Saturday, November 29, 2008

It Was Lovely

Piglet is feeling creative. She is interested in learning to sew. Aromatherapy neck pillows are her idea for gifts. We are filling them with wheat berries, lavender and rosemary. I have plenty in the garden which is on it's way out from the last frost.
Actually the fall colors are happening in a spectacular way and if it's pretty tomorrow I'm going to go outside and try and capture a bit of the beauty for you.
The really amazing thing about these projects of my little woman's, is the timing of it. She was doing this Thanksgiving morning. I worked on Wednesday so everything had to be done on Thanksgiving, all the baking, the whole shooting match. Usually I would have been too uptight to add this to the mix. I don't know what happened, it just was ok. I didn't worry about a mess or anything. I actually really enjoyed helping her and I loved her idea. These will be nice inexpensive gifts. They smell good when you warm them in the microwave and then feel great on your neck or low back wherever you would like a little heat.

Tigger wanted to make a mocha chocolate souffle. She wanted to make it bad enough to pay for the ingredients herself. She bought the biggest container of cornstarch I have ever seen. It will take twenty years to use it all. What could I say though, except OK, lets make this creation. Look how pretty it turned out!

This is the ugliest artificial tree. I'm showing it to you to show you what can be done with one of these. You can imagine the results if you start with a pretty tree. I can tell you for a fact it is not.

Then with some lights and a multitude of ornaments the little beastie is transformed. It's amazing. one of these days I'm going to buy a pretty tree. But until then this one is quite festive.

Fixing up the mantle is my favorite. I like the more natural look not a lot of glitter and foo-foo. The berries the cedar branches and candles really do make a cozy and inviting look. This is what I did today. Piglet and Papa worked on the outside lights. It was quite a busy day.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I 'm so thankful to be breathing and not coughing with every breath. I am very grateful to be getting over that rotten bug. It kicked my bo-hiney around the block! We had a little family time tonight and talked about what we are thankful for. It was a warm up for tomorrow.

Tigger especially blessed our hearts. She is thankful to be with us. She is grateful for her relationship with God, and the peace that he has given her regarding her estranged mother, little brother and sister. She is appreciative of her room and clothing; her education. I nearly cried when she said that after being called a "retard" all her life by her mom; she is beginning to accept that she is smart. She is more than smart, in many ways she is brilliant. It is my hope and prayer to raise enough scholarship money for this one to spend 4 years at Bellhaven a Christian art college here. That is a prayer request. $15,000 a year. May not sound like much to some or outrageous to others. My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and I believe I own at least one.

We were all very full. Not just full of food and feasting that comes tomorrow but full of gratefulness for our blessings. We are a family. We love each other. I have a great marriage and love my husband for 21years. Finally after all these years our kids even like each other and us too. God is so good.

I find myself oddly (or is it odd?) thinking of you too, my bloggie friends. I have actually become quite attached to some of you that I have frequent exchanges with. It seems funny to me how one can discover so much just from reading. People do share their hearts here out on the world wide web. For all the talk about crazies and "it's not safe" and all that other baloney, really I have found good people. I have laughed, cried, drooled, admired, enjoyed, understood, hoped, and prayed for many of you and with you. I have celebrated milestones and sorrowed for those with losses. My own life has deepened. My hope for our people has been strengthened. I feel when I read these different little bloggie homes like I have had a neighborly visit with the heartbeat of real America. Instead of spin, and hype and media blah blah, we are privileged to hear the true thoughts and hearts of every day people. Every day people making lives for their families, overcoming obstacles, creating beauty and hope. Every day people sharing with each other, building bridges, reaching out, offering encouragement and knowledge. The breaking of bread together even if it is only visual and yet it is satisfying. Something deep in us that longs to relate to a bigger whole is met here. Who would've ever thunk it? But here we are, having our little neighborly get togethers on the Internet. High tech friendships but it works. If it didn't we wouldn't be so addicted to it. Because really none of us are all that excited to hear ourselves talk!
I love hearing about you, your stories, your children, your cooking and your lives.
This Thanksgiving I have added all of you to my list of what I am grateful for. I would love to offer you a nice piece of pie at my table, until that day; be blessed.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simple Cooking

Tigger had a cooking lesson yesterday. She learned how to prepare a ham the same way that my mother taught me. She learned to trim the skin off and score the meat. I was out of whole cloves which surprised me; I then remembered grinding them up for a recipe and leaving them in the "whole" jar. We glaze our ham with an easy to make glaze. Take about a half of your smallest size mixing bowl about a cup, of dark brown sugar, add about a 1/2 c each of dark brown mustard and ketchup. Mix this with a fork until it's blended well. Baste the ham with it. If you score the ham it's very pretty to put a whole clove in each square. I baste the ham several times while baking and love this glaze. I usually buy a half a butt with the bone in. The bone makes the meat good and it's also great for making other dishes, beans or split pea soup later on. You can make a lot of meals out of a ham. It really isn't worth the price difference of nearly a dollar a pound to get the spiral cut and glaze. You got a knife, you can cut a ham. Another easy glaze that is good is just plain apricot jam right out of the jar.

