Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mark is Here

I received an email with this title. I tried to upload it to show it to you. A micro chip has been developed to be place either in a persons forehead or their right hand. It will used to buy and sell and for identity. Right now it is voluntary and still in the preliminary stages.

The email that has been circulating about the couple in San Diego having to apply for a permit to have a Bible study in their home is true.

Service men are being told they cannot enter a religious establishment in uniform.

The government is working on mapping every persons property on GPS.

The signs are there do you see them?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

tons of signs things are so in line with the bible ... i am so ready...come lord Jesus :)

Unknown said...

I live in a military town, and our services are chock full of men and women in uniform.

Our dog already has his micro chip!!

Trudy said...

Yes-it's just another sign--it makes me sad in a way, because we as Christians haven't done enough to make sure the Lord's work has been done, as far as going forth and teaching all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father , the Son and the Holy Ghost... (for their free salvation.) But, it's always been my teaching that the Rapture would come before these things would happen (like having to take the Mark in our foreheads or our hands, or to refuse it and be tortured to death...but his disciples, all except for John, died in horrible ways, so why should we be any different?)...but like Paul, we'll have to endure til the end. We may have to suffer many things--millions of Christians have been martyrs over the centuries. Even though I'm saved, this "mark" still gives me butterflies--does it you, too?? I hate for my children and grandchildren to have to grow up in this age....

Trudy said...

HI--you need to check this page out that I found --

At the bottom of the page is the warning to Christians about it--the hole page is about the chips that have been developed.

Chris H said...

Oh Yeah, that's pretty scary!

Tracy said...

I'm so tired of the attack on honest American values and any Christian based religion. Like Trudy (above), I really worry for our children and their children.