adorable affectionate little fella. He was the fortunate recipient of a dental with his neutering. His teeth look gorgeous his bad breath is gone, he is a normal weight now and is the happiest dog ever. He literally hops around like a little black lamb and you can see his joy. He has to sleep plastered to my side. Sometimes I think we are going to both fall off the bed from his scooting closer all night. Sometimes I wake up on the edge and move him back towards the middle. Heaven help me if there is an inch of air space between us. He is adorable and I totally love him.

My camera cord is lost. I took some pictures and can't find the cord anywhere.

The kids moved out. They have the cats. We have the dogs. Hopefully all our utility bills will decrease.

I'm trying to follow the intermittent fasting plan. My BFF is doing it and she is over the moon loving it. Angie does it and has lost do much weight and kept it off. My hours are 1pm to 6pm. Beside the weight loss it is very beneficial for inflammation and injury. Your body can utilize the fasting hours for repair and regeneration. I'm game to try it.

I know I'm  way behind for the second installment of Genesis. I'll do it soon. I have been so busy doing I'm not sure what. I hope that being home will get me blogging in a routine.

I'm not sure how long it's going to take to clean up the house and get the weeds pulled.
Wish I had some goats to eat them all.

I'm going out of the country the end of March for a little more than a week.  God willing and the creek don't rise.
I'm going to go read what's going on with you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday What?

Where did the week go? The kids moved out yesterday, surprise. We didn't know she was moving out until she started packing. She said she's be ou be the 15th of Feb and it's still January. That's ok any time was fine.

 I'm back to living with my husband which in the past 25 years has been very rare. I think we had a few years when we first moved to MS and left the gorgeous beaches of Santa Cruz California. Then some of the kids followed us out here. Some left and more came, and those left again, and I wonder why I get easily confused? Nah, I KNOW my family tree is full of nuts. Nuts that had little acorns or something like that.

This morning the neighborhood kids were ringing the bell looking for the kids to catch the bus. It was 6:30 am. The dogs went berserk. Barking echoed in the hallway at ear piercing decibels. I knew I would not be going back to sleep. Up to stumble for the coffee pot. Let the dogs out and speak a word to the cats, who are wondering what happened to their cozy digs.  The kids will be back for the cats soon. They are cat people. The cats are not dog cats, the cats like hanging out with the kids and no dogs allowed. Cat's are like that.

My family will be my two dogs and my husband, what a deal.

You should see my kitchen cabinets. I unloaded a whole truck load of stuff. A set of dishes and extra pots and pans etc...etc...etc... and you know what? I spread out what was left and had just the right amount. Do you accumulate stuff you don't need? I just about stocked her kitchen with everything she'll need as far as dishes and cookware. I didn't have a set of silverware but that's because I gave her that in Santa Cruz and her ex's rotten sister never shipped it. Jennifer gave her all her stuff and asked her to ship a few boxes which she couldn't be bothered to do. Oh well, some people have no conscience.

The apartment is nice. They have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and after living in one bedroom with one bathroom it must feel like a palace! They have a fireplace which will be really nice in the winter. Brief as our winter is. Our winter is California perfect weather. This time of year makes me want to pack up and go back like no other time of year. I am so hot natured that I can sweat in 57 degrees. Can you imagine how miserable I get when it's 97degrees? I'm not even talking about humidity. The nice thing about humidity is it moisturizes your skin and keeps you looking young. What am I talking about?

Am I rambling or what?

Well, what are you still doing here? What did you expect when the dawgs were barking to beat the band at 6 in the morning? Did you think there would be substance and wit? Are you serious?
My brain hasn't even entered my body yet.

I need more coffee.
You have a cup too and we will both wake up.