Saturday, December 18, 2010

So Much to Share

I am getting better, it is a very slow process. One of the problems I have been having is that my hands will not stay steady to type. With the pharmaceutical soup I am on, that problem is improving.
This picture was taken on Thanksgiving and I think it's our best side.

My daughter has been doing everything. I cannot tell you enough. She has brought the holidays to life here. It would bleak indeed if she hadn't come. Words are easy to say, we tell each other of our love, but actions really do speak louder than words. Out of everyone in my family the one person who came to help me was the one most criticized.  We are so quick to judge harshly.  I am so grateful for my daughter she has saved my life, literally.

Jenny and the Hunny decorated the outside and it is so FESTIVE! The decorations this year are a blend of our things. Jen has the Frosty and the kids love him. He looks like the door keeper peeking out from under the porch. He has to be hog tied to keep from blowing away in all the icy winds we have been having. Betcha can't tell who baked this pie.

Another view from a different place. It''s pretty.

 Jen has decorated every inch of this house! I love everything she has done. It is amazing to watch your home be transformed into the holiday spirit without doing any work. I have never experienced that before. I have done it for others at times but this is a first to be on the receiving end of so much love.

The kids and I decorated the tree and they did a great job. I actually did not rearrange it. I have rearranged the tree for years. I realized this year that everyone decorating together brings a special joy that I have missed out on by being so controlling with how everything looks. To soon old to late smart.
How about you do you rearrange what the kids do?

These children are so precious. I miss the other two. I hope someday they return and we can photograph everyone together.

Do you see this radiant smile? I wake up to her kissing me good morning and bringing me coffee in bed.
She starts music so I can focus on something other than how I feel. Then she helps me with an outfit and accessories. I have NEVER been so stylish! She needs to be a personal consultant to people to show them how to use their wardrobes well. She pulls out mixtures of things I have never thought of and it looks fabulous!! She used to put my makeup on for me but I have improved enough to do that myself!
Except for lipstick. If I did my lipstick I'd look like Bozo the clown. My hands hop all over.

There is nothing so sweet as a sleeping child. Isn't he angelic?

My Christmas cactus is blooming. It is the only living flower here. We have had such severe freezes I think my garden may be missing many plants and bushes this spring. Everything looks dead.

Cuddling upstairs in Jen's little nest, she has made the room the coziest room in the house. They even have a Christmas tree in there.

Jenny told me to pose like ET. No make up but ya'll have seen me that way plenty. My hand is cramping from this little bit of typing. I miss you all so much. I miss blogging! I think of posts but cannot write them. However! I have so much to be grateful for! For one, finding out that I have RSD in the 1st 3 months is very important for recovering from it. It has been 3 months since I fell. I have had the 3 blocks in the first 3 months. I'm not swollen anymore and I am in therapy. I also take a ton of medication that is very necessary to keep the pain and shaking down. I can sleep and the medications do give me relief from pain that was unbearable. My family loves me and is here to help me get better. So much to be grateful for!

As I think about the sweet little baby Jesus in an animal feed trough and the humble beginnings of his life here on Earth, I really have nothing to complain about. Each one of us has our own troubles and trials. There are many people who suffer much more than I do. People whose pain is not relieved, either physical, emotional, or spiritual. But God who is so faithful to help us wherever we are at if we just give Him the opportunity. At times our trials can be so overwhelming we get angry with God. I have been feeling that. Even with my failures God has been good to me. In spite of my depression and lack of hope, God has been faithful to help me.  You see God IS love. He cannot deny himself. He cannot change who he is. He is love. What God does isn't dependent on what I do or how I feel.  Thank God for that! If that was the case I would be buried right now. Instead my heart is full of love for my family, all of them. That includes Heather and Kayla who chose to be away for now. They will always be welcome. My gratitude for those who are here now is not measurable. My gratitude to my Lord is as it should be, He has helped me to get there. Healing is never just the physical body, our spirits and emotions need to be touched too.  I have come far. I have a long way to go. Each day has a bit of progress to be celebrated.  Christmas this year has me full of hope. I'm thankful for all God has done.

