Friday, April 26, 2013

Mama Please Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

Last month we went to Texas for two weeks up in the hill country to visit my brother.
I probably have enough blog material from that trip for 6 posts if I'd get busy and write them. We saw a rattlesnake show, really, and cowboys---the gen-u-ine deal.....
 Sorry ladies he is taken. I happen to be old enough to tell him that he was gorgeous and I wanted to take his picture so that women in other parts of the country could look at him and weep.
Of course he thought I was nuts, in true cowboy fashion he just tipped his hat and smiled.
 and rode.
 I caught this picture when the mares and foals were being rounded up. We were invited to Wagon Wheel Gist ranch to watch the yearly round up of mare with foals, mares ready to breed, and the sorting of everybody. Later this mare would get separated from her foal and me..the city girl would figure it out!!! HA! I don't care what species you are, all mama's freak the same way when they lose their kids in public. This little foal was born in the morning and running in the round up in the afternoon. AMAZING.
 Reunited after a brief separation. Once the cowboys realized what was going on they stopped and found her baby and put them back together. We were told that other mares will kidnap newborns and it's important to get them back to their mama's. Right? The kidnappers have no milk and the little fellas die. BOO
 This pair just slayed me. I also was getting some of the best pictures of my life, some are grainy but oh well, shooting fast is HARD! Everybody is running!

 A kiss between mama and baby so sweet. These guys are not posing they were MOVING
as in OMG what a lucky shot!!!
 Another stunning pair, black magnificance.
 and another isn't she beautiful? Look at her mane and her sweet expression these are some seriously awesome horses and I don't know nuthin bout birthin horses Ms Scarlett!
 so adorable I so wanted to touch, but these babies are not tame and their mama's aren't either.

 At times I just didn't know what to look at or what to take pictures of, seriously what would you do?
 My baby with Rusty Rodgers the ranch foreman and an awesome guy, we just loved him and his wife Juanita she is a HOOT!
 That cowboy is a Marlboro man if ever I saw one. Hope he doesn't smoke, he does sizzle.
 They just grow them right in Texas, go ahead ladies get out yer hankies and cry...
 Nice horse, ya think?
 How about those clouds?  Thinking maybe about the long day ahead, or maybe. by now he jes might be posin....bwahaha.
 This guy is one of the STALLIONS, the mares for him will be herded into a large area fenced off just for him and he knew it! He was huge. They had three seperate pens for different stallions and different mares. After looking at the mares and foals for a few hours he looked enormous and powerful.
 Whew baby he was seriously excited and pacing, ready to make some foals the old fashioned way.
The cowboys call it horsey po#n
 Look at the little ones running in the pack you can see how small the tiny one is. Seeing this in real life is so different, it was intoxicating really, too much beauty for one day.
But the day wasn't over because we left this ranch to go back to another one. My brother and my SIL live on a ranch and also have horses, three to be exact.
 This is the brand on my brothers horse, can you guess which state it is?
 Back at their ranch getting nibbled by Julie's ranch horse, number one in the pack of three.He did not want to be ignored.
 It was my brother's horse Red Cloud that took a shine to me and it was thrilling. I never had a horse kiss me before.
 He was nuzzling,
 and kissing and those big old horsey lips really tickle,
 awh schucks Red yer a FLIRT
which only encouraged him!

We had the time of our lives, two weeks out in God's country and I have more stories to tell so....I'll be back!