Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It Makes ME Think

 What do you do with your "junk" mail? It seems like in December I get at least a half dozen requests per day for different charities and social causes. I usually toss them out, at least most of them. Not being a total Scrooge, there are a couple that I will open up and mail a check too.

I almost tossed this one. But then I looked at it.  A little child in the snow in a shirt. Children that are freezing cold. No-- after what just happened to me; I cannot toss it.

Do you love a good deal? Do you love to make your money stretch? Well how about this? Brand new beautiful warm clothes to freezing kids. Sounds like a way to say Merry Christmas to me. Even $15 will send $210 of warm clothes and shoes to someone who is COLD.

I think near freezing to death may have thawed my apathetic heart. It's easy to ignore in the warm comfort of my own home. I am still a bit traumatized. It is weird that if I feel the cold; I also feel a bit of panic. I have to talk myself down and remind myself that I AM ALRIGHT.

World Vision isn't asking me to do this. I'm not getting anything for it. I am just asking you, to take even a small amount or a nice big fat amount;  and send it to this very reputable organization so they can deliver all these nice new warm things to freezing kids.

Jesus said, "I was naked and you clothed me," when you did it to the least of these you did it for me.

Spread some Christmas love! ...and warm coats.


Chris H said...

I almost always throw junk mail out!
We give donations to a few select charities, and that is it!
If you gave to every charity that seems worthy you would be permanently broke!

Mental P Mama said...

Thank you for this! Wonderful organization.

Kat said...

We have our favorite charities too. But being from WI this one speaks to me. We usually do the "hats,mittens,jackets" drive every year too.

Unknown said...

I give to a select group of charities, and donate time to them as well.
There are so many worthwhile organizations out there. This is the season for giving, and hopefully people remember all year. God bless you for your generosity.

Michelle said...

I always throw out the junk mail. We do donate to charity, but like most people, it is just a select few. And, I do like to support ones that are close to our community.

Elysa said...

Karen---When I was at WE WILL GO, the inner-city ministry we help with here in Jax, there was only ONE men's coat to hand out and it went fast! Can you imagine living on the streets or in the cemetery or in a rundown shack with no heat and insulation and not having a big, thick coat? Yeah....I guess you now can. :(

Thanks for posting this!

Jeanie said...

I don't usually choose a charity from mass mailings, but it sounds like you found just the right one for you at the right time.

Unknown said...

That is a great thing to donate too! I try to pick at least one charity to give to during the holidays. At least one. : )