Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Out of Order--Needs Repairs--Prescription Lots of Sunshine

In the spring I like simple meals. It's a good thing because I am in serious need of downsizing. There is a surplus in my economy.

However this salad was accompanied by spaghetti, I am not that low calorie YET.

The redbud tree is in bloom. Check out that blue sky isn't it gorgeous!

And so is the crabapple.
They are a glorious riot of color.

In the spring I like to be outside admiring everything. The heat will be upon us soon, and then I will admire in the morning and the evening and from afar.  I am a certified heat wimp.

My weeding messed up my neck and back. I am a hopeless case. At this point it's down right embarrassing. The short end of the story is simple. I have been out of order--needing repair. My chiropractor is getting rich off of me.Blog neglect set in with the stiffness and all that other--let's just forget about it shall we?

I have had great company though.  Mo-mo is a great cat. He is a pretty fella don't you think? I fed this cat for a year and he wouldn't let me touch him. Then I started sneaking up on him while he was eating and petted him a little. After awhile he stopped being so skiddish and actually started meowing for me to come out and feed him. We had a lot of nice conversations. Then one day a couple of months ago he just walked into the house and claimed it. Now he sleeps on my bed. Recently he got hurt and had an infected leg. I soaked it with epsom salt compresses all night. He recovered and now we are bonded big time. He is my cat. He is a great talker. I love it when cats talk. They are really cute. The only thing he does that bugs me is roll in the dirt. This guy loves a good dry dirt bath, or sawdust, or anything else he can get all over himself. He does not appreciate me washing him down with a damp cloth either; but we have new carpet!

The cats cruise around on our street. It's blooming and really looks pretty right now. They don't go far. We keep an eye out for them and they come in a couple of times a day to nibble and maintain their royal fatness. That's something I can totally relate too.

And while we are all out doors we work on little areas of the garden. Transplanting a plant here or there, weeding a little, and thinking of new ways to spread out what has reproduced or grown to large for a spot.
On the far left of this corner I had a Lantana plant. It became an enormous bush covering the whole area. I had the hunny dig it out and take it to the back fence. I moved some echinachea to the back and a little bit of dwarf canna's I think that will look pretty good will see.
I have planted seed for Heavenly Blue morning glories in several areas  where I have large trellises. I like them to grow up with the Joesph's Coat climbing roses. I love companion planting. Pretty soon my Jackmani clematis will be blooming with the American rose a dark purple and bright salmon combination. I have been in the think tank looking at my other beds. My narcissus is over taking one of them, time to dig up and divide. I'll let you know if you want some when I do it. Spring is here and for the next 2 months I will be out more than in, but I'll be by to visit you; and you'll be by to see me where you never do know what your going to get. You might get some bulbs!

And a little pearl of wisdom for you; Three can keep a secret if two are dead.


Unknown said...

I want to come and play in the dirt and glean gardening wisdom from you. Planting won't start here for at least another 6 weeks.

Karen said...

Spring is absolutely beautiful!

Julie Harward said...

I'm so glad I have connected with you...I so enjoyed my visit here! Love the blossoms and Mo Mo..I have tamed old wild cats too, they are so loyal after that. Your street is so beautiful, nice picture too! Thanks for sharing yourself, I just love your personality! :D

a quiet life said...

gosh, it looks like my house, blooms and black and white!

Jeanie said...

Your whole post is just a lovely explosion of Spring.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Thanks for the look of Spring. It's just lovely. And I love your dishes! And Mo-mo.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

PS I've been scrolling through your past posts. Goodness, girl, you sure are tempting the poor fat girl. sigh

Pam said...

Your pics are great! Can't wait for things to bloom here! Spring is the best!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL about secrets....and feel better! It's just beautiful down there! Here in Connecticut? Nothing but rain and rain and rain.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Simply Gorgeous! Just what this California girl needed after I woke up to snow!! Since when is California part of Scandinavia???

Oh well . . . I'm off to tidy up the tea cabinet, bake some bread, check on my second batch of Kombucha tea (the first was delicious in all its apple-cidery flavor with a touch of fizz), and then grab a bit of reading time in my latest book about the amish.

Spring has yet to arrive here, so I'm glad you share so freely.

Take care and grow healthy! : D

My word ID is "cyster" -- PERFECT!

farmlady said...

Aren't you glad it's Spring? It makes everything a possibility.
Love the photos and all the pretty places around your home.
You seem to be happier now that the sun is warming up your life. I'm so happy for you.

Flea said...

Your street is beautiful!

Cats usually roll in the dirt to keep off the fleas. Try some flea drops to keep the cat from rolling.

Unknown said...

MoMo is adorable. I love your blooms and blossoms. Pretty. And that salad looks scrumptious! : )

imbeingheldhostage said...

Your Spring is absolutely gorgeous. I'm waiting for ours, but still wearing a coat and scarf. I hope your back is better soon!