Next we decided to make scalloped potatoes. You can watch Tigger learn this we got the camera out. Start by filling a sauce pot with milk and put on low heat to scald. Then scrub your russet potatoes clean. I don't see any reason to peel them the skins are good. Having a food processor is great for this because part of making scalloped potatoes is having the slices be the same size. I remember how much work this took my maother and I to do all of this by hand and we peeled the potatoes. My mom peeled with a paring knife and I used the peeler. I felt so grown up when I learned to use a paring knife too. Scalloped potatoes are easy to make, kind of time consuming but still they are simple. Place a layer of sliced potatoe sin the bottom of a deep baking dish. Then sprinkle with flour. Salt and pepper then add apply pats of butter. Repeat this until your dish is slightly more than half full. Pour the scaled milk over everything until almost covered but not. Au gratin potoatoes are made the same way but add grated cheddar cheese. I love sliced onion rings in each layer but my family does not like onions. They are crazy. cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake for one hour covered and an additional half hour uncovered. make sure the pototatoes are soft. Sometimes it can take two hours. 400 degrees is the best but 350 will work.

Tigger had a guffaw belly laughing fit when I told her we would fix a dump cake for dessert. "DUMP CAKE!" she hollered. She almost fell out she was crackin up. Get out another oblong baking dish and pour a large can of sliced peaches into it with the syrup. Add a can of cherry pie filling. sprinkle the top with a pakage of butter cake mix and finely chopped walnuts. Either drizzle a melted stick of butter over the top or apply pats of butter, either way. you can use any knd of pie filling blueberry is good too. Bake for about 40 mins until golden brown. Everything fits in the oven together. Tigger wasn't laughing when we finished this, she was drooling.

There you go a feast for a king! With all the meals that can be made from this hunk of pork hiney paying $17. for a piece of meat is actually a good deal. We are going to have a lot to eat from 12 pounds of piggy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So Indecisive

I have continued reading "Random Winds," I'm afraid I haven't been able to stop. I did not like the stories twist. The fate of the heroine to be so afflicted by tragedy. That same tragedy of real life. It did not help either that she discusses being raised by "God-fearing" parents and yet rejects God to believe the "science" that we come from monkeys.
Yet, I apologize to those who will disagree, her story telling is masterful. I have not been so absorbed in character development and plot since reading "A Portrait of a Lady." Tragedy, war, loss, medicine, places and gardens, the time of world War 2 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. All interwoven and connected, the tale of several generations and the two who loved and must be apart. I'm mesmerized. Even though there is content that I find objectionable. Content though of real life issues that are here in this world and that people experience every day. So I retract my harsh post and say that you should each decide for yourselves. It is a compelling work.

Now, since I have spent half the day in bed with the book I must get up and be about producing something in this real life we live; like food.

Books Edit Delete!

Random Winds, by Belva Plain. Purchased in a brown hardback edition at the library sale after said authors demise. What does a title like "Random Winds" suggest to you?
It should have been my first clue. It probably has a picture of Fabio and some woman on the paperback edition. It's a STINKIN SOAP OPERA! Ruined, yech, blech, yukky, delete delete. Not a good read, nope, nada, not!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Books Books Books

While I was home sick I read a few good books. Over at the Country Doctor's Wife she gave away some reads that sounded pretty good so I sent dear hubby to the library with list in hand. Here is my review.

It Takes a Village Idiot, by Jim Mullen. This book is hysterical! He is a New York Jewish columnist and his wife quits smoking. To help her break the habit SHE decides THEY need a weekend house in the Catskill Mountains. Their adventures into the country life are full of out loud guffaws. He is stinkin funny, and that is probably the biggest understatement I have made all year. I won't say one more word so as not to spoil the fun. It's clean too. Any references to profanity are made with initials and are very minimal, and also funny. No smut. Dry, shoot from the hip, smart New Yorker, did I mention funny? Laughing until you need a nebulizer treatment, or the Heimlich maneuver.

Growing Girls, by Jeanne Marie Laskas. I wanted Fifty Acres and a Poodle. The library didn't have that. did, $5 for a clean tight hardback copy. I have not read it yet, but am salivating. Any story about a big black poodle will kill me. Rasmus was the best dog that ever lived.

JML is a non fiction writer, very personable. She writes like she talks, even though I have not heard her speak; her written style is conversational. She and her husband adopt two little baby girls from China and all the details are in the story. They live in the country and have a blast. Her girls have very interesting and different personalities. One child has a speech problem, she describes her angst over this with maternal passion. The children, the setting, their friends and neighbors the learning experiences of city going country are all very winsome, honest and just plain fun. Good read.

A Midwifes Tale. Gretchen Laskas. The librarian made a mistake ordering this thinking it was the previous author. Being a nurse it appealed to me. It's old medicine the days of herbs and lore. The story may offend those of a tender nature because she does discuss infanticide. It has been practiced since Moses. What makes this reference an essential part of her story is her grief over the practice, and the moral dilemma it places her in. It is definitely a secular book. She is a fascinating woman and has an incredible mother and family history. The way knowledge is passed down from each generation of midwife is fascinating. It is fiction but probably one of those fiction books based upon a lot of true research. I loved it.

Random Winds, by Belva Plain. One of my library book sale finds, $1 for hardback. Love those deals! This is going to be great! I haven't finished it yet but so far it has a country born and raised doctor, whose father was a doctor. He fell in lovewith a woman but failed to cement the deal. She misunderstood his ambitions and married another. Her sister a misshapen hunchback, with an excellent mind, pretty face, and red curly hair loves him. They become best of friends and at this point in the story are discussing marriage. Miss Blain is a native Mississippi writer and she is excellent, this story is already fabulous on page 100, 331 more pages to go.

