Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Not New Years

It's the end of summer and I find myself making all these resolutions. Like loseing weight. Then I went over to the Noble Pig and saw a recipe that made me gain 10 pounds, just by looking. Here I sit salivating all over my fingers again. She can taste wine descriptions, I can taste cookie descriptions. Lawdy mercy.

The job hunt is on. Is it just me, or does this totally wear a person out? I had an interview this week and they said their nurses work 5, count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 12 hour shifts in a row. I was really interested before they casually dropped that tidbit of info. One, sets my feet on fire, two wears me out, three I'm almost dead and gone. FIVE? Nearer My God to Thee, or TAPS, or whatever other funeral music you may like. Not feeling that. I have applied at almost every where but the VA. They have 12 ,hour rotating shifts, days to nights, another prescription for death by slow torture.

Has anyone ever asked why we have a nursing shortage? Did you know that if all of the RN's that have a license went to work we would not have a shortage, crisis or anything else? Did you know most of the staffing in the hospitals, ( at least here) consists of new grads? Does anybody care if their nurses are experienced or are still learning to understand what they are looking at?Does anyone still know how to add 2+2? If the working conditions are set up to burn you out, does it not make sense to re evaluate and make changes?

I feel a soap box under my feet. Quick! Step down. I don't want high blood pressure today. I actually don't ever have high blood pressure, everybody else does because I speak my mind!

So if it's not January, then why am I making all of these resolutions? To diet, to work, to develop a witty post and quit boring ya'll to stinkin death. Am I getting close?


Flea said...

Our hospital has just gotten away from 12 hour shifts. Five in a row sounds insane. I know the nurses I work with at the psychiatric hospital all love their jobs. Of course, most of the nurses there are also crazy. :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hence my joblessness! ITS insane!
HUGS laura
ps did you really write this??
Word Verifications
Couldn't everybody just delete this feature off their blogs? Think of the time we would all save, not to mention sanity. I don't know about you but I make words out of those stupid things. When they are really scrunched up I get them wrong and have to do it over or just ditch my comment.
They are optional, you know that right?

So yesterday I ran into this one --mybmhtfxk, got it?
How about this one --gabstxib?

Really I hate them. DELETE DELETE!!

this is what i am getting on YOUR comments rkixcgyh DELETE IT PLEASE!!!!!!!

Karen Deborah said...

I have word verification on my comments? no way!

Karen Deborah said...

oh my gawd!!!

Kathy said...

You all are cracking me up! I had NO idea it was an option! I am going back to my dusty trais and getting rid of mine. Funny! And Karen, you are doing just fine, just fine......

Unknown said...

Holy Canoli! 5 12 hour shifts? WHAT IN THE WORLD! I wouldn't even want a nurse to help me on her fifth day of 12 hour shifts. That is just crazy! God will bring the perfect job into your lap when you least expect it! I will be praying!