Monday, June 28, 2010

The Next Step.

If you had to work the system would you? Millions of illegals do it every day and they get free health care. They get all kinds of services. I have talked about it before from a health care giver role. Today I became a part of the problem. I decided to hold my ground and make them help us. I know we don't have insurance. I know the hospital is going to take a loss.

I don't care. We need help.

We had a meeting today. It was exactly what I expected. They are working on the fastest discharge plan they can come up with. They want us to take her back. The doctor gave her a generic depression diagnosis. Anything else they said takes time.

I know about that. How about 19 years?

We made some tough decisions before we went in there. That if they didn't offer us anything but the same old thing we were going to let them figure this out.

That is what happened. They are going to have to place Kayla. She does have some options. It's more work for them. But hopefully since she is an inpatient the SW can file for her to be on disability and find her a place to live. The SW was trying to let us know about waiting lists and all that. But I know the rules. They can't kick Kayla to the curb. She is there until they can find a place. That is what you call motivation. They will work much harder at it since it's their wallet. I'm mean aren't I.

She mentioned a home where Kayla would have to work a 40 hour a week job. That would be too perfect. I don't know if she can even keep a job and follow directions. She usually thinks she has a better idea. It is my hope that God will provide for her just the right situation. That she will meet some people and make at least ONE real life good friend. I pray she gets a job she can do and feel good about herself doing it. This kid needs some success. There will be room at the inn for her. She has Someone on her side that can supernaturally help.

That is as good as it gets.

Jennifer is working on her situation. She has promised to go to a clinic and get "Fred" looked at before I have a nervous breakdown.

Then I went to Cato and bought Jennifer a beautiful new baby sky blue blouse with gold designs on it, and a little card, just because. Sometimes the things I miss most about my own Mama give me ideas about exactly what I ought to do next. It cheered me up to buy a gift. It will cheer her up to get one.

I am actually more relaxed than I have been in weeks. I called the hospital and Kayla is not crying, she isn't upset.  For the last 3 nights I have been able to lie down in the bed and not cough. I'm so tired this time that not even the steroids are getting me up and buzzing around. I'm resting. I'm going to go take a nap next.

So much to be grateful for. God is on the move, He never fails.


Julie Harward said...

Thats so true...he never fails us, especially when we really need him! :D

Kathy said...

You sound very positive today. Good!

joanne said...

I hear it in your words and feel it too...hope. Thank God.

Kat said...

OH JOY!!! Isn't it amazing when we can see God working in our lives? Nothing else like it.
I am so happy for you.
And my prayers for you continue. :)

Anonymous said...

God is in control. You are doing good sticking your ground.

(((BIG HUGS)))

Jeanie said...

I think you are doing the right thing, and I believe you think you are doing the right thing also because I can hear the hope in your words.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, PTL! I pray that He continues to move on your family's behalf and am thankful you were able to lie down in green pastures...


Sheila :-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

No he doesn't. Sometimes he just needs us to remember to ask him for help.
No you are not mean. I had to do the same thing with my brother when he tried to commit suicide in my home and my 12 yr. old son found him.
Sometimes we just have to give up and let someone else handle things.

Karen Deborah said...

Thank you everybody. Becky that was an awful trauma. I'm sorry. You are right we need to know when we have done all we could and then need help. Please pray for Kayla to be placed in a good home where they will care about her and help her with her needs.

Mental P Mama said...

Amen! I just sent you an email. And you need to be the advocate. It is necessary in times like these. Kayla needs serious help. There are people out there who can help. You are awesome! Now take care of yourself. Don't make me come down there.

Bluebird49 said...

I'm so glad that prayers are already being answered and you can rest and not cough!

I'm so glad you stood firm about the state helping Kayla--you're NOT "taking advantage". You're using whatever opportunities you can to help her.

I know you won't give up on her! Whatever is going on, as you said, "How about 19 years?!" Maybe you hold the key when they've observed her for awhile.

I know we don't always feel like it, but "we press toward the mark..". Underneath, that poor girl knows she can trust you--the only mom she has known. While you're disappointed and so hurt that you don't know what to do, God can be working on her in a mighty way.

Often, I've heard, at the height of the most wonderful things we feel are happening (the blessing of the education , and the visit in California), Satan uses that time to strike at us in our world.

John 16:33".... but, be of good cheer, I have overcome the world..."

Get plenty of rest!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Your last sentence says it all. Sometimes we can't see it. One teenage boy in our ward, bore his testimony and said something like the Savior will make it all right. Then he paused and said, even when it isn't all right. He was wise beyond his years.