Sunday, August 31, 2008

Storms A'Comin

Here comes another hurricane. People are coming up here from the coast and New Orleans. Different churches have set themselves up as shelters. Our church is already organizing clean up crews for afterwards. I'm not nervous yet. The sky isn't black and the winds aren't whipping. In fact everything looks very lovely right now. Life is like that. One minute everything is hunky Dorrie and the next you've got some issues; but God.

We know about the weather because of satellites. I'm glad not to know the future. I don't want to know what trouble lies ahead. I'm funny like that. When I've had to have surgery before, I tell the doc, don't say anything. Let me sign the informed consent without all the nitty gritty details. If you tell me, I'm going to chicken out. This was very important when they operated on my brain. Now you know my secret, brain damaged. It all makes sense now right?

But really, aren't you glad not to know? I suppose all the people who are evacuating right now are very grateful to get a chance to prepare for the severity of what is coming. I don't know why they don't let New Orleans become an ocean again. There, I said it out loud, what a lot of people are thinking. It was a dumb idea, to build below sea level and think a little man made wall could hold back the sea; riiiiiiight. Now that was some good thinking. Yes, it's cool, but just how much money goes towards something that has to be rescued every year for flooding, because it's lower than sea level? The Mississippi coast was devastated by the storm. The winds actually tore the entire coast up. There were no leaves on trees that were left standing. There were no birds, nothing, just an eerie silence. Entire neighborhoods gone, just the slabs remaining. It has been a very long, slow painful process to rebuild, and now here comes another one, Gustav.

I hope tomorrow the storm weakens, I hope we have a roof tomorrow night, I hope there are no tornado's. I hope the people in the path of the storm find safety and shelter today. It is good to have hope.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Someone Beautiful

This excerpt is from a book I have been reading.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

He was, at the very least, the most remarkable person to walk this earth. he came with words to incredible to believe, and wonders to incredible not to.

His footsteps shook the world, leaving a crevasse across the centuries, separating the ones that stretched ahead of him from those who lay behind him. The prints left by those steps were not made by the hobnailed boots of a soldier or by the tailored footwear of a senator. They were made by sandals, sandals as unaccustomed to floors of marble as they were to fields of battle.

Who was the man who wore them? This man who wielded no sword, commanded no army. This man whose steps were so foreign to the corridors of power. (But whose very words are it's essence)

About him we know so very little. We know next to nothing about his childhood. And comparatively little about his adulthood. For John tells us that if everything had been written down that he did, the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written. Yet he himself wrote nothing. His sermons were short. His prayers, mostly private. His ministry, a scant three and a half years.

Who was this man who changed the world, walking wherever he went in such ordinary sandals?

His name was Jesus.
Some knew him as Savior.

by Ken Gire "Moments With The Savior"

What happens in us that we see him? What situations in our lives bring us to the point that we begin to question outside of our own experiences. Why are we here? Is this all just for us to try and leave some mark on this decaying world?

My Aunt just wrote me a letter. She had gone to Alameda for a little break and gone by my grandparents old place. My Grandfather was an incredible gardener. He loved it. He spent most of his days tending, planning, creating beauty, and it was an incredible sight to behold, his gardens. There is nothing left. The weeds are so high one can barely see the house. The once nice neighborhood has deteriorated into disgrace. Bars adorn the windows. This once lovely area would now cause one's mind to exercise caution, unsafe.

At first the words just saddened me. My Grandfather built two beautiful gardens that by all standards of what is lovely should have been preserved, for their unique design and pleasing beauty. They were not. As I thought this I realized that so goes the way of all things temporal. All things that are here. It is not that we should not enjoy, we are to eat, drink, and enjoy the works of our hands! But that cannot be all there is. Life itself would be so futile, so empty. If it is true that there is no God, that we are our own gods, that we make our lives and this is all their is; then we who believe are to be most pitied.

