Friday, May 18, 2012

Wild Horses Wont Drag Me Away

Mustangs Come to Mississippi
Adoption papers
  These mustangs came from Nevada. They were born in captivity but in a wild herd. The horses do not cost much at this point, all the expense is ahead of them, not to mention WORK.
 The proper footwear with style. I like pink, even if I don't quite get the pink tights at a improntu rodeo.  The guy with the spurs was sure cute. I would have snapped a picture of his wrangler pockets but.....
Every now and then I have a really exciting day and this was on the list of fabulous adventures.
I have some friends that are involved with horses. It just so happens that Piney Woods school in Star MS is one of the designated places for wild mustangs to be sent to. These yearlings were being adopted. They have never been handled by humans except for vaccinations and other vet care.
So they are totally, as  in completely, 100% wild.

This one was my favorite. I had no idea that mustangs