Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Word Verifications

Couldn't everybody just delete this feature off their blogs? Think of the time we would all save, not to mention sanity. I don't know about you but I make words out of those stupid things. When they are really scrunched up I get them wrong and have to do it over or just ditch my comment.
They are optional, you know that right?

So yesterday I ran into this one --mybmhtfxk, got it?
How about this one --gabstxib?

Really I hate them. DELETE DELETE!!


Flea said...

LOL!!! I hate those things too. Yet here it is in your comment section. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...


AND they're cruel to dyslexic folks-- that's why I removed mine a while back.

but... um, you have it on here... today's is ebdfvuky which read quickly could be offensive.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Ummmm ... don't look now but you are sporting an obnoxious word-verifying-maniac on this very site. I took mine off after reading a plea from Seeking Sanity (made lots of sense to me). I wonder if these verifiers can induce dyslexia or just insanity as I have a penchant for finding words in everything I see -- I am worn out trying to figure out whether that's a j or a t or an i or wahtevre!! Gte Ird fo IT!!! Fly free!

p.s. Just saw my special word: "epyrhtmt" -- now that's just obnoxious. What can it mean? Probably translates: GET RID OF IT!! ; )

Karen Deborah said...

Now I am the epitomy of an idiot! I didn't know really!!!!