However, it is not true. This man Jesus, a Jew from Nazareth, walked this earth in sandaled feet. He lived. He died, and He alone raised Himself from the dead; to be the first among us to defeat sin and death.

He lives, it is true. He is coming again. Are you ready to meet Him?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I didn't KNOW I had the word verification on active on my blog! I thought I had already disabled it. WHAT A DORK!!! I think it's gone now, tell me, is it?

It's Not New Years

It's the end of summer and I find myself making all these resolutions. Like loseing weight. Then I went over to the Noble Pig and saw a recipe that made me gain 10 pounds, just by looking. Here I sit salivating all over my fingers again. She can taste wine descriptions, I can taste cookie descriptions. Lawdy mercy.

The job hunt is on. Is it just me, or does this totally wear a person out? I had an interview this week and they said their nurses work 5, count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 12 hour shifts in a row. I was really interested before they casually dropped that tidbit of info. One, sets my feet on fire, two wears me out, three I'm almost dead and gone. FIVE? Nearer My God to Thee, or TAPS, or whatever other funeral music you may like. Not feeling that. I have applied at almost every where but the VA. They have 12 ,hour rotating shifts, days to nights, another prescription for death by slow torture.

Has anyone ever asked why we have a nursing shortage? Did you know that if all of the RN's that have a license went to work we would not have a shortage, crisis or anything else? Did you know most of the staffing in the hospitals, ( at least here) consists of new grads? Does anybody care if their nurses are experienced or are still learning to understand what they are looking at?Does anyone still know how to add 2+2? If the working conditions are set up to burn you out, does it not make sense to re evaluate and make changes?

I feel a soap box under my feet. Quick! Step down. I don't want high blood pressure today. I actually don't ever have high blood pressure, everybody else does because I speak my mind!

So if it's not January, then why am I making all of these resolutions? To diet, to work, to develop a witty post and quit boring ya'll to stinkin death. Am I getting close?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Surprise From "I'm Being Held Hostage"

First I am invisible, or at least it seems that way. I could count my readers on one hand. I saw these awards handed out and figured maybe in the next thousand years, or maybe never, and holy mackerel...all of a sudden...
Which is nice, because I almost wiped out my reader-ship (is that a word?) with my flax seed post. Ya'll have weak stomachs, nurses talk about everything. No subject is taboo. We discuss colors, consistencies, exit points of various types, etc,.. Imagine my surprise when I pop in over at "In the Gutter," (see sidebar) and she gives ME an award for being NICE?!?!?!?????? Considering this came on the heels of my rather noxious post, and the fact that I can be brutally forthcoming with all manner of subjects; it is with deep humility and a large measure of skepticism that I accept.
The really nice person is the lady who gave it. I am not so sure I would describe myself as nice. Goofy, funny, straightforward, honest, hard working, generous, ummm did anyone say shy?
Over at "Musings From Graceland" is a photo of Tigger and I three years ago when we went to see E's new baby. She has the loveliest babies. I love babies. some of my best friendships have happened over new babies. Love to inhale them deeply, snuggle them closely, and smooch their little feet. Awhhh now that is nice.

Word Verifications

Couldn't everybody just delete this feature off their blogs? Think of the time we would all save, not to mention sanity. I don't know about you but I make words out of those stupid things. When they are really scrunched up I get them wrong and have to do it over or just ditch my comment.
They are optional, you know that right?

So yesterday I ran into this one --mybmhtfxk, got it?
How about this one --gabstxib?

Really I hate them. DELETE DELETE!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beet Salad

On my birthday we went out to a wonderful Italian restaurant to eat, remember? We ordered a salad that was so delicious I was determined to figure it out. For my honey's birthday I tried, and came pretty close.

I showed you the finished food on the birthdays. Nanner Pudding and salad. What a menu, right?

The salad is good, try it, here's what I did.

Start with a box of baby greens spring mix. The restaurant served a bed of arugula.

