Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

 Praising God for the beauty of spring.
 For my family and girls who are finding their way in the world.
 Thanking God for good friends and darling children of all kinds, shapes, sizes and personalities. Each one is as unique and spectacular as the beautiful flowers of spring.
 Thanking God for healing of relationships.

 Thanking God for my adorable brother and his godly wife who bless us all.
 Remembering sweet moments and hoping for more in the future. Missing these two who are out on their own. I love them.
 Thanking God for a bountiful harvest despite the bugs. A full pantry of pickles and salsa.
 I'm not sure if I am thankful for this....JUST KIDDING!! I am crazy about my puppy but not so crazy about muddy dog nose windows and cow pies in the garden. He's part large livestock. You already know I am nuts about this dog and after 3 years of waiting I am thankful.
 Ummmm yummy thankful for good food and the ability to eat! We have to be healthy to enjoy eating and it's something we take for granted. We have so much we struggle with our weight and there are those longing for a full tummy and those who are too ill to eat. For food we give THANKS!
 I give thanks for my family, for my baby girl who is now grown up and is calling me blessed. She is such a blessing to me. Such a little cutie she has grown up into an amazing woman.
 I don't know why this went the wrong direction just turn your head. It's too cute. Heather and Kayla when they were little and a fun Christmas picture which is coming right up. I am thankful that I stay home on black Friday and instead start decorating for Christmas. Not to mention enjoying leftovers.
 I'm very thankful that Jen and the children are here. I am surprised that I haven't taken hardly any pictures. I'll remedy that today.
 I am thankful for my garden and home.

This man. I don't even have words for how much I love him. I was fragile and broken when we married. Our 23 years together have defined who I am now. We make each other better, like iron sharpens iron so we have made each other better. I cannot imagine my world without him in it. I give thanks most of all for the day we said "I do." That day started this life. 10 years ago we came to this place and began making a home. We have so many memories here. So much life and love, so much to be grateful for.

I have been in the hospital trying to get some answers on the problems with my arm. I came home with more drugs and not to much in the way of answers. More tough decisions to make. But I am home today.We are going to Annette's for a big family Thanksgiving day. Jennifer made two dishes, cheese cake with cherries and looking back at better days I know that God will carry me through the future ones.  Today my heart is truly thankful. I am thankful for you too. For my blog buddies who have loved me, who write encouraging notes and comments, for those of you who gave so generously from your hearts to my daughter, for your friendship that is truly real.  I wish you my sweet friends a blessed day full of gratitude because it fills our hearts with joy. I wish you a blessed day with your families and friends. I wish you full tummies and fuller hearts. I wish you the best Thanksgiving day ever. I hope you take time today to reflect back on your year and all the many blessings you have had, and name them one by one. "Count your many blessings see what God has done."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fresh Fixins: Days of Our Lives

Fresh Fixins: Days of Our Lives

blueberry salad recipe on August 16th

Days of Our Lives

Jenny took another movie of her goofy mom. I think I must have taken a pain pill or something because this is just hilarious. I am GORKED!

 But not everything has been funny. When the packages got here there was so much damage.
Because of the hurry to leave before the first, she didn't have time to sell things so she gave most of it away.

She did a great job packing. Hunny has been in trucking before and he gives good instructions. We purchased brand new moving boxes, paper and bubble wrap.

It got harder and harder to watch. Jen only kept her most sentimental things. She could only take so much and then the tears started. Broke my heart. Mom's hate to see their children suffer over anything at any age. It reminded me of the earthquake and how I felt when so many of my precious things were just demolished.

So we sat in the sun and talked. We left the boxes for later.
This is a Samsung flat screen TV or what is left of it. Her dishes, printer, DVD player, large TV and a ton of her Christmas ornaments were all broken. Yes, we are filing a claim, but who knows how long that will take. A lot of it is beyond price and not replaceable.

 All of this just to get here and help me. Really we need to help each other. I have needed a lot of help. My hunny's cousin helped me a lot. I paid her because I couldn't take that much time from someone for nothing. I have to be driven to my appointments and until recently I still had to have help getting dressed.
There is some really bad damage to my shoulder and I would sure like some answers. That's a whole nutha story.

So if it cheers her up to make funny videos of her mom she can do it all she wants too. I'll even post the pictures that are flattering beyond words. close ups.
Now I know how I'd look with a stroke. Can you believe this is a SUCCESSFUL medical procedure?
This is a sympathetic ganglion nerve block that is supposed to help my pain. If your face slides to the floor it has been done correctly. Well boy howdy, can't wait to see the bill for this mess.
In the morning this lovely look was gone, so were my nerves all the rest of them. Please pass the Xanex. In it's place the bones in my face felt like they had connected with a baseball bat, modern scientific medicine. How marvelous. I can't tell if it did me any good. I'm supposed to do this 3 times. I don't think so. I'm really not impressed enough to do it again. It's probably a 4 digit bill.

I did wake up from these drugs starving and practically ate an entire blueberry salad by myself.
I knew I shouldn't have ever had that recipe in my hot little hands. I can't leave that stuff alone!
I wasn't supposed to eat for 2 hours and then start on ice chips. As soon as we got out of the parking lot I made Jennifer drive through Backyard Burger and get something to eat and drink. I was ravenous.
I told her I could swallow and I didn't care what the dang instructions said. That's a nurse for ya.
I was under the influence of some powerful stuff.  I could have eaten an entire turkey, or a horse for that matter. IF I didn't know it was a horse.

Since I'm talking about being wacky and random, for fun I thought I'd show you our yard in the first years we were here. Basically it was grass and that one Bradford Pear tree. Jim built the shed and that's what we were excited about. It really amazes me to see it so empty. You can accomplish a lot in 10 years. Unless your Kat over at Seeking Sanity who has her place looking spectacular in less than a year or maybe one year, but y'all know how amazing she is.

It's almost Thanksgiving and I am thankful for so much. My face didn't stay that way. I am thankful most of all for my family and friends. I am very thankful to all of you who have prayed for Jennifer and helped her financially. I am amazed at the support that is in our blogging community. Y'all are real friends. Jennifer was very touched. Her children are so sweet and we will have some fun stories coming up soon I am sure.

I have the green light to try and use my hands and arm conservatively, whatever that means. I hope to be around more often now. There is no telling what kind of condition I might be in. You never knew what you'd get before and now with my daughter here, she will really mix it up. She loves to laugh and so do I.

See ya soon!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Your Wildest Dreams

Between this beast,
and this one. We have been very very busy. When I took these pictures,
she said she'd get even with me.
They love my pickles. We spent one day doing hair. We did everybodies hair.
Isn't she adorable?
She likes this picture better.
and this puppy,
has absolutely no concept of how big he is, and yes he does crawl all the way up into  my lap.
This is my youngest granddaughter and she is just PRECIOUS! SWEET and absolutely darling.
Both of the kids are adjusting pretty well. They think it's beautiful here and as soon as they make friends at school they will be pretty comfortable. We cut their hair after this picture. Their mom did it and she is very good at it!

Enjoying movies.
and making them.

she said she'd get even. I think she did.