Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ideas Coming and Going

This morning I had a long list of blog topics in my head. I made the mistake of not writing them down immediately. My head is a colander, what goes in leaks out immediately never to be retrieved again. After cleaning the fishbowls, vacuuming up pet hair with the shop vac, mopping the floors and assigning other cleaning type chores to kids; I thought I would write about my gazillion bright ideas. It is now evening and finally I am relaxing after shopping, making food, and getting the house clean and the laundry done. Such is the life of a 9 to 5 wife. Do you think I can remember even one stinkin thing? I know better. All ideas must be penned at once. It is really a drag if your best thoughts come in the middle of the night or some other inconvenient time.

Speaking of inconvenience, my computer has gone berserk. I spent money to get it fixed and diagnostics run etc... The problem is VISTA. Vista is kind of like HAL the computer in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. Vista cannot be controlled. It makes decisions without you, it upgrades itself and does not have a system restore function. The computer doctor thought that it was an operator error as in me. He saw my files were everywhere except where they should be. He spent quite a bit of time putting things in there proper places. the next time he booted up, the berserkness began again. My computer who is now named Hal, moves files. It rearranges in a wild fashion and my screen can change or be half booted up and all other unpredictable mayhem. Um it seems to me that Microsoft should be working on a solution to this. How does one make a corporation like Microsoft fix an operating system? I think I am out of luck, but I am going to try.

Another little bit of trivia. I saw a 16 year old Country Living magazine at the doctor's office. It was so fun to look at the hair, the clothes, and the BIG flower prints. I really loved all that stuff. I need shoulder pads and love those dresses with the full skirts; however ah hem, I was not this large then. For the record I am NOT A SIZE TWENTY! Not this year anyway. I can wear a 14 WIDE and a 16 if it needs to be a looser fit. I did like the shirt dresses that looked 40's and the big hair. Lately I have been using a flat iron on my hair, it sure makes it shiny. It was funny to see a magazine full of old stuff, old cars, old styles, and of course advertised then, as the latest thing! It can make you think.

I have made it through my first month on my new job. At the end of the month our team did very well. our director was really pleased with us considering we were all NEW. So it felt pretty good to start this weekend out on a positive note. It's also the first Saturday I didn't stay in bed all day since I started this job. I walk miles and miles every day. Monday I'm getting my sore foot looked at. I hate to go to the doctor but it won't quit hurting. It's probably a tumor, you know how nurses think.

I bought some sweet potato french fries at Sam's today. They are the shake and bake kind in the oven, and they were really tasty. I even got the girls to taste them and they liked them.
Not gourmet cooking but they are easy and good for you. Easy can be good. So how was your day?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

read the previous post... i agree 100%

with the house cleaning out ... removing of all junk trash and crud removing all un necessary furnature *that i can not part with* it is all in the spare room NEAT and CLEAN and in order... My head has been a jumble... but we did it... it was finished today there are a few things that will take a while to accomplish as mike is involved with those... and he can only work on them at certian times...

I forget what all i was going to comment about from the comment on my blog but cory is very narssistic (sp?) acting and of course knows how to push my buttons and manipulate but seemingly he and his dad have come to their own agreement on the truck deal...

The police thing is this... Cory is 20 to work in the county he wants to work in you have to be 21 so until January he does not want to go to work in another small town he wants to do piddly (i say that in the kindest of ways I dont mean to offend anyone but this kid PAID to go to school to be a cop) So anything unrelated to police work is piddly ...
anyway he has been pure D sorry for the last two months and now its down to Bank of mom has closed and Stephanie has about had her fill of busting her butt while he plays... and not ever having 2 cent extra for herself.

So I am praying that jan 18th hurrys up and gets here so he will do what he CLAIMS is what he is waiting for. BLAH BLAH BLAH on his ideas. He needs a job YESTERDAY Last WEEK heck last month.

Wow does that look like it has touched one of my very few nerves LOL.

THe book... was hidden from me I dug and found it (I think Martha was mad at me for telling her to read hers so she hid mine) I have it and it will be read starting in the morning... :) thank you again... I may have to implememnt hers into part of her homework each day ... shes doing some better but still has moments of course... but better is GOOD. we will be starting the very regimented schedule on monday this week was grace week... and tomorrow we will be going to the movie in the afternoon... our reward for accomplishing what I wanted in the house.

HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS have a wonderful weekend and I have heard vista is a real pill.

Anonymous said...

Your computer sounds like it has a virus? I don't believe Vista is supposed to do what you have mentioned.

Pass the sweet potato fries please, they are my favorite.

Becky said...

Oh yes I am right there with ya on the vista thing. A friend of ours GAVE us his brand new laptop to keep indefinitely. It has vista, but we were not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. My Love and I both HATE it. Not dislike... hate! >:-{

Its funny because I was working up a post on it in my colander ... LOL... I love that comparison it fits perfect, may I steal it? :-)

I'm glad you had some positive input at work finally and I hope your foot is nothing serious probably just plantar faceitus... I know that is spelled wrong but I can't even get close enough for spellcheck to tell me the correct spelling :-p

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. It really made my day :-)

Angela said...

Not only was I a size 20 but up to a 22 a few years back. I just got a skirt on right now that says size 10..of course it's a STRETCHY material..LOL..I don't think it's just a nurse thing about thinking you have a tumor. A lady shared with me last night that she has cancer, and I asked what her symptoms were, which than led me to start obsessing about my oh my goodness gracious, LOL.
I'm just waiting for my hair to dry so I can flat iron my hair.

I made it all the way till 11:30 at night to finally lay in bed, instead of my usual, lay in bed all day and force myself to do a few chores, than get back into bed. It was a battle, but I overcame.
Have a great day!~ ((hugs)) Your just precious.

Angela said...

LOL LOL..My mouth has dropped down to my size 10 STRETCHY skirt!(which probably really is a size 14 by the way)..I'm just reading away at your blog, la di da..having a wonderful time and name is 'flashing in lights"...I'm on your blog list!

WAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAA..oH Karen, I feel honored, oh so important,,like I just won an Emmy. is that how you spell it? yes, I will make my acceptance speech now....LOL LOL. I'm cracking myself up here.I've shared before in a devotional that I am vain, even though Ginny said I was just grubby,lol, not only have I drooled, oohhed and ahhed for hours on people's blogs, but I have dreamed and wished that I would one day be on people's blog list. I know it may not seem like a big deal to some people. But it sure is to me..YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME. taken from that actress's acceptance speach when she won hers, (and of course I can't remember her flipping name, but she was going out with Burt Reynolds)...
((hugs)) thanks for the blessing me with your love.

Michelle said...

I like to think that my mind is like a delicate teacup. Only so much can go in at a time and the rest overflows onto the saucer......where it floats around and then pops back up when I don't need the info anymore!

Your day sounds much like mine. Trying to get "caught up" in preparation for the week.

Karen Deborah said...

hummm a delicate tea cup, well that is a very lovely idea but nope I'm a colander and yeah Beacky you can steal it. It's not stealing if it's a gift. Besides I'll forget.