Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is This A Sign?

Part of my orientation requirements for the hospital where I work is to spend 4 hours rounding with the wound care nurse. I finally got it done today.

As we went around the hospital we were talking. You have to say something when your with another person for that amount of time.

She was funny. At about our third patient she started asking me how I got into critical care. By our fourth patient a cancer patient she was almost having a conniption.

It went something like this.

Her- Why aren't you on 5 South (the cancer unit)? You are a cancer nurse. Don't you know your trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? You aren't the type to be an ICU nurse. You like to talk to people.

Me--Did I tell you I worked in oncology?

Her- No, you mentioned you learned skin care in hospice. If you worked in hospice you had to work in cancer.

Me- Everyone says it hasn't been long enough to really judge. To be fair I should stay for at least 6 months.

Her- Yeah, right you are a slow learner, you need more time.

Me- Yep, my favorite color is clear.

Her- I know the manger in oncology I am going to tell her about you. You aren't going to be happy here until you get over there.

Me- Should I pay her? All this clarity in 3 hours?

Is this a sign?


Kathy said...

It is a sign.

I've noticed that all of you great nurses are also great people-people. Know what I mean?

Your comment on my sacred ground comment, was hilarious.

Shall I be praying for you to head over to oncology?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

some signs take a bit longer than others to be noticed and paid attention to. some nurses are absolutely ment for one type of care over another, take your sign and head on to where you belong :) and send her to me to make my signs clear please :)

Heidi said...

Well, do you trust her nursing ability's with the little bit that you worked with her? Does she seem compitent? OR is she one of those who rattles her mouth a little to much, but doesnt mean to be 'mean'? Is there a chance for you to round in that dept for a couple of days and see if its a fit for you? Sure will be praying for you about this.

LOVE YOU!! I need your addy!!

Trudy said...


joanne said...

sign? Yes...are you ready to hear it??

Big Hair Envy said...

WOW! Lots happening at Casa de Fresh Fixins!

Follow your heart...and put all of it in God's hands. You won't go wrong there:)

Linda said...

The truth're not mean enough to be an ICU nurse!!!

Anonymous said...

No matter what you decide...the ICU experience will be valuable. What you learn in ICU will be with you always no matter where you choose to use your nursing skills. That's the great part about being a Nurse. You learn something everyday!