Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I howled with laughter, reading these questions. Rock on girlfriends!

My favorite family vacation was a husband vacation. I had just passed my nursing boards. Daddy BB picked me up and told me to pack my bags to leave for a few days. He wouldn't tell me where we were going. We got in our car and I noticed a cooler in the back. My curiosity was going nuts. A picnic? My hubby does not do surprises. He does not throw parties. This was very out of his usual comfort zone and I was getting excited. What's up with this?
We headed South towards Monterey, a good sign. Finally the suspense killing me he told me we had a room in Carmel with a kitchen and we were going away for 3 days to be alone. He had packed my favorite red wines and delicious cheeses, my favorite Steve's' Smooth French Roast coffee, fruit and crackers; we were packed up with all the goodies you could want to nibble on.

When we arrived the fog was socked in, which I love. Our room had a fireplace and a huge scenic window that viewed the ocean and the wildlife. The deer were abundant, they just stared at us. It was chilly and foggy and we kept the fire roaring. We sipped wine and ate . We talked. If we could have made a baby we would've had triplets, it was divine. I was completely blissed out, romanticized and endeared. At this point I would've done anything for my hubby, he made me feel so special and so loved. It was definitely one of those times you keep and ponder in your heart. The ocean was spectacular, we walked on the beach, enjoyed the sand, the cold, the fires, the ah ha, the wine,.... it was heavenly. No trip has ever been better.

My at home get ups are all bad, I need a makeover. I am ready for the Stacy and Clinton team on "What Not to Wear."
There are basically no good outfits. Everything is a scene, so my family and my husband are now officially unshockable. 90% of my clothes don't fit so they could make fun of me and trash them and it would all be worth it. KJ you were killing me with the glasses and the cotton balls. I was trying to think of something and couldn't. Daddy BB just walked by so I asked him. "Whats' my worst get up around here? You know the worst outfit you hate laying eyes on," He answered you don't wear anything that's the worst thing I ever laid eyes on." So I made it easier ,"What's the worst thing I run around here in?" "Nekkid" he replied. I'd be crushed except for I thought of the same thing. It's a whole lot of nekkid. No harm done, really.

My spiritual fantasy is the same, it has always been to be a speaker, a published writer and host women's retreats. No whales, no big fish. Fame is the true confession, but not necessarily for personal gain. I just find myself giving imaginary speeches. , I'm not scared and I enjoy it. It's a long term dream had it for years. I love to speak in front of groups.

When I'm down nothing gets me through. I do not get more spiritual. The truth is I wallow in the flesh. I take whatever drugs I've got in my "stash" prescription of course; like that's any big improvement. I pray that God will just get me through. I pray simple short, not profound prayers. I cry for help. Chocolate helps, sort of, not really. When I'm down, I'm a scum sucking bottom dweller in the depths of despair. My last big depression was losing my dog. The kids said we buried my soul with him. I quit cooking, I quit eating, I quit talking. I just went into my sorrow and stayed there.

One of my visitors said Lu was "special" like the short yellow bus kind of special. My next friend said she was "unique." This is not looking too good. There is no scripture to get me through paying a 4 figure price for a special, unique dog, that doesn't even look like the photos that represented her. That is depressing. I can love ugly things, ugly people etc,,..It'll be alright. I suppose if their was anything "scriptural" that comforts me its, "It came to pass." I tell myself that, "it didn't come to stay it came to pass."
When hard pressed I always feel that I fail miserably and have wimpy bah sheep faith. I always say that it's the Lord not me, because I have absolutely nothing to bring, no shining pearls. I am no superstar of faith. I simply hang on.

If I had to have a last meal I would want to go see the Pig and have her fix me what drinks she would want, and what food she want. I'd just say surprise me and would be delighted. I am big on the visual aspects of food. I like pretty food, colorful food. It wouldn't really matter much because I'd know that in heaven I could eat and not get fat; it'll be perfect right? So my last meal here will just be the last time my body has to deal with calories and what to do with the excess that my mouth wants and my bo hiney doesn't.

So far, so good, this is fun. Anybody else want to ask something? I've been so tired since this kitchen escapade I haven't been feeling too inspirational. Thanks for the good topics!


Anonymous said...

ooohhh How fun!!! Triplets huh?!?!? LOL!!! I loved that!

I liked your all of your answers... and yeah, sometimes we just hang on and wait it all out.

So, what kind of drugs you got in that cabinet of yours?!?!? LOL!

Kathy said...

I laughed so much reading this post. You are a very neat lady!

Are you and coffee bean old friends? (well not 'old' as in elderly) I seem to remember you once were neighbors? You both would be welcome as my neighbors any day!

Karen Deborah said...

yep, coffee bean and I attended the same church when she lived out here in Ole MS. I adored her kids especially the middle girl she was my favorite. I have never met a more openor winsome young girl, and she was just plain ADORABLE. She wore her hair long, straight , and blond. She had a dusting of cute freckles, blue eyes, cute little granny glasses, and always a big hug. Coffee Bean has a great family, she is not kidding about her son, he's always been fearless.

Karen Deborah said...

ps prescription drugs, HA

Anonymous said...
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