Back on Blossom Street, by Debbie Macomber A pleasant story about the relationships of women. Very human, small town, interwoven troubles and a little group of ladies who come together to learn to knit yarn; and they also knit their hearts. Sweet. Read it in one day.

Oh tay that should keep you busy for awhile. Life is so much better with a good read.

Had a good week at work and am finally getting back to normal if there is such a thing!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Never never never agree to kiss with a blindfold on!
stinkin HILARIOUS!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tag of 7's

• Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules in your post. (unless your me and can't do links very well)

Coffee Bean tagged me

• Share seven random/weird facts about yourself.
• Tag seven random people and link to their blogs.
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1. I am just weird period.
2. I love my bed. I mean really the covers the mattress the pillows, being in my bed and I have always loved to be in bed.
3. I cook mostly without recipes and mostly from scratch.
4. If I really like a movie I'll watch it more than once, twice, ok again and again.
5. I start IV's without gloves, can't do it. Almost never spill a drop though.
6. I like dirt. Yard dirt. I like to get my hands in the dirt when I garden. I can feel things about it. Yeah weird, I know.
7. I left California and moved to Mississippi, and I have STAYED here.

Lets see 7 people who might like to play.
April and Rechelle are always doing weird things they might like this.
Kathy and Cathy

No links this is easy and just do it if you want too. Throw in some random childhood memories and your 4th picture in the 4th file and look at all you accomplished today! Riiiiight.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Turned the Corner

Today I didn't cough. My chest has that hallow feeling like after you have thrown up forever, and I'm sore! But I did not cough. No sweating. In fact I slept all afternoon. Think that means it's time to try and go back to work. The first day will be hard no matter what. I could drift into that land of no return pretty easily right now. It'll probably be a month before I quit feeling this. You know how it is. I can't remember being this sick since the Swine Flu hit the country. I hope ya'll escape because it seems to be travelling all over. Nasty bad bug.

Elyssa tagged me to meander through some childhood memories. I like this one, just be random and remember. I CAN DO THIS!

My funniest memories always involve my little brother. I need to dig out some pictures of him he was so cute. It was pretty funny when our mom started screaming at the top of her lungs,"SPIT IT OUT!" He had a little bitty tree frog in his mouth with the legs hanging out. Mom was never calm or subtle.

I remember getting my tonsils out. The smell of ether was absolutely evil! I woke up in a CRIB, a great big crib for a 5 year old and I was so mad. They lied about the ice cream, I couldn't talk, or cry, or swallow. Betrayal was the word. The nurse took me to a big bathroom that had all these tiny toilets lined up against the wall. I'd never seen little toilets and big cribs; could make a kid think they fell into the world of Alice In Wonderland. Ether is evil.

I loved my grandparents. My grandpa always said, "For the love of Pete." Who is Pete?

I remember when we got our first TV it was big and black and white. I loved Captain Kangaroo and the Mickey Mouse Club.

Riding bikes without helmets or knee pads. Roller skating all over the streets, playing hide and go seek in the dark.

Going to Texas in the summer and catching fireflies to put in a jar and make a lantern. We made mud pies out of red clay and got in trouble. My cousin caught a big June bug and put a string on him and walked him like a dog. We ate the biggest watermelons I ever saw in my life.

Never ask an "old" person to talk about their memories, it could be endless. So how about you want to play?


4th file 4th photo a random tag. sure is pretty isn't it?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lists of Longing

Over at is the story of McKmama and her new baby son that was not supposed to live. He did live, his little heart and his little life are a miracle. I learned of McKmama and her plight on where Angie's heartfelt prayers were not answered in miracle of healing; but she received a miracle of 2 hours. Two precious hours of life and that is all.

McKmama offered today to pray for those who had prayed for her. I read the prayers and as I did a thread emerged; a common thread of longing. Those who have children long for rest. Those who are sick long to be well. Those who are single long to be married and those who are barren grieve for a child. All the hearts cry out to be filled with what they think will fill them. If we are poor we ask for money, if we are rich we ask for love. What does fill the emptiness inside?

There is a God shaped vacuum in every heart, a vacuum that keeps pulling inhaling deeply, reaching, looking for the vacuum to be filled. Jesus said, "I have come that they would have life and have life abundantly." So why so much fear and hesitation to place your hand in the Savior's?

Fear. Silly fear. Pride. We are afraid of being religious weirdos. We are afraid to take the plunge that it won't be true and then we really are lost. We worry about what other people will think of us, that we have lost our "oh so rational minds,".
We hold tight to unbelief and the longings consume us.

The Savior loves, the Savior weeps, The Savior longs for you to thirst no more.
"Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

Joy does come. In your own way, in your own words just ask Him. Let it all go.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random thoughts and Soup.

I have been listening to Debbie's play list today. Reading books and drinking tea and turning over once in awhile. I brushed my hair that needs a shampoo but didn't wash it. My huge contribution today was making a pot of soup. The hunny is now down with the crud and his sympathies are so much more empathetic; he is miserable.

