Monday, November 2, 2009

What Would You DO?--Book Review

Have you ever thought about feet? Aside from how cute they CAN be? At least at the stage of the game they happen to be smoochy and adorable and make us *sigh* just so precious.

They are also an important part of being independent. They take you where you want to go and sometimes where you don't. We need them.

A popular movie made this saying famous, "Houston we have a problem," everybody knows what that means.

Something is wrong and it is probably going to get expensive to figure it out. Peoples bones do not just fracture while walking around, no falls , no twists, no trauma. Except for mine, that is exactly what my bones are doing. It has been confined to the ankles until now, this time the tibia fractured on my leg.

Houston, we have a freak out.

My prescription; is to go to the library, check out a pile of books and begin. I am supposed to keep my feet up and rest. Sounds good doesn't it? The body however, does not like that much rest, and you would be amazed at the aches that start up from lack of movement. Some rest is not restful. However the books are a welcome diversion! I even tossed in a few classic tomes.

Let me show you the pile and then tell you about some of them.

I recently finished 'A Circle of Quiet', by Madeline l"Engle you may know her from "A Wrinkle in Time' she has written 63 books! She was also married to Hugh Franklin the actor who is best known for playing Dr.Tyler on All My Children, a soap opera of long standing. I have never been a soap opera fan. When you work in hospitals they are on and staff usually can find a minute to go watch and keep up with their stories. having been exposed, I remember Dr.Tyler, he was about the only character who had real substance. The Crosswick Journals are autobiographical and a pleasure to read. She discusses learning, ideas, language, music, art and a great deal of discussion about the 70's with conclusions that are timeless in their application; appropriate for today.

This next story is beautiful, and these two people of high integrity shared 40 years of fidelity and true love. 'A Two Part Invention' is the story of their meeting, courtship, marriage and his death from cancer. It is an amazing, well done book. Madeline has the ability to draw you into her inner heart and life sharing the most profound feelings; and then giving you just enough distance so you are not completely overwhelmed. I confess to crying the most as she describes the nurses ability to handle their suffering and the situations they find themselves faced with. Her portrayal of the experience of life threatening illness, is perfectly done. If you are facing a situation like this read the book. If you want to expand your heart, read the book. If you just want to read a good book; read the book.

A book I did not care for much is 'Julie and Julia' what the movie is based on. I missed the movie. The book is filled with the f*** word and s** word on every page. So much that it does nothing to the story except cheapen it. Her kitchen is filthy. She writes of a scene where she is seeing spots before her eyes, which wait; are not spots they are flies. The flies are coming from the sink, under her drainboard are maggots...yeah well my stomach flipped too.
This book is really trash. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the movie. If you saw the movie and liked it please tell me about it. Another surprise is the book has actually very little about Julia Child except for a half dozen letters from her husband and the imaginary part she plays in Julies head. I think the real life Julie Powell has some kind of disorder maybe Asperger's. This woman does not think, she a blanket dislike for Republicans, for Christians, and is in general a modern day bigot. When we fall to a level that we can no longer meet each other and exchange ideas but stereotype and dismiss one another based upon what politics we endorse, we are indeed in trouble.

A fun novel, a bit predictable and on the tidy side as far as wrapping up a plot; but please enjoy Peter Mayal's ' A Vintage Caper.' I love Peter, the man loves food and wine. He can describe food and wine until you feel like you are eating with him. An unfortunate response is that sometimes the suggestions are so strong I have to eat, hungry or not! The novel is a whodunit set in France with lovely chateaus and incredible wines. It is fun, just plain fun, and the food....

I am working on this book pile. I haven't chosen today's read yet. in the mean time the house is getting dirty, my room looks like a cyclone hit it, and the pile of routine housekeeping is just piling up. However, I am determined to ignore it. This is not easy for me. I like work. I like to be busy. It is enough work just to get washed up and dressed. Casts are a royal pain in the *** did I say that?

There is one more thing I wanted to share with you. I watched an incredible film. I love most anything that has Nicholas Cage in it. The man really can sing opera, no joke. The film is 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' the setting is a small Greek Island complete with stunning vistas, houses and ocean scenes. The problem is the Nazi occupation. The story is of love, and sacrifice. This film is full of everything literary. There is symbolism, beauty, contrast, poetry, songs, pain, and death. One can spend time afterward just thinking and exploring the many ideas that are put before you. The movie is rated R for some nudity. The nudity however is not offensive it is worked into the film in a powerful way. You see I am not a prude, but swearing should be reserved to make an effect, and nudity should contribute, not be cheap titillation; at least in my small opinion. The scene is on the beach where the singing Italian soldiers, (whose main extent of the war experience has been to form an operatic singing group) are enjoying the day with prostitutes; who frolic in the waves topless. They are taking joy in hard times where they can find it. It did not offend me in the least. I think that scenes where peoples faces are grimacing in what is supposed to be a climax are much more suggestive than the beach scene in this film. If I was a movie critic I would give this film 5 stars. Yes, my teenagers may watch it, it is a good film and there is much to discuss.

