Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Christopher Robin and Pooh Corner

All of my life I seem to be the last to know. Like can you make a favorites list of blog sites? And how do you put music on your blog and all the cute gizmos and gadgets that people have? Ya'll are too cool. I'd like to get this groovy granny up to speed.
Usually I am too busy for this but my back is hurt. So I'm not rushing around doing all that significant, insignificant stuff of daily life. It is amazing how all this stuff that is so urgent one day is stuff I can't remember the next. We had a "counselling" session today with my grand daughters. I told them I'm going to start writing all the crazy antics of this family down and they started screaming. Have I stumbled upon the secret weapon? Nahhh I don't need a weapon but it was pretty funny how fast they hit the panic button. We really do have a pretty funny family.
I would be the Eeyore in the crowd, "nobody loves me". Nobody cares that the dust is so thick on the coffee table you can write in it. I wrote "dust me", and waited, nothing happened. The next day I pulled out the windex and cleaned the table. Dirt is invisible to my family. I am the only one who can even see it. It's an Eeyore thing. I lost my clean house and can't find it, don't know where it went, can't get it back. The kids are Tigger and Piglet. My little bitty Piglet makes the biggest messes, she's not happy when her pigsty gets tidied up. She loves piles. Piles of clothes, shoes, stuff, just put it in a heap. Tigger loves hugs, she can knock you right over with affection, bouncing along. and then there is good old Christopher Robin with a common sense level approach to life. That would be who Eeyore was lucky to marry. Eeyore basically has a negative view of most things, looking down, seeing the dirt and muck. But Eeyore secretly wants to look up and ignore all those little irritations and float away on a balloon into the sunnier part of the story. How fun would it be to fly?
After all when I'm dead and buried what will they say about me? She sure had a dirty toilet, and the furniture in her house was a cat hair collection. I hope not. I hope I leave behind something of lasting value, some act of kindness, or some demonstration of positive action that my girls would admire and maybe even emulate. You know the caught stuff, not the taught stuff. When we set an example and they notice it. Maybe one day I'll learn to spell. Maybe I'll learn how to create a dazzling blog. Maybe I'll get my priorities in order of importance to such an extent that what others think won't matter so much, and the way this house looks won't be a personal reflection of me. Maybe what really matters in the eternal perspective of things will take hold of my personality,.... and I'll find my tail, and it'll be my birthday and everyone will remember. Well, maybe not, but it won't matter anymore, because I will be looking up.


Debra said...

I do hope that your back is feeling better, too! Thanks for your kind words on KellyJean's blog!


Anonymous said...

Awwww... Karen, I love this post! Very sweet! You'll have a clean house again someday. You are only going to have these girls for a season and you are making a difference.

Angela said...

I can't get over how similar we are. Well I shouldn't say that because God KNOWS exactly what He is doing when He brings His daughters on the same path. I wrote a post about how I have drooled, envied, and pretty much addicted to looking at other's blogs and wanting so much to have one. I now do,,I finally learned to put music on it (oh the stress it caused me for 5 hours...oh Lord, forgive me) I want to share pics now but don't even ask me how to do that,,My son said I'm supposed to stick a cord somewhere on the computer,,ya,,ok. You talk about spelling, I can't even write properly terminology. Your house, well we must live in the same house and just can't find one another because of the chaos. lol
I'm learning to shut my childrens doors and go in there every few days to pick up the HEAPS of clothes, BESIDE the laundry basket to wash.No cats here anymore but I do collect anything that has to do with cats (my bathroom is called The Cat room,lol). It helps to have everyone keep their eyes on all the decorations so they don't see the dirt,,LOL.
Well I'm almost done February's entries...than off to the next...

Tricia said...

This is a beautiful post! And if you still need to know how to get music for your blog, hop on over to mine and scroll to the bottom, then click where it says "create your free playlist." Then you are on your way! And I wanted to remind you, I am praying for you and yours. God bless.