Thursday, June 12, 2008


What am I doing up? It is 4:45 in the morning. I'm ready to go. I don't however need to be up this early. I think it was a hot flash that got me going. I woke up thinking that the air conditioner was off. Usually if my head gets started even that much, forget it, sleep is over. Wake up, go to the bathroom, do not think, stumble back to bed, snore some more, that's the ticket. I know better, just didn't follow the rules, hot flashes will mess you up!
I have a one way ticket. One way tickets get airline people's panties in a wad. I am wondering just how many times a person can be searched because that will probably be my day. Now this is crazy, to get to Florida, I am flying the other way to Texas. In Texas I get to sit and wait for 4 hours for the next sky bus to take me to Jacksonville. GIMME a BREAK. Who is the master mind behind this genius? Does that make sense to you? Flying is getting to be such a pain that it's a wonder they aren't already all broke. MY favorite airline is Southwest, they have a sense of humour, they also do not cancel flights because they are under booked and leave you stranded. Good reasons to like them. They however do not fly to Jacksonville from here. So it was whoever is cheapest, just not Delta.
Did you know there is now a charge to check your luggage? I packed one small suitcase to put in the overhead. I have another bag with the things I'll want at the beach for Daddy BB to pack in the car. I am not even going to mess with shampoo or anything else they would start examining, and wrinkling up panties. The good news is that on the way home when I have dirty laundry nobody will be going through it with plastic gloves. I guess why this is all so irritating is it doesn't seem to be effective for the terrorists. They have to do SOMETHING but every time they freak about something new like baby bottles, you know the terrorists have found another way. I wonder if people who think we aren't having any issues with the "War on Terror" which should be called Jihad, ever fly?
It is perfectly apparent now that I can just forget about going back to sleep. This is NOT the kind of thinking that encourages rest. Maybe I should go read those letter confirmations for commenting you know OKLPAF, ZOULKEPF, RIPERLETFK, all those goofy combos that I have the compulsion to read as a word,....Now you get it. Driving me crazy is a very short walk.
I'm going to go read about making pastry and see if I can go back to sleep for an hour.


MaBunny said...

Thats me K.D. once I'm up I'm usually up...Where abouts into Texas are you flying? I'm in Dallas, so if you coming here for a 4 hr layover, e-mail me before hand and tell me where you will be!!Would love to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Deep breaths...and enjoy the trip.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

So are you leaving us now? Are you saying goodbye? If you are have fun and be safe!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

shes running away from us... have fun hurry back!
HUGS laura

imbeingheldhostage said...

Be prepared-- those terrorists have even defiled-- LIP slick. The airport people TOOK my lip shiny! What is the world coming to?
Happy flying.

Lucy said...

Karen D. in Florida. I didn't get searched but did get patted down, a one way ticket will do it everytime. I'm setting up a blog for Lucy; my bff. Trying out the post.

Susiewearsthepants said...

I have never set foot on a plane in my life, it doesn't seem like I am missing out on much.