Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shake it Up

Just in case you might be getting bored around here, it's time for something different!
It was slow at work today, whew, wow, wonderful, what a deal. Somehow we started reminiscing about old rock songs. I sang "Fat Flabby Annie," for them from you know... The Kinks. They about fell out of their chairs laughing. Of course there were no families or innocent bystanders close by because we must remain professional at all times.

After visiting hours were over we went right back to it. Carly Simon, Your So Vain, and Micks rebuttal, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." Hee haw and howdy, you can sure get into a funky groove with You Tube at work!

This about sums it up.


Big Hair Envy said...

I don't believe I've EVER had that much fun at work!!! Rock on, Chica!!!

Kathy said...

sounds fun! I enjoyed your previous pictures. Your Graduate looks lovely and she just glows! You must be so proud of both of those young women!