Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All in a Day's Work!

We took the midgets this morning for their mission trip this week. They will be gone for 8 days. Tigger is beside herself because her beloved cat Kiwi is missing. I checked the pound, no cat. I haven't seen any black and white road kill either. Somebody may be feeding her chicken, and she is just visiting with them. I hope she turns up. She is our cranky cat and resident killer, as she hunts every day. She is also Tigger's cat.
When we came home just a bit after 7am in the morning, it occurred to me that the air was a decent temperature, not too hot. I got the bright idea to work in my garden.
Work I did. Sweat was running down every nook and cranny as I weeded, deadheaded, cut back, and bushwhacked for 3 and 1/2 hours. Nothing like trying to do everything in one day. My hands are aching from using the clipper so much!
As if that wasn't enough, I tried to get Callie in the car to take her to the vet, nothing doing, she jumped out of course. Have you ever tried to catch a cat? Usually Tigger holds whoever is going for a visit. Callie is my calico cat and she is only 15 months old, and she is losing weight. I tried worming her with Droncit. She climbed up on me a couple of weeks ago and peed. Now that is weird! Maybe she has a bladder infection, I dunno. I've given her time to recover on her own and she isn't so,.....we need to go to the vet. Of course this is going over really well with Daddy BB who is already pushed to the limit with animals these days. It does not help that he grew up on a farm. You know how farmers are. Just shoot it. Naw, he isn't that bad. The good thing is her gums and toes are pink so I don't think she has feline leuk, we got the vaccines for that. But smart kitty did not make it to the doc today because she didn't want too! That's a cat for you.

Lu is just hanging out moping. She is content to be in the kitchen and have me wipe her butt 20 times a day. I think they should make Midol for dogs. If I actually survive this and we do ever have a litter of puppies I'll probably be traumatized for life. What am I thinking anyway? When Kiwi had her kittens we kept two because we couldn't part with the little varmint's. I would've kept them all. Puppies? Is there really anyone out there, I would deem worthy of one of our possible in the future puppies? Not that there are no good homes, I just have control issues. Coffee Bean are you listening to this?

Kathy would you please come to Mississippi and be my vet? Considering it's hotter where you are! California is on fire big time. Lot's of areas where we have friends are burning. One friend who lives in Aptos which is right on the coastline and usually foggy and cool had 110 degree heat! The south is looking better every day.

My suitcase is empty, it needs to be packed. I'm exhausted from our VACATION. I can't think of anything to cook. The laundry however is done all 12 stinkin loads of it. The kitchen floor has been mopped a gazillion times. I'm just sitting here thinking of anything else that might need to be done today. How about you what did you do today?


Anonymous said...

I drove home from a trip I'm exhausted!

Karen Deborah said...

so you aren't cookin either?

Kathy said...

I'll go there and be your vet and you come here and be my gardener!

I just had the record day for grumpy clients. I am going to blame the heat, the smoke and the fires.

Just call me grumpy too.

Karen Deborah said...

hey grumpy, that sounds like a good deak to me! start off with flea dippin my feet for chiggers!
whatch want to plant? what's happenin with the fires?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Karen,
Here I am at 1:44am because we finally got our DSL back on line. Gary's sound asleep, but I just had to post a bit and peek at the comments and thank you for being so sweet. I'm learning so much about all this bloggo-mania -- and it's a BLAST! The pics and the recipes will be coming as I can manage it. The other night we had "stuff and nonsense" for dinner (other people call it leftovers, but I hate leftovers), I gazed down at my plate and said, "Wow that's beautiful with the asparagus and rutabega and watermelon. Quick, get the camera!" Gary just groaned and said, "Life as we know it is over." : ) Can I sign up for bloggers anonymous already? I know I'm gonna need it. Love you! : )

linda said...

Wow. I thought I was a martyr because I mopped yesterday and today after muddy dogs and house training! You definitely have me beat!