Marinate whole little beets in balsamic vinegar and honey. I did that the day before so they would really get pickled.

I added chopped up avocado to mine, and dried cherries. The dried cherries taste incredible in this mix of flavors.

Make goat cheese balls, just shape them in your hands like playdoh. Roll them in very finely chopped walnuts. Warm them slightly. Add the warmed cheese on the chilled salad just before serving.

The dressing.

This was a wild guess on my part. I saved the beet marinade, added salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, very good extra virgin olive oil, and Provence Italian Herbs. It was delicious if I don't say so myself. Go ahead and try my experiment, I double dog dare you. Warm up some bread and pull a cork on something nice and enjoy!

Meme you you

Heidi gave me a sticker (award). Heidi has a new baby boy dubed, Milk Dud. She is living the life of Riley out in the country. She's married to a milkman and they way she talks about him; well, it makes you get the milkman jokes. Kids that don't look like anybody in the family. Check my list. I am crazy fror her little boy named Lispy, he is my kind of kid. Too cute. She also tagged me. Ok so I will do this since I tagged her and then that's enough tagging for about 6 months, ok?
7 weird things about me.
1.Scary movies scare me so bad I can never watch any of them, even stupid ones.
2.I did not think developing into a "big girl" was a wonderful rite of passage. When I heard about Kotex I bawled my eyes out.
3. For a smart girl I can be really dumb.
4. I hate brussel sprouts, and love cabbage.
5. My first crush was Illiya Kuriachim (spell that) David McCallum in The Man From Uncle.
6. I believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and Peter Pan until I overheard my mom talking about that I still believed it "at my age"; or I might be still dropping letters to the North Pole.
7. Lucy says I'm weird because I'll post ugly pictures of myself on the world wide web.
I don't think I ever take a good picture so what difference does it make?
Ok, if you want to do this meme-youyou go ahead. I'm ready for a story or some cookin or something. How about something good to eat?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Kid

I'm bored.

Really? Right now?

Yesss I'mmm haaappy!

Cooking is FUN!

She's mine all mine, very strong genetics there.

Breakfast Cheesecake.
Easy, so easy and so delicious. Recipe is somewhere here in the old posts.

Late Night Ramblings- Rumblings

It was a strange day in the nether regions, or the belly, the deep in the belly. Go ahead just say it, BOWEEEELLLLLS. That's whale speak, by Dori the fish. I relate to Dori, we are like mindlessly connected, in a forgetful kind of way.
I do, really digress. My belly was hoppin like a jack rabbit today. Seriously jumpin. It felt like a full term, independent minded, infant announcing his arrival.
What the heck?
I was not running down the hall leaving a wake of deadly fumes, in fact nothing was happening. It's a new deadly organism brewing the newest take over, in nosocomial nightmare theatre. The attack of the mutant fermenting gas brewers. Belly blobs. My mind went a bit berserk with this, it all started in oncology.

Oncology is the cancer ward. Our patients come for blockages, pain crises, vomiting and dehydration, infection, and weird things tumors do. Colon cancer is an evil player. Colon cancer scares me. Remember I braved the colonoscopy. I've seen to many distended abdomens full of nothing but cancer and impending death. It is not an easy way to go. The more I thought about colon cancer the more I thought about poop. Healthy boweeeeelll movements, soft bulky stool of large size and frequency. Achieving these perfect poops takes talent. You never do know what you may read here do you?

One must consider the flora and fauna of the area. What organisms need to be present to manufacture this great stuff of good health? Yes, your old time Grandma and her castor oil knew what she was talking about. Well, before I go completely off my rocker and start talking about probiotics, how about fiber? Fiber and water. Do an experiment put some fiber, bran, or even oats into a bowl and soak them in water for several hours, what's it look like? Bulky.