After a week in the bed I don't feel better. If I don't go to work Monday I may lose my job. Nobody has a job for 4 weeks and then misses two! It was bad enough to miss one. I think this, as I pull off another sweat soaked nightgown. Asthma has always caused that in me. No one knows why. I don't have TB or pneumonia or even any bacterial infection. I just get the sweats when I'm sick. I fall asleep and soak the bed. It only happens if I sleep. Some ancient healer in the Appalachian mountains would know more. Some root or berry to make a tea, or a plaster, some remedy of the Earth that actually does work.

Invariably days of bed rest bring about too much time on my hands kind of thinking. Too many questions and too many thoughts and the spiral down begins. I realized today that one of the very big difference in my husband and I is that I have always had dreams and ideas, and he does not, and never has. I have always wanted to live in the country, on a small self sustaining farm. I wanted to raise orphans, chickens, and have cats and dogs. I had hoped to plan days around the making of fine pie crust and a good loaf of bread. The harvesting of apples, the plans and jobs that revolve around the seasons of the year in the country.

My husband grew up in that life. He has all that knowledge. When he uses a hoe it is like magic to see the earth change and form under the skill in his hands. He was not happy then. His father never conveyed love to him. His father worked hard and drank hard. My husband left that world behind with no wish to return to it ever. All the skills he has that I admire, the ones I wish he'd teach us while he is living. It is not going to happen. He is 70 now and I am 53. There will never be the country place. There is no escaping the necessity of a job to pay for the life style that is here, where we are right now.

This is the place of reality. There are two girls to give life and hope too. My little house on the cul de sac is not on a farm, there are no chickens. The husband does not want a dog again. The memory of the big black dog brings tears to my eyes and a wrench to my gut that will never go away. The husband does not understand those feelings as he does not know dreams. I cannot hold that against him. It's just what is.

When the heart despairs the secret is to praise God. When I am feeling darkest and the least hopeful I begin with the smallest things. Thank you for my nice bed. Thank you that I made soup today, and the food was here. Thank you for making the garden pretty. Thank you for a lap top. Thank you for a beautiful play list with no commercials. Thank you for giving me the understanding to recognize the differences and not be angry. Thank you for hope for tomorrow. Thank you for those who do live the lives I have dreamed of and share their joy that I can partake of it and relish it. Even as I prepare to go into corporate America where I have never longed to be. Thank you Lord for your daily love.

Serious Saturday

The following article was in a prayer letter that I receive. I am copying it because it is a published article. I believe this is safe to present to you for your thoughts. It reminds me of times past and gives me hope for the future. as long as there is anyone on this green Earth who will pursue after the heart of the one true living God; there is hope for mankind.

"Whatever is true, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report; think on these things"....Philippians.


By Christian Jensen

Imagine walking into the largest ballroom in the largest hotel in the country. Then imagine looking around at tables all neatly laid out in preparation for a meal and meeting with linen, silver and china; enough to seat almost 500 people. Now imagine that the last time this same meeting took place, there were no more than 260 people in attendance, and that just two days ago you were only aware of about 260 people planning to attend this same meeting. And at the same time, imagine that to book this room with all the trimmings cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars that you would have to pay out of your own pocket if more people did not sign up. When, in the course of your imagining this scenario, do you think your mind would have said, “Hey, hold on there partner; I think you are letting your imagination run away with you!”

Once upon a time, in the little Baltic nation of Latvia, a small core group of leaders from many walks of life had a huge imagination. Their dream was to bring together leaders that represented almost every segment of Latvian life, from the President all the way down the line. They had some experience from two previous gatherings like this, but they were not heavily attended and had not lived up to the complete vision this little band of brothers and sisters had. They dreamed of a national forum where they could bring together both leaders with and without faith and encourage the one while witnessing to the other, all in a manner that honored Jesus and His Kingdom, built bridges where before there had not even been fords, but also appealed to the practical side of the guests because the Gospel was presented in a non-confrontational, very practical and living way.

Does all this sound to you like an imagination gone out of control, so longing for the Kingdom of Heaven that it has lost the ability to know what is reasonable and practical in today’s world? Well, if you thought that, I am pleased to tell you that you would be wrong. Rather, what seemed like flights of imagination to some reasonable and practical people, seemed instead to a little group of believers as exactly what God was calling them to do in their home of Latvia.

On November 7, 2008, at the largest venue in Riga, the Hotel Latvia’s Omega Room, almost 500 people came together to experience what can happen when a small group of properly motivated people who put Jesus before everything else (including what passes today as common wisdom), ask God to do a miracle. In the process, it became apparent that God not only heard the prayers, but that He, too, embraced the impossible nature of what was being imagined; and being the God of miracles and impossible imaginings, He answered in a way that made it clear to all who participated that once again, God had done what is impossible with man and only possible with Him.

This year’s theme was “God, Fatherland and Freedom”, and managed to put clearly in the light the fact that Latvia’s freedom; indeed, its very existence, is because of God’s faithfulness to this nation whose forefathers placed such a great emphasis on following God’s precepts. Latvian President Valdis Zatlers set the tone at the beginning of the morning by saying things like: “We have a special gift from God – 90 years of independence. It is only in a free country that we can have a free life…We have now returned to the values we held centuries ago…Faith begets faith; Love begets love…Family values are appreciated in Latvia. We are each unique to God…We must be…understanding of others. God bless Latvia is our prayer together.” (NB: the Latvian National Anthem is called “God Bless Latvia”.)

