Saturday, November 22, 2008

Books Edit Delete!

Random Winds, by Belva Plain. Purchased in a brown hardback edition at the library sale after said authors demise. What does a title like "Random Winds" suggest to you?
It should have been my first clue. It probably has a picture of Fabio and some woman on the paperback edition. It's a STINKIN SOAP OPERA! Ruined, yech, blech, yukky, delete delete. Not a good read, nope, nada, not!


Anonymous said...

Well... random winds in these here parts would pertain to the various sounds and smells emitted after various and assorted types of meals... you asked.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Confession: I cringed when I saw Belva Plain on your list. A friend once INSISTED I give her a try (she called me out as a lit snob and I took the bait to prove otherwise). I started the book, sighed and rolled my eyes for a few chapters, then admitted to the snobbery and tossed the book -- literally. I know Miss Plain has MANY fans, but I'm just not one of them. Too many other books to choose from and too few reading days left in my life. : )

Am reading "Rainbow Garden" by Patricia St. John on the advice of Miss Lydia. So far . . . FABULOUS! It's a short read with a Secret Garden-esque touch (according to Lydia). I shall polish it off today with teapot by my side.

Karen Deborah said...

Coffee bean you crack me up!!!