I have added crushed flax seed to my diet. I think maybe it's fermenting or making babies or bombs, or something big. My belly was jumping. You could see it leap. Funny at first and then; what gives? Burp, fart, poop, do something. I am going to be the first woman to give birth to a fermented seed pod that developed into...your next most scary movie.

My mind is past gone. The mystery of the leaping belly has not yet been solved but 2 gas x are on the way to do some serious kung fu fighting. Good night. Do they make medication for these kinds of thoughts?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cookin It Up Birthday Big

This is the college girl and her stately mutt of fine repute. She has a new hair color. pretty isn't it?

Somebody at our house had a birthday. Two somebodies. Papa and Heather Lynn alias Miss Piglet share their birthdays. Nineteen years ago Papa got a phone call that he got a little granddaughter on his birthday. To celebrate I made their favorite deserts, Banana Pudding and Brownies, nothing fancy.

It's easy to make homemade pudding. It doesn't take long and the difference is incredible. No cans or boxes will do. Then let it cool for 10 minutes so the cookies don't disintegrate.

These pictures are all out of order, but ya'll are smart and can figure it out right?
Noble Pig I'm not. So what's all the fuss about meringue? You put the egg whites in your mixer bowl and beat them, honestly. If we had to make them with a fork well that would be a different story altogether. Papa's mother made ice cream with two forks and a tin can, now that is something incredible.

Not to further confuse the issue with this divine beet salad, I'll save it for another post where I might get the photos in a better arrangement. I will however explain the little plate of white stuff and the finely chopped walnuts. That is goat cheese. I made little balls of goat cheese and rolled them in the walnuts. They top the beet salad slightly warmed. Papa said it was enough to drive a man crazy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


7 things I plan to do before I die

1) Loose some stinkin fat.
2) Travel somewhere maybe Chesapeake Bay, and Willemette Valley.
3) Raise these granddaughters.
4) Make some money, you know to leave behind.
5) Learn to think before I speak (well, maybe not.)
6) Go on more mission trips

7) Publish my book of nursing stories, it's done any takers?

7 things I can do

1) Clean up poop
2) Train puppies
3) Garden
4) I can COOK
5) Start an IV in one or two sticks, no digging
6) Laugh and make others laugh in a tough situation
7) Laundry (me too, yep, I am queen of the washer)

7 things I cannot do

1) Wear a size 2.
2) Keep a dirty house.
3) Take no for an answer.
4) Paint a famous piece of art.
5) Win a lottery or much of anything big. I don't buy lottery tickets so duh. IF I could win a big prize it would be a Dream house giveaway by HGTV, like this years!
6) Be an athlete.
7) Understand why people don't realize how much God loves them. Decision smision, just yield. Stop,pause, yield, and then....

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex.

1) I like big butts and I cannot lie.
2) A good sense of humor.
3) chemistry, you know the fireworks,...
4) Passion for the things of God (good answer Flea, ditto)
6) Works of service
7) Generosity

7 things I say most often

1) stinkin cool
2) What?
3) When?
4) Could you spell that?
5) I'm gonna beat ya with a spoon.
7) I love you.

7 celebrity admirations no crushes.

1) Sam Elliot in anything.
2) Tom Selleck in anything. I ALMOST FORGOT!!! JOHNNY DEPP - Captain Jack Sparrow
or as the rogue gypsy lover in Chocolat, dear Jack,
3) Robert Duvall
4) Sean Connery
5) Harrison Ford
6) Tommy Lee Jones
7) Antonio Banderas (such a hunk, last but not least!)

7 people who need to do this.

1) Chesapeake Bay Woman
2) Noble Pig
3) Kathy at Dusty Trails
4) I'm Being Held Hostage
5) Debbie in CA, with help from the Little's
6) Lady's of the House
7) Ables Antics
and if she wants too and has a minute The Milkmans Wife.

and how about adding 7 favorite foods?