There were greetings brought from like-minded people and groups in the U.S., Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, the European Union and many others. There were Bible readings from members of the Latvian Parliament, as well as participation from all major faith groups in Latvia. There was the testimony of 83 year old Lidija Doronina-Lasmane, who experienced the Soviet deportations to Siberia and murder of thousands of her countrymen; was sent to prison by the Soviets three times herself; and finally was able to reach Sweden, where she found a group of people praying for prisoners of conscience in the Soviet Union, and met a woman who was actually assigned the task of praying specifically for her during her incarceration. She testified that prayer made the difference in her life, and that it was only through prayer that she is here today. “May God help us to stay in prayer for one another; to pray for the government and its leaders; and to be thankful for peace”, she said. In concluding, she admonished the gathering this way: “Sometimes we grumble, but that is not good. Be thankful to God for everything. Many have it much worse than we do. When we finish praying in the small group I meet and pray with, we always close by singing ‘God Bless Latvia’”.

One of the keynote challenges came from Juris Rubenis. In recognizing Latvia’s 90 years of independence, he said, “Great anniversaries are usually connected with gifts. But finding the right present is not always easy. What can we give Latvia as a gift? I can give her a more truthful and loving person – me. If we all committed to do this, it would change our society.” He continued by saying that this kind of change does not come overnight; it is a journey. “If you open the door when Jesus knocks, then you must spend the time to fellowship with Him.” Rubenis concluded with this: “Latvia doesn’t expect long speeches as a present. She wants one person who is on the journey to truth and faith. By embarking on this journey, even in Latvia there could be a holy politician.”

When was the last time you allowed your imagination to conceive of the impossible things that God could do where you live, in and through you?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Pretties

My neighbor got married and he wants to sell his house, $140,000 and it's nice. Anybody want to be my neighbor?

It was really pretty outside today. I'm still feeling crummy, but it only took a few minutes to get some fall snaps to share. Love the fall colors and probably the last flush of roses.

For Kris in Alaska. I used to have a cute car and a car note. This is not the car of dreams but it is a very good car. The Marquis broke so it actually does say Grand Ma. But this ride is paid for and it's comfortable.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still SICK so how about some SILLY?

What's on your nightstand?

Mine currently is holding cough syrup with codiene in it, a Nebs machine, a pile of books, glasses, a tea cup with a saucer, and the kleenex is in the bed with me not enough room.

So since I am still feeling pretty yukky and not to witty or wordy, how about us sharing what kind of stuff we stack up next to where we sleep. When we get to sleep.

I am still working on photos of the kind of car I drive, it says Grand Ma on the back can you guess why? Better yet can you guess what kind of car it is?

On a totally different subject I am posting photos of the two youngest grand girls, that I have not even been able to smooch on yet. Just want you to see what I'm missing out on. Aren't they adorable?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 Ways to Pray for Barack Obama

"When we pray, it is far more important to pray with a sense of the greatness of God than with a sense of the greatness of the problem." - Evangeline Blood

10 Ways to Pray for Barack Obama

Whether you voted for Obama or not, you need to pray for him. Here are 10 ways to intercede for him regularly:

1. Pray for Obama’s protection. We already know that some weird, neo-Nazi fanatics in Tennessee plotted to kill Sen. Obama during his campaign. Let’s pray that racist hatred is not allowed to spread. Let’s cancel every assassin’s bullet in the name of Jesus. May civility triumph over bigotry.

2. Cover his wife and daughters in prayer. It is not easy to live under constant media scrutiny. Pray for Obama’s wife, Michelle, and their two daughters, Malia and Natasha, as they face invasive cameras, nosy reporters, maniacal fans and dangerous enemies. Obama is not only a politician but also a husband and a father.

3. Pray that Obama will govern with God’s wisdom. God rewarded Solomon because he asked for wisdom instead of wealth, long life or vengeance on his enemies (see 1 Kings 3:11-12). Pray that Obama will order his priorities like that. Despite Solomon’s tragic character flaws, his legacy was wisdom. We can ask God to give our president the same grace.

4. Ask God to keep our president humble. Many great American leaders became corrupt after they moved to Washington. The fatal attraction of fame, wealth and power proved irresistible. The only thing that will guard a man or woman from this pitfall is humility. May God deliver President Obama from the curse of pride.

5. Pray for wise and righteous advisers to surround him. Even the best leaders have failed because they trusted the wrong people. Pray that Obama will not select his counselors based on party, race, pedigree or political cronyism but on Godly character and proven wisdom. Pray also that he will not allow secret traitors into his inner circle.

6. Ask for the spirit of reconciliation. Some segments of our deeply divided society want nothing to do with Obama now that he has won the presidency. Even some Christians will be tempted to harbor resentment and nurse political grudges throughout his term in office. Pray that God will grant forgiveness and healing so that leaders on all political levels can have constructive dialogue.

7. Pray that Obama will adopt pro-life [and pro-Bible] convictions. Many politicians have changed their views on key issues while in office. In the 1800s some leaders who favored slavery later denounced it. In the 1950s some who opposed racial integration later became champions of it. Even though Obama won approval from many voters because he sanctions abortion, God could soften and change his heart.

