Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do I Blog?

 Easter came and went. I was sick but I had done a little bit of decorating before I went on my trip. I had planned to show you my spring festivity. You know how plans go when they are made by me. My middle name is Murphy, my first name is Daffy and so here you have a few dainties to look at if your so inclined. If not scroll down, there are dog photos just to make sure this isn't a total bust.

 I love love love this wittle wabbit. Wabbits ain't posed to be green but he's got his chamo on so that he can blend in. All that chub was so cute not to mention cockeyed ears. What is it about goofy ears that just slays me deader than a door nail? I dunnno.
 This is the best time of year at my house. I definitely have the spring fling going on outside. There is so much more but year after year don't you get tired of seeing the same bushes? The same roses, clematis and all the other spring happies that are planted here on my plot in the south, would you really like to see them AGAIN?

 I found a real birds nest from last year and brought it in the house. It still has some soft tufts in it. It is a well constructed nest if your knowledgeable about birds you can tell us what kind of bird built it.
 I'm having a thing for birds this year. It started with the picture my friend gave me. Then I had to work at making the whole mantel have some of these colors so one bird led to another.

     Can you see the butterfly? It's so cool it's made out of paper and the wings move like a real one. They are all attached separately, I am easily amused.
 This was taken in Western Asia. I was sick as stink in this picture I could hardly breathe which is why there is a big glass of tea, honey and lemons on the table. It was such a great street, loved everything there. Realized I was sitting right next to a pharmacy (see the sign in the background? e big red E and PH) and went over there ASAP bought some prednisone, swallowed handfuls of it, which may have kept me alive. You know if you aren't breathing there is the possibility of becoming fertilizer in the near future...just sayin.

This is a good picture of the streets, the old cobblestones, the lights and how clean everything is.

This young man was so charming and cute. I wasn't dead I noticed he is cute.  He is from South Africa and he was taking a break from his whirlwind tour of Europe and Asia; he is producing a reality show for TV. He will be marketing it when they finish. He explained his idea is something along the lines of the Amazing Race but with rock bands.
He was so great at conversation a little bright spot in the day. Not to mention he took the only picture of me on my trip.
My friend managed to keep a good dialogue going while I barked like a seal. I had every intention of remembering his name in case he makes the big time on TV but I have forgotten. It's a good thing I can't remember all that I forget.

Moving on since this is a rambling kind of a post a bit of this and that.
Dog updates.

Sammy then all 24 skinny pounds of him.

Sammy now, he's 35 pounds of love.

  Look at how great Sammy looks. He was so pathetic when I got him he was about 4 inches wide he was so thin. He has filled out and grown and looks to be all poodle now. There is no way of knowing but he has plenty of poodle and he has a sweet intelligent look about him now. He's my spoiled rotten baby.

and then....
 This is monstro the grande pooda bear-- Romano is el grando and big hearted he lets Sammy have everything first. Sammy is spoiled rotten, Roman is the big daddy. They have no idea they are dawgs really not even the first clue.
 There is ALMOST room for me on the bed with them both up here. I'm not complaining I like their company. They have been good nurses for this long bout of bletch, bark, cough, hack, sputter, wheeze, sneeze and snort.
Roman likes to watch dog out the window. He 's such the guard dog he is ALWAYS on duty. He cruises the perimeter of our property and watches out the windows and sleeps by the front door. Ain't nutin gettin past him no sirrreeeebob not on that bad boys watch.

It's kinda funny how we get different kinds of dogs and how they reflect us. I never thought I'd have this big humongous pooda bear and my brother who has had all kinds of dogs and done police work with trained police dogs has a 5 pound Chihuahua. That's about how it goes with our lives everything is so stinkin logical! OF course my brother has a 5 pound dog, a 5 pound dog will not eat you out of house and home or fill your yard with cow patties. No a 5 pound dog will love you and act like a 100 pound dog at a fraction of the price and that my friends is good business. When your dog weighs 5 pounds you can do other things, like taking little darlin girls out for a ride on Granddaddy's big boy bike. Yeah that's my brother, and the littlest peanut to be added to his pack.

I never have had a head for business.
My yard is full of pooda pies and I suppose I still blog.


Heather said...

Life sure is funny isn't it. that really stinks that you got so sick. I am praying for ya hope you will be good as new ASAP! Love the doggy pics take care xx Heather

Kat said...

So stinky that you were so sick on your wonderful trip. What a bummer. Nice that you had a handsome feller to look at and chat with though. ;)
Your dogs are so sweet! Two big lugs! I love that your brother has a tiny dog. I love seeing big, strong guys walking a tiny dog. :)
Hope you are feeling better!

Jenny said...

So nice to see your rescue. He looks great. Ours is getting there quickly through lots of love and food.