Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Do You Know?

More than ever scientists are embracing the intelligent design theory over the Big Bang. It makes sense. How does order come from chaos? How does something come from nothing? Here is another bit of evidence, that the creation itself declares the glory of God. It's not about religion, it's about relationship. What a mystery, this great big huge God, creator of the universe; wants to know you, by name, just you; you are loved.


Kat said...

For me I don't care if you think of the beginning as the Big Bang, Darwin or what, because it all has to START from somewhere. And for me that somewhere is God. :)

Kat said...

Shoot. I can't find your email.

Okay. Feedreaders are awesome! It took me forever to be convinced to use one but I'm so glad that I did. Instead of bookmarking all of the blog sites I visit and then going through EACH ONE everyday to see if they had a new post, I just entered all the blogs I read into a feedreader and then I am notified when a new post has been written. It saves so much time. You can either be emailed when a new post is written or you can just log on to your feedreader to find out how many new posts there are.
I use the feedreader through Google. It is under Reader and it gives you step by step instructions.

You don't have to have a feedreader for the Blog the Recession thing, that is just basically asking you to visit the blogs you like everyday for the month of August (or every time your favs post).

Whew. I'm out of breath. Or, fingers. ???
I hope that helped. :)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Being loved ... there's no substitute. : )

p.s. Thanks for the kindness you spread thickly in your last comment -- it boosted me so much. BUT ... now I REALLY MISS YOU! (*sniff, sniff*)

Off to the county fair with Miss Rachel. FUN!

Flea said...

I love that clip. :)

Andrew Clarke said...

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Karen Deborah said...

Welcome Andrew! and thanks Kathryn for the info, I will check into that.