8. Bind all evil forces assigned to manipulate our president. The specter of Islamic terrorism looms over the United States, and dark forces are ready to infiltrate. Our only hope lies in prayer to the God who is able to expose and outwit the schemes of the wicked. This is truly a time for spiritual warfare, and intercessors must not come off the wall in this hour! Pray that no foreign government, terrorist organization or demonic principality will use Obama as a tool. We must stand strong against the spirit of antichrist that promotes dictatorship, persecution of Christians and hostility toward Israel.

9. Pray that Obama’s door will remain open to the church. The loudest voices of secular culture—from Bill Maher in Hollywood to atheists in academia—would be happy if religion were removed from public life. Pray that Obama, who claims to have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, will unapologetically welcome Christian leaders into his company and seek their counsel. And pray that false religious leaders (who claim to know Christ but deny His power) will not have his ear.

10. Pray that our nation will enjoy God’s peace and blessing during the Obama administration. The apostle Paul instructed early believers to pray for all in authority “so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity” (1 Tim. 2:2, NASB). [Pray] for America to experience peace and prosperity so that we can continue to export the gospel to the nations. This must happen whether a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House. As we cry out for God’s mercy on our wayward nation, pray that He will allow us to be a light to the world as we finance global missions, feed and heal the world’s poor and share Christ’s love at home and abroad.
we are always to be salt and light in this world and this is a great opportunity to do just that---it is also how we honor our Heavenly Father, by representing Him as His children. people who don't know parents often make assumptions about them according to the behavior of their children. although this is not always a fair assessment, as we know our kids don't always behave the way we taught them to, i hope that Christians will be children who do represent our Father in a way that makes people want to know Him.

I recieved this from a friend and thought it a worthy post to reflect and act upon. sometimes we don't know how to pray and these are a very good way to begin. God does hold the hearts of kings in his hands.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sicker than STINK

I always forget how sick a cold can make you feel. OR this is the worst cold bug of the flippin century. I am sick. Remember NyQuill commercials? That would be me, the sneezy, snuffly, watery eyes, coughing, sore throat, chills, can't breathe, and whatever else a cold does. Did I forget anything? There is still no cure for the common cold.
Drink tea, eat soup, take Tylenol, or Advil and go to bed. I went to work. I did not find any prospects that need LTAC. I did however spread enough personal contagion to start an epidemic. Heartless. What a fiend, this is NOT how to get business. I only went because I don't want to get fired. Maybe I do. I don't know. Last night I was so grateful that my head cold was in just my head and not my chest. Guess what? It went to my chest. This is not good, how to you spell ASTHMA? Cold in the chest=frequent cough=wheezing= am I whining now?
The good news is my foot does not have a tumour in it. The toe joint is enlarged called encapsulitis and I got a shot of cortisone in it. Yep if it's not surgery it's a needle. Good thing needles don't freak me out anymore. When I was a little girl it took 4 people to man handle me down into a body slam and then my butt would be tight enough to break the dang needle. They were not supposed to SEE my nakky hiney. Really that was it. If they wouldn't have pulled my pants down there wouldn't have been a war. Needles can go through clothing, really don't you think so?
Is Contact still on the market?
Noble Pig do you have a cold remedy that involves a strong drink?
Anybody else have a cure?
My grandma believed in mustard plasters haven't a clue how to make one.
Any aspiring healers out there? Remedies?
I want my mama.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Person God Uses

God is always looking for a willing heart. A yielded heart. Our focus when on Christ will keep our heart in peace. Our circumstances may be tough, and won't necessarily change. So what do we do?
Follow the WORD not the herd.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ideas Coming and Going

This morning I had a long list of blog topics in my head. I made the mistake of not writing them down immediately. My head is a colander, what goes in leaks out immediately never to be retrieved again. After cleaning the fishbowls, vacuuming up pet hair with the shop vac, mopping the floors and assigning other cleaning type chores to kids; I thought I would write about my gazillion bright ideas. It is now evening and finally I am relaxing after shopping, making food, and getting the house clean and the laundry done. Such is the life of a 9 to 5 wife. Do you think I can remember even one stinkin thing? I know better. All ideas must be penned at once. It is really a drag if your best thoughts come in the middle of the night or some other inconvenient time.

Speaking of inconvenience, my computer has gone berserk. I spent money to get it fixed and diagnostics run etc... The problem is VISTA. Vista is kind of like HAL the computer in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. Vista cannot be controlled. It makes decisions without you, it upgrades itself and does not have a system restore function. The computer doctor thought that it was an operator error as in me. He saw my files were everywhere except where they should be. He spent quite a bit of time putting things in there proper places. the next time he booted up, the berserkness began again. My computer who is now named Hal, moves files. It rearranges in a wild fashion and my screen can change or be half booted up and all other unpredictable mayhem. Um it seems to me that Microsoft should be working on a solution to this. How does one make a corporation like Microsoft fix an operating system? I think I am out of luck, but I am going to try.