What are you reading? Anything good?


Debbie in CA : ) said...

I loved your reading ramble. Keep it up (and keep the leg up as well). What on earth could this latest break be leading to? Surely, the Lord knows. Please STAY OFF OF IT AND LET IT HEAL!! [Did I just yell across several states in the blogosphere?]

I eagerly bought J&J when I found it at Costco (long time ago, actually). I drew a deep bubble bath, grabbed the book, and after a chapter or two of the foul ranting and stupid behavior I TOSSED IT IN THE TRASH!!!! (Trash belongs in the trash in my house.) I have read My Life in France (a bio of Julia Child) and it is fabulous. Find that one and enJOY Julia's delightful French adventures. I haven't seen the movie, but have heard it is clean and cute.

Wow I've babbled on and must get about the business of cottage tidying, but just wanted to add . . . I liked Captain Corelli, even if the critics and masses didn't.

Praying for you. : D


Twisted Fencepost said...

Gee whiz, lady, what is causing such breaks? Is there something you can do for that?

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen... your leg?!?! My goodness! I wish I could come help you!

Junk drawers... uhhh, after the horrid Oct 2009 at my house... most of my drawers seem to have become junk drawers. Yikes!

I am reading an interesting book by Mario Cuomo (the former governor of New York). He is a liberal and the book is a comparison of Lincoln and George W. Bush. I haven't gotten too far into it but it is interesting to read the views of the "other" side. LOL!

Thank you so much for the sweet card you sent. You are such a blessing to me!!! Who else could I ever call to discuss bathroom problems??? LOL!

I am praying for you!!!

Karen said...

First of all, what's up with your bones? I'm so sorry. It must be difficult having to stay off your feet so much when you're naturally so active.

Second, I got the same thing from Julie and Julia. If I'd known you were reading it I would have told you to just put it down. I wanted to burn it when I was done.

Rosie_Kate said...

I love to read, too, but sheesh. That kind of forced "rest" would make me crabby in a hurry.

Enjoy your reading and I hope you heal up extra fast!

Kat said...

Oh your leg! You poor thing! Yipes.
At least you have some books to keep you company. ;)
Hope you are up and around in no time. :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh that's a shame. The movie was pretty good. A little slow for my taste, but surprising since I didn't even know it was about blogging.

Trudy said...

YOu must find out what is causing these breaks or stress fractures or whatever they are!! In the meantime---your hunny just told you he did not marry a "housewife", which makes you exempt from housekeeping---so why don't you tell him to get right on that mess! Someone has to clean it, and you're not allowed!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

have mercy..... I am days behind in blogging an reading... these bones are NOT good... and forced rest is NOT restful at all... HUGS and prayers... and if you have never read it the green mile is an awesome read... and even though they are really controversial... any and all of the dan brown books are fantastic entertainment... and ONLY well written entertainment... and of course one that i know you read but is an all time favorite read... the bible... :) love and hugs and now MJ has taken to using my snot pot ... shes not over joyed yet but ...

Mental P Mama said...

Great reviews! My friends hated Julie and Julia, too. I am reading Jon Krakauer's "Where Men Win Glory" about Pat Tillman's death bt friendly fire in Afghanistan. Great but sad. Take care of yourself. The housework will wait.

imbeingheldhostage said...

OMGoodness! I had the same review for Julie and Julia. Seriously disappointing and because of that I decided not to see the movie. I'd love to know that it was better. I thought this book had SO much potential, I just loved the whole idea of it but wow. Trash covers it.
Captain Corelli's is upstairs and because of you it will go into my "next" pile (after the other two of a trilogy I started). I didn't see the movie because we don't watch "R"s in our house, but I sure wanted to see this (explains why I have the book now) :-(
Thank you for the book review, this was fun. I am sorry to see why you were left reading so much though...

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I am reading a book called The Sacrifice right now. I bought it at the library sale not knowing anything about it. It is very good, a Christian book on the lines of a Frank Perretti book with good against evil.

I was so mad about J & J! Here I am at Costco with time to read while taking care of my mom and I buy that book because I love Julia Child and heard great reviews. I read 2 chapters and threw it away! What a horrible, trashy book--I had no idea. What was with all the cussing? The front of the book was filled with praise and adoration from many writers--what planet are they from?

I hope your research leads you to an answer for your bones. Let me know what you find out, my brother needs all the help he can get with his legs too after all the trauma he's been through after the fall and surgery.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Nuttin' . I am such a reading slug lately.

But are putting some down, girl.

Nice to have a brain, eh?

Trudy said...

I see you're trying to stay off that leg--good for you! Reading for me lately has been a drag--I can't find any really good books. I've gotten interested in some audio books, so I can knit while I listen, but nothing stands out in my mind. Thanks for the warning about J & J!!