1) chocolate
3) chocolate,,,,you get the idea it's been a long day

Monday, August 18, 2008

In the Next Room- Mr Hilarious

Can you stand more patient stories? Is it just me? People are so funny. This is why even though I'm getting older and my body really feels it; I just gotta be a nurse. On bad days my standing joke is, "Welcome to Walmart, would you like a cart"? I'm practicing for the only other job I could get. It's just nice to have options.

I know ya'll are curious about my wonderful friend Lucy. The one who leaves all those great comments at your blog sites. She won't post because she is a "READER" not a "WRITER"! So she says;, excuse me, yells!

Lucy was married to a crazy guy named Hal. She used to sing him this little song;

Harold Harold my true love,
Come a swoopin like a dove.

I could entertain you for the rest of my life with Lucy & Hal stories. Hal had cancer. It was some kind of intact tumors that could be cut out, and he lasted forever almost a dozen years. He had mesh in his abdomen to hold his guts in, they had taken so much of it out. He would just walk out of the hospital when he'd had enough. He'd take his own stitches out. He was brilliant and totally crazy. They divorced but stayed friends and whenever he was sick he wanted Lucy. He was tall and thin with wispy fine hair. He lived hard and it showed on him. It didn't help to have cancer, or drink, or do drugs, but he did all that. Lucy married him when they were young and idealistic and he was going to be a marine biologist. Things change.

Last week I had this other patient down the hall from the preacher. He was looney tunes. When I went in to check him he was fully dressed. He had on his blue jeans and a ball cap. He was tall and skinny, really skinny, with wispy fine hair. He was getting ready to be discharged the next day. I asked him how was I supposed to check him today? He responded with, "Do you want to see this pimple on my butt that everybody is so excited about"? I looked away for a minute and when I had turned back he was standing there with his pants pulled down so I could see his butt. It was all I could do not to crack up. "Looks pretty good to me" I said. Well healed anyway. He would go outside and smoke like a chimney and show up when he thought it might be time for him to get some kind of medication. It worked pretty well. As we got to talking he told me he was going to drive himself home. I almost fainted.

This guy was taking 4 doses of vitamin x a day (Xanex), his brain was basically fried. I tried to talk him out of it. No deal, he had his car in the parking lot and he was driving. This is scary. Honestly I see people all the time that should NOT be behind the wheel of a car, ever.

Next day I had this patient again. After swearing all of my family to stay off of the road at such and such time, I discharged this patient. He couldn't figure out how the automatic locks worked to unlock the doors. Help. As he crawled across the seats to pull the locks up by hand I went around and unlocked the car doors for him. He was impressed with my mechanical apptitiude. We did hold his morning dose of vitamin x. It's the least I could do for an unsuspecting society. It was actually all I could do. It's a bad feeling, like putting a baby in a car without a carseat. It happens.

This fella had a load of stuff, he had brought his electic guitar named Lucy, he said BB King's guitar was named Lucille. He had about as much musical ability as driving ability, ouch, ears...FEEDBACK. Mr. Pimple drove away, with promises not to drive 80 miles an hour. Sigh,...then it hit me, he was just like Hal.
I'd go home and call Lcuy and we would share a laugh and reminisce.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Count Your Blessings

I am catching up today on bloggy friends and resting my weary feet. I worked two 12 hour shifts at a new facility. It's an LTAC, long term acute care where the people who are too chronically and seriously ill have to go for long term care. I had a great group of patients. God gives me real love for people. Somehow he gives me the ability to see into peoples hearts, and reach out for a touch. I had a precious little demented lady, she reminded me of a caring for a little baby. She had a fuzzy little head with little hairs sticking up. When hungry she'd suck her thumb, but she talked some and she was responding to me. It is important to speak to all people as if they are there, and normal. One can be nice and still be respectful that there is a human soul present in this body, whatever condition it may be in. We are losing that as a culture. In a sense the platitudes of Adolf Hitler survived him and infiltrated the masses. Those who are not perfect, thin and fit, with intelligence and a power in their presence; are to be shunned into a class of the less thans. Less than what? Less than who? Each one is like a flower in God's garden, created as He the great designer wished. So it was with loving hands and words that I cared for the little fuzzy headed one.