Another little bit of trivia. I saw a 16 year old Country Living magazine at the doctor's office. It was so fun to look at the hair, the clothes, and the BIG flower prints. I really loved all that stuff. I need shoulder pads and love those dresses with the full skirts; however ah hem, I was not this large then. For the record I am NOT A SIZE TWENTY! Not this year anyway. I can wear a 14 WIDE and a 16 if it needs to be a looser fit. I did like the shirt dresses that looked 40's and the big hair. Lately I have been using a flat iron on my hair, it sure makes it shiny. It was funny to see a magazine full of old stuff, old cars, old styles, and of course advertised then, as the latest thing! It can make you think.

I have made it through my first month on my new job. At the end of the month our team did very well. our director was really pleased with us considering we were all NEW. So it felt pretty good to start this weekend out on a positive note. It's also the first Saturday I didn't stay in bed all day since I started this job. I walk miles and miles every day. Monday I'm getting my sore foot looked at. I hate to go to the doctor but it won't quit hurting. It's probably a tumor, you know how nurses think.

I bought some sweet potato french fries at Sam's today. They are the shake and bake kind in the oven, and they were really tasty. I even got the girls to taste them and they liked them.
Not gourmet cooking but they are easy and good for you. Easy can be good. So how was your day?

Friday, November 7, 2008

What If?

Obamas message seemed very genuine tonight.

This is what I think. Not that I ever really HIDE my true thoughts from ya'll. Nobody can ever say that I am the mysterious type. I like to listen to my own gut. Not the gurgling, or the rumblings or anything else that can become a poo story...but my instincts.

What I do ever day of my life is meet people, look them in the eye and see them. I have found that most people in this world go around so SELF ABSORBED that they don't even LOOK at anybody else. That's really ironic considering how much time we all spend worrying about our appearances. But really think about this.

First of all, God is in control. No power is given that he does not allow. Obama has been surrounded by leftist people all his life. However, he seems to be very genuine; I mean really asking somebody how they hurt their arm is not a scripted event. We as a people are very cynical it just goes with the times. What if this man is actually a good man who believes his ideals which I don't agree with. I don't agree with any issue that is on the far left. Just in case there are any doubts, I am pro life. I worked in hospice but have never killed anybody. Sometimes what we do to prolong life of terminally ill people is more cruel, but even with that, I do not believe in killing.
I love gay PEOPLE but do not endorse that lifestyle and would never support legal marriage, a Christian sacrament for that type of relationship. On the fundamental issues we are very much opposed. However tonight my heart took hold of a thought; what if God does have hold of this man? What if we as believers and followers of Jesus Christ take this as an opportunity to show Christian love, loyalty, and respect? It is the LOVE of Christ that leads a man to repentance. God tells us that you shall know them by their love. What kind of love? Agape love. We are not in the hands of men. Our prayers can make a difference and also our testimony of how to embrace losing. We can be leaders by the way we behave right now. We can be gracious and supportive, we can give the man a chance. Our prayers for protection will do more than any hand to hand combat could ever accomplish, and who knows that if we show what being a follower of Christ truly is that we might not win some and is that not really what this life is all about?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now What Do WE Do?

My teens were in tears this morning. As one said, "I have to grow up in this world and this is scary." So what do we who were not so excited about the election results do now? We pray.
We told our girls that our hope is not in men but in God. We told them that as believers it is our duty to uphold our leaders in prayer and treat their office and appointment with respect.
We held our first family prayer this morning in a group hug. We prayed for President Elect Obama and his family. We prayed for our country and our people.

I had wondered how I would feel this morning when I realized my hopes were dashed in the early hours of the evening last night. God showed up big for me. I am not deluged with fear or anxiety. MY mind began to hum well loved hymns. It Is Well With My Soul, Great is Thy Faithfulness oh God my Father,...and my heart really did rest on the everlasting arms. My hope is not in the office of president, or the congress, or even this great country. "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus name, On Christ the SOLID ROCK I stand all other ground is sinking sand."

It is a historical moment the first black American has been elected. Now what we do is gather together as a people and work hard. I am glad that the campaigning has ended it was very tiresome in the end. I am grateful that it was a clear and decisive win, so there is no haggling over vote counts and vote dibbits and any other such thing. I do wonder however why it doesn't take a photo ID card to PROVE you are who you say you are to vote. Isn't that odd? You need proof for everything else.

So it is onward and forward into a new world and regardless of what comes it will be well with my soul. "When Peace Like a River attendeth my way,....."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Did Carry On continued....

Ya'll I really do have to tell you the whole story of my shopping experience. I held back because my sales ladies were very large as in grande and very black as in Afro American. I have never been politically correct; I despise the very socialism of the words. The whole idea is a communist plot. My disclaimer is, I LIVE around black people, and we are friends. My story is not racial it is what is. It is stinkin hilarious.

Three days ago I went into the Dress Barn, you know this part. I bought a lovely jacket that looked like it was for my mother. Since she has been buried for a long time I couldn't give it to her, it was just her size. I went back to exchange it for a smaller one. A very pleasant sales lady laughed when I showed her how big it was and thank the good lawd there was one other coat like it that did fit me. She fetched down out of the rafters where it was on display. I was in a talkative mood (imagine that) and told her that I liked her store and had never shopped there before. I also said " I NEED PANTS." The question is what size pants?

