Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching Up

 I have been busy doing nothing. I wore myself out! As in to pooped to pop or some other dumb expression.
 If I could only manage to ingrain two words into my thick skull. PACE MYSELF.
 Good thing most everything around here is on automatic pilot. No babies to tend.
 These two are at the age where they come up with their own plans, like making signs for mom.
 Very cute I might add.

This was my present to my daughter, our first Mother's Day together in over 10 years! 
I fixed a little dinner party. She had to work. BOO! But we had surprises ready when she came home. Flowers courtesy of my back yard.
 Miss Lindsey Boo made a 100% sugar free chocolate confection that would do a person in. Oreo cookie crust (yep sugar fee) and crushed up Butterfingers candy inside with drizzled melted chocolate and walnuts on top with dollops of whipped cream. She made the chocolate pie filling with whipped cream and pudding so it was like moose and I wanted to eat it all. I could have. I could have eaten the whole thing.
 Jennifer could eat the whole thing too, but since there was only one pie neither of us did. Don't you want some? For some reason this sugar free desert did not have explosive side effects.
Lindsey took several pictures of us and this was the best of the worst.
None of the pictures were good, and I am not proud. Which is saying they were positively ghastly.
We enjoyed our dinner and toasted happy mother's day to each other.
We also laughed our heads off.

 The day before we went garage sale shopping. Once a year one of our finer southern subdivisions hosts a huge neighborhood sale. This year 70 homes participated. I have not shopped till I dropped for over 10 years, but my daughter is here now. One or the other would say..."just one more house," for 6 hours.

Needless to say I will be recovering from that for another couple of weeks. Please excuse me while I fall behind on everything. This is my pile. Yes I totally scored. Gold king size sheets with 4 pillow cases never used $10. A rust colored suede type fabric sofa cover from Sure fit for $20. Beautiful clothes that is a turquoise dress for $2, fully lined linen. GORGEOUS. Queen size sheet set for $3. Pottery Barn kids quilt for $1.75 and HUGE collection of Thomas and Friends train stuff....huge. I have been messing around with trains for 3 days... I may never get up off the floor again. I may never be able to get up off the floor again...somebody help me please.


Life In a Little House said...

cute pictures and what a blessing to have family around you on Mother's Day~ And wow check out all those deals you got! I would have loved to go to that huge sale Enjoy all your treasures ~Love Heather

Julie Harward said...

Looks like you had a great Mothers Day weekend...that dessert sound awesome but sugar free?! Well, it still sounds great! ;D

Laura~peach~ said...

fun fun fun... pace yourself LOL.. i hear ya.

Jeanie said...

It looks like your garage sale day and your Mother's Day were both a great success. I hope you are recovering quickly from all that fun and activity.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I AM JEALOUS! I used to the the garage sale queen before I was the cake queen. Oh the bargains, the bargains, how I miss them!

Kat said...

Sounds like a whole lot of YUM and FUN! :)
Hope you are recovering well. ;)

Bluebird49 said...

I used to go to yard sales every Saturday--but I just can't seem to get RID of anything, o Imade up my mind to not bring another thing into this house! I know the bargains are awesome--but I just didn't know when to quit--so I'm glad you enjoyed it. My brother and SIL LOVE going every week--to several--and they mopped up this week. BUt, alas, I'm not good at holding back. You "done good'!
Love the Mother's Day dinner and "no sugar-no fat" dessert your granddaughter made for youall. You and Jen both look like your diet is working! How nice for you--me ---not so good yet. Still hoping to "get in the mood."

Lola-Dawn said...

Mmm yummy pie! (I shouldn't be looking at pix like that when it's still over an hour until lunch break!) Glad you had a nice Mum's Day.

Flea said...

SCORE! And that's a GREAT shot of you and your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a lovely and thoughtful daughter and son you have. Happy family that's what I can say.

Life In a Little House said...

so good to bloggy visit with you I think I have your email don't I?? Oh well I will just chat here with you for a sec....The dogs will be coming for sure...the cats are another question not sure how that would go? I can't fix the skirt big bummer there but I will use the fabric for something else for sure ~Ugh why don't puppies have brains lol~~Have a fabulous day ~Love Heather