What upsets me is how many people are in health care for a pay check. So many can just turn their heel and walk out of the room leaving the helpless in conditions that require some physical effort on the part of the caregiver. Not only that but these "caregivers" are harshly judgemental of each other. What happened to mercy? Where are the merciful?

My poor little patient had such a bad yeast infection she was going to scratch herself to death. I finally got someone to look at it, and got orders for everything she needed, something for her mouth, her rash, and IV meds. I asked the aide to put the cream on her and do you think she would do it? To her it was a chore. How can one person look at another person's suffering and not want to ease it? God help us if we can turn our heads and walk away. Don't worry, I did it myself. I always do. Which leads me to the counting my blessings.

I had a precious man, "a minister of the gospel, the good news" who had an infected stump from diabetes. He has one leg with half of a foot and the other was amputated below the knee. it was a joy to go into his room, he was so full of kind words and joy. I told him that I thought he was taking more care of me, than I of him. My afternoon was pretty out of hand yesterday. I entered his room in a rush, about 6 tasks behind; he looked up and asked,"are you alright"? I answered, "I'm fine just very busy and my feet are on fire".
His reply, "I remember that, when I had feet".

When I had feet. OH GOD, I cried out. Oh dear sweet Jesus, I am sorry. I HAVE feet that can burn. I have feet, I have hands, I have a heart. How he pierced me.

My sweet friend said "I'm not trying to make you feel bad".

"Your not, it's just so true! We forget in the rush to be grateful that we can rush". I replied.

This same man had the day before been so touched because a friend of his walked 10 miles to see him and say a prayer. It meant so much to him that he just sat on his bed, "boo-hooing." When one human goes an extra mile for another it has so much impact!

I have been befriending a single mother. Out of the masses of poor God singled her and her little boy out, to enter my life. She is NEEDY. She needs all the love and time I can give her, and then she asks for more. Her car is broken, her bills need to be paid. There is no money, no family, no help.

It makes me think of all the photos we see every day, poor mothers barely able to feed their children. We turn on our heel and go to the store to supply ourselves with something wonderful. Where is the mercy? I do understand why we stay separate from it. When you actually know someone who has needs, you have to respond. We don't want to, we don't want to take the time. We are investing in other areas of life.
I am not trying to guilt trip anyone, I am thinking and asking, for myself too.

I'm going back to Colombia September 19th. The funds have yet to be provided, but God will make a way. Those beloved people stole my heart. I need a dose of reality to keep my spirit alive and focused. Praise God, for my feet that burn.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She's A Clean Freak

It all started in my twenties. A friend of mine named Crazy Mary really dazzled me. She was cool. Her house was decorated in antiques, Persian rugs, big huge Boston ferns and glossy green plants, and it was spotless at all times. I loved hanging out with her, she was hilarious. She was a clean smoker. She would smoke a cigarette and wash her ash tray. She never had a stinky ash tray full of butts. Her house didn't stink either, I don't know how she did that.

One day Crazy Mary was mad at Cool Charlie and she came over to my house. I almost fainted. Mary did not leave her domain you came to her house. We were sitting on the couch and talking and she piped up with, "Let's clean your house". I was a bit surprised because I thought my house looked pretty good. But not an idiot I would take some housework help in a New York minute. "Really, you want to clean my house"?
She did, so we did.

Mary showed me clean at a whole new level. Where you move things and wipe and wash, leaving no inanimate object untouched. We kicked my little places rear end. I couldn't believe the difference it felt simply mavalous. That was the day that I bit into the neurosis of a clean house hook line and sinker. I liked it. Sitting in a clean room makes me feel relaxed. Why is that? Any shrinks out there that understand this compulsion? Over the years my neurosis has developed a mind of it's own. When my house is not perfectly spotless, my nerves are jingled, and I get cranky. The two teen people do not join in with my clean freakiness. They like to be piggies, the little one is a wallowing in the mud rolling in dust and dog hair kind of piglet, hence her name.