I hope that your hearts are full of joy for what God has done in your families. The presents are fun but their happiness is short lived. It is what we treasure in our hearts that lasts. I think of each one of you even though I don't comment on every blog on my list. But as I  read my blogroll I think of each of you. There are some still here that don't blog anymore, but your not forgotten Grandma J. It's hard when we read a blog for a long time and it just gets deleted or that friend stops writing. This Christmas what I do most is pray. Praying is something that doesn't take physical strength. I am praying for you. God bless you this year with abundant joy and the time and peace to enjoy it!  Merry Christmas!!


Julie Harward said...

Hi there, Looks like there is a lot of love going on in your home and by the way it does look so festive and beautiful! You make a funny ET and it looks fun being cozy with your Jen. The tree is really pretty and no, when my grands help I do not rearrange, I love the memory of them helping me. Yay for a great daughter...she sounds like a jewel for sure! You have a really wonderful Christmas! :D

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Karen, from what I have been reading, you've been dealt a tough hand! You are so fortunate you have so much love around you helping. Enjoy your holiday and keep your chin up. This too shall pass.

Michelle said...

Glad you are feeling better and that you have your daughter to help you. It does make a difference to have people you love there to light the way.

farmlady said...

It sounds like you have many things to be thankful for during this Holiday season.
I hope you continue to improve healthwise and that all your prayers are answered.
May the New Year bring you many blessings, Karen.

Laura~peach~ said...

house and yard look awesome... Hats off to the daughter and hubby... pie looks yummy and so glad you are feeling better!

Kat said...

Oh Karen, this post is just beautiful. It makes me cry. From your gorgeous daughter (she really is RADIANT!) and how much she loves you to your faith and love. It is all just beautiful.
It really sounds like you are healing. In all ways. Keep your eyes and heart on God. He will always be there for you. And He knows what is best. I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we go through horrible hard times like this to see how much we are loved by others. And it gives others an opportunity to serve as well. Suffering really does serve purpose.

I LOVE that picture of you and your hubs. Just so beautiful. :)

And your header! I was awed when I opened up your blog, and here that is your beautiful house! It is fabulous!

I hope you have a blessed Christmas, Karen!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi there girlie...what a wonderful family you have. Your home looks absolutely beautiful. I love it when we see Him through others in our lives. May you have a wonderful week filled with all God's goodness. Merry Christmas:)

Bluebird49 said...

Oh--what a blessing it is to see this post! What an angel you have there with you--she's beautiful, inside and out. Thanks so much for posting, even with your hands hurting--I've been waiting for this all December!
THe house is beautiful, inside and out, and you look rested and happy with your family all around. If this isn't a Christmas miracle--I'd like to see one! God is so very good!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

May 2011 continue to surround you with the love and hope you have now! Merry Merry Christmas!!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Merry Merry Christmas from our home to yours. :D

Let us follow the star, lay down before the manger, and rejoice in the Love shone all around. God is so good!

XO ~~ Debbie

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Merry Christmas, precious, and the Happiest of New Years to you and yours. This post makes my heart sing!


Sheila :-)

Mental P Mama said...

Looks beautiful!!!! Enjoy;)

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Everything is so beautiful! I am so happy it is all working out for you all.

And yes, I am one of those people that desperately needs a wardrobe/hairstyle/image consultant. I worry about everything else that needs done and totally forget about making myself look presentable. I don't even know what hairstyle I should wear! It's pathetic, really LOL

Happy New Year sweet friend!

Karen said...

I love that God used two completely different and horrible circumstances to bring you and Jenny together again. It's the start of a wonderful new era.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year sweet Lady! I hope you are blessed beyond measure this year, with happiness and joy and especially, health!