Friday, November 7, 2008

What If?

Obamas message seemed very genuine tonight.

This is what I think. Not that I ever really HIDE my true thoughts from ya'll. Nobody can ever say that I am the mysterious type. I like to listen to my own gut. Not the gurgling, or the rumblings or anything else that can become a poo story...but my instincts.

What I do ever day of my life is meet people, look them in the eye and see them. I have found that most people in this world go around so SELF ABSORBED that they don't even LOOK at anybody else. That's really ironic considering how much time we all spend worrying about our appearances. But really think about this.

First of all, God is in control. No power is given that he does not allow. Obama has been surrounded by leftist people all his life. However, he seems to be very genuine; I mean really asking somebody how they hurt their arm is not a scripted event. We as a people are very cynical it just goes with the times. What if this man is actually a good man who believes his ideals which I don't agree with. I don't agree with any issue that is on the far left. Just in case there are any doubts, I am pro life. I worked in hospice but have never killed anybody. Sometimes what we do to prolong life of terminally ill people is more cruel, but even with that, I do not believe in killing.
I love gay PEOPLE but do not endorse that lifestyle and would never support legal marriage, a Christian sacrament for that type of relationship. On the fundamental issues we are very much opposed. However tonight my heart took hold of a thought; what if God does have hold of this man? What if we as believers and followers of Jesus Christ take this as an opportunity to show Christian love, loyalty, and respect? It is the LOVE of Christ that leads a man to repentance. God tells us that you shall know them by their love. What kind of love? Agape love. We are not in the hands of men. Our prayers can make a difference and also our testimony of how to embrace losing. We can be leaders by the way we behave right now. We can be gracious and supportive, we can give the man a chance. Our prayers for protection will do more than any hand to hand combat could ever accomplish, and who knows that if we show what being a follower of Christ truly is that we might not win some and is that not really what this life is all about?


farmlady said...

Well said, my friend. It's about time that someone took a step forward in their belief and looked at the bigger picture.
Thank you for keeping your eyes and mind open enough to consider how wide Gods thinking might be.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

If all of America started praying for the success of the President Elect I think things would indeed end up going well. Good thought. We CAN be gracious and supportive. I have never understood making fun of the man who is running the country. Saturday Night Live baffles me, probably the only person in America who doesn't "get it."

Becky said...

Wow, thanks for blowing the top off that box I had put my God in. Now will Obama be a vessel of wrath or righteousness? ;-)

Angela said...

"It is the LOVE of Christ that leads a man to repentance." amen amen amen Sister!
What a powerful, positive, and Christ love post. Some of the blogs I've been reading lately have been filled with doom and gloom."First of all, God is in control. No power is given that he does not allow." again, amen amen amen. I truly believe that. I keep thinking, (I'm Canadian) "God is in control,and what's come to pass if from His hand (talking about our own Prime Minister being elected a few backs).I MUST trust and place my faith in Him, and not allow fear to control my thoughts."
Last night I wrote in my devotional about you,,lol. God bless and have a great weekend.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I surely have been experiencing such joy as I avoid the political scene and focus on my Lord and family. I know the plans He has for me and my family and all the rest who look to Him. Keep your eyes on the Lord and live the abundant life ... regardless of who presides in America. I'm on my knees right alongside you -- but then, that's nothing new. : )

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Great post! I read another blog where they suggested that we pray for the new president's salvation and that his cold heart towards the unborn would be turned warm and that he would have a true awakening.

Sounds good to me!

Karen Deborah said...

Our focus has to remain on ourselves, our own repentance, our own prayer life. WHERE our hope lies, and our trust. We have always had the same job to do. It's not about the guys on capitol hill; it's about us.
Thanks for these comments.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog thru another I follow. This was an excellent entry. I've been absorbed in the campaign leading up to this election because it is such an important one for our country. I'm relieved it's over, and believe the outcome will work for God's purposes for us regardless of who is in office. Still, I believe He expects us to take part in the political process, not just leading up to the election, but by being informed about what is going on in our country and by our taking the time to write emails to our elected officials regularly to let them know what we expect of them as they write the laws and govern the country.

And yes, our focus has to remain on our relationship with Heavenly Father and what he would have us do individually in our own lives and in our families.

Thanks for the excellent blog. I'll be back.