This week it was war. I have been cleaning. DEEP cleaning, every nook and crannie, every book and every inch of this house, at least the downstairs has been washed, wiped waxed, and otherwise debulked of cat hair, dog hair and kids munchies. WHAT A MESS! The grand finale was having the rugs shampooed, and I took my couches apart and washed all the covers, had the rug man wash the frames. EVERYTHING. I entered the scary Piglets room and she was forced to clean her ceiling fan, look out below!
We cleaned her doors and blinds, washing away 2 years of dirt. She needs a paint job. It made her a nervous wreck because she has piles all over the clean rug already. My kids have the opposite affliction, they are content with messes. Let there be clutter for comfort. I hope one day while I am still alive they meet a crazy Mary and get my neurosis. I will just laugh.

While it's still clean, which may be just a day or two I am on the hunt for a big area rug. One rug the size of the room. Trying to think of what will work with these cats. We have long black dog hair, and copious quantities of white fluff from the Puffins. So what do I choose a black and white Flokati? Persian? Shag? Natural fibers? Well that is the question what would you suggest?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Southern Divas Rocks

Meet Waylon Garrett, he's the guy who makes me look twenty years younger, ok not, ten. Check out the ear rings, yep you guessed it, definitely not conservative. He's sweet and as far as I'm concerned he's a genius with hair. He needs lots of people who know Jesus sittin in that chair.

While my hair was cookin, he gave this little junior higher a cute do to start school. She was discussing blue streaks with her mom. She looked so cute like this, he gave a high price for two streaks, bravo. He also told them about a kid who had to shave his head, because the school won't let kids come with bright colored hair. Amazing, didn't know schools could still say anything at all, but this is the South. She left blond.

The hairdressor that was taking the pictures for me lost her birth control pills in the shop. She set them down and couldn't remember. Must have needed them because she was freakin out. I was ho ho-ing the Santa belly jiggle. Then Waylon pops up with, "If you have any extra ones put them in your house plants they love it." How would you have extra pills? He's trying to style my hair and it's a moving target. Talk about moving check out the blur his hands are making, pretty cool. Don't look at my chins. I love getting my hair done and then LIKING it!

All these Californians have been making me drool, so here's a little southern charm for you northerners, and anybody else who happens by.

Found a Treasure!

Lucy found a wonderful new blog for us to enjoy. This lady is exactly my cuppa tea. Wait till you see where she lives and her cute home and yard. I'm getting more and more homesick for California. This one I'm going to read all the old posts.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Do You Know?

More than ever scientists are embracing the intelligent design theory over the Big Bang. It makes sense. How does order come from chaos? How does something come from nothing? Here is another bit of evidence, that the creation itself declares the glory of God. It's not about religion, it's about relationship. What a mystery, this great big huge God, creator of the universe; wants to know you, by name, just you; you are loved.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too Pooped to Pop

note the flour dust in the plant an imagine it thickly applied to everything you have.

Whew, we're finished. The dining room now matches the kitchen and I think it looks wonderful. Yesterday my friend, came over and helped me clean. Daddy BB used a sander on the walls and the whole house was coated with a layer of "flour." I am very grateful that he did such a great job painting but I did say a four letter word to him about that; TARP. It took us about 8 hours to just dust and clean the front room and we still have the blinds to do. When you wipe off everything you have it's kind of like moving and I am exhausted. Here are some pictures of the finished room.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day is Done Gone the Sun

And I'm to pooped to pop. The plan is to doa big spring cleaning on the living room and new fabolos dining room! Pitchas tommorrio,..ta ta