She waved her arm to the "otha side of the store." Apply thick accent puhleeeze.
"Oh, says I, the WIDE section,"
"No, says she, the WOMEN'S section."
"Yeah, right" says I, and "I like big butts and I cannot lie." Which gets a laugh. She points me to her friend who is workin the OTHA side of the store. This woman was big as in waddle and things are movin, and she is smiling! I liked her immediately. I said, "You see this junk? What size pants do I need?" So she looked, she ooed and she awed, she just marvled that a white girl like me could be so endowed with such a black butt. She says," I theeeinkkkkkk an 18 or a TWENTY."
Now this is when it would really be better if you knew exactly what I do sound like.
" A TWENTY I fairly screached, in the WIDE section?!?!?!?!?!?" Are you serious?
I can wear a 14 over here or I'm gonna kill myself."
She giggled, "Awhh why sure I'm just thinkin about the part that sticks out like mine; yo shore been chowin down on some cornbread and greens, naw haven't ya?"
Now I love her, she's killin me. "Yes lawdy I love to eat but what I been eatin is chocolate candy and piles of it."
"Now if you would be so kind as to keep them britches comin I will see waht I can wear out of this fine store!"
My new friend had good taste, I put on pants and she nearly drooled over my fine behind.
Bless her heart it is a sorry day when someone is jealous of my figure if you can call it that!
I really, really enjoyed her callin me "Cornbread" and telling me she was callin her mama about her long lost sistah, we had a fine day, a fine day. All is not lost for a good retail experience in the south. Move over Nordy's, or open up one of your fine establishments in MADISON MISSISSIPPI, PUHLEEEZEEEE! I know some really fine sales women for the "W" department.
( this post is a continuation of the previous post so don't miss that one. I worked all week, that is my excuse.)


I spent Halloween spending. We gave away little candy bags too. I really felt like a kid, I actually got a stomach ache from eating so much chocolate. It takes brains and planning to buy all your favorite candies to give to other people. It also takes a lot of careful strategy to get way more than you actually need so that there are plenty of "leftovers." When I gathered my wrappers to put in the trash it was amazing that I had handfulls. Did I really eat a half a dozen each of Butterfingers, Reese's Pieces, M&M's, Snickers, Twix, and anything else that slipped in like Tootsie Rolls and Milk Dud's? Yes, I did.

It all started with Trick or Treating with a pillow case.
We had strategy in those days. No Trick or Treater in their right mind would ever go out with a plastic pumkin. No body had ever seen a plastic pumkin. It was a different world.

I was planning on digging through pictures to find some old shots of my brothers and me dressed up in our little home made get ups. I loved being a gypsy. Mom would really put the make up on and hang all kids of jewelery on me. My brothers loved to be pirates or hobos. The first store bought costumes came in a box and had shiny painted costumes of characters you slipped on over your clothes. the mask was the best part and it was what you saw on the box. Sometimes a cool mask had a yukky costume. There were a lot of cartoon characters then. My youngest brother and I always consumed as much as was humanly possible in as short a period of time as possible. My middle brother, the potential banking genius cataloged and stored his candy. He inventoried, and itemized, AND counted his loot. He was the kid that could bring out a chocolate bar in February of the next year. This boy also would stay out until his pillow case was full, I mean full. My Dad would drive them to other neighborhoods and go to the "rich peoples" areas where they would get tons of stuff. I never lasted that long. As soon as I got full of candy, I ate as I went, it was home for me. Even as a little kid my feet would give out, whatta whimp.
As I was stuffing my face these memories came back to me. It really set the scene for some mindless eating.

So can I blame the sugar for what happened next? You see, I bought a very pretty jacket the other day and it was too large so I took it back to exchange for a smaller size which they had! They had some fun sales women in the store. one particularly big and friendly black girl took a shine to my junk in the trunk, and was convinced that she could cover my bootay with some fine garb. It was fun, she called me "Cornbread" and said she was calling her mama to ask her why she gave her white sistah away. We did carry on. Carried on, right up to the register with 4 pairs of pants and 2 tops. There was a necklace which I did not buy that would have looked awesome on my new top and jacket but I could not throw in another 20 bucks for that on top of what I have already spent this month. Which is actually ridiculous, that is restraint? My husband is going to have a coronary. This was my 3rd big shop for "work clothes" this month. It was also Tigger's birthday, and we had a party, (two parties), she got a camera, the party had food, and was a lot of money. I also paid for my Sam's membership a 100 bucks, and my nurse license another 100 bucks, and I am sure there are miscellaneous expenses that I totally forgot about that WILL show up on the bill and I'm guessing it's going to be a 4 digit budget buster in a double or triple kind of a way. Anyone want to buy me a one way ticket out of Dodge?

Then when I start catching up on my blogs is there any relief? No sirreeee bob, FLEA has to go and post about Christmas lists. I think I have 10 grandchildren now. Somebody is pregnant again. Last year I just did not do it. It's thousands of dollars just for little happys. It's hundreds for stocking stuffers and the dinner is at least a hundred bucks. I cannot do it. I do not make that much money. I did not save up all year. I do not need to add to my bill which I will be lucky to have a paid off in the next ten years.

So what is everybody planning to do for Christmas? What homemade gifts do you cherish? What do you even remember from spending a lot except the bill later? Anyone have some nice family traditions? I need original cute ideas for babies. I need very creative gift ideas for teens. I do not need to spend money. So come on now ya'll are geniuses lets hear whole blog posts about the non commercial aspects of Christmas and save each others stinkin bacon!