Saturday, August 14, 2010

News Flash

I'm not typing very well these days, one handed. My shoulder is um killing limiting me. Looks like I need another trip to the OR.  Anyway that's not a problem that can't be remedied. It'll be a relief to fix it. So I might not be around here much, like that is something new.

I'm downsizing my home & hiney. I posted a bunch of stuff on Craig's List today. You know the stuff you have to dust. Extra goodies...
dishes, because I have 3 sets.
this couch--because I have two.
nick knack stuff
some wall stuff. Hope it sells. Do you think it will sell? I think I priced it pretty cheap. Is all this stuff hopelessly out of style? What is in style now? I am so out of touch. An amazing thing happened when I quit taking magazines. I stopped spending money on what's in style. I don't even know what is in style. Ignorance is bliss.

 I'm just getting started. I listed books and a microscope and and and.....I've got more to photograph and list. Wicker furniture and a rug, wall pictures. Why did I buy all of this stuff?

I need less stuff to clean. I'm hoping to talk the hubbins into a smaller house, gently not my usual  constant nagging  persuasive style.

Actually the reality of what I can do now that I am by myself is sinking in. Ya'll mistakenly think I am wonder woman, but I have had the assistance of able bodied teen age girls until recently. Now that I am on my own, I am in deep weeds. Deep I say!

The puppy would help out but he is too busy chewing on stuff. A favorite toy is an ice cube. His heart is in the right place though. I can tell by the soulful eyes and playful butt in the air. Woof.


Jeanie said...

Downsizing sounds like it might be a good idea, but even doing that would be a big chore.
It looks like the puppy is doing least he looks like he is doing a really good job of being really cute.

Tatersmama said...

Fiddlesticks! I looked at all that stuff and thought "oh yeah, baby - I could buy it all and ship it to my son, so it would be waiting for me when I get to California!!!"
And then I realized that I'm trying to get rid of stuff myself... and I don't even have a home to park my own butt in at this point. :(

I bet it all sells well though, because you've got some nice stuff there!

Chris H said...

I hope you can get your shoulder fixed soon.. ya poor Tart.
AND fingers crossed you sell all your bits and bobs!

Michelle said...

Getting all of that stuff organized is a lot of work. I hope it does sell quickly for you.

Bluebird49 said...

I think it will sell! I really do.

I'm glad you're making a move to make it easier on yourself instead of just doing nothing. Which is about what I'm doing--well, except for the sugar thing - trying harder there.

This "You're not getting older, you're just getting better" is a lot of hooey!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh I know you will get takers! I say what's in style is what you love. Period.

Hope you are feeling dandy soon!

Karen said...

LOVE that first set of dishes. Wow. If I lived closer...

I'm sorry that you have to downsize because of health problems, but I think in the end you'll be happier with less work even when you get all fixed up.

Kat said...

I am always wondering how we accumulate so much stuff. Downsizing is a good idea for everyone, I think. As long as I don't go out and buy more after that. ;)

I bet you'll sell all your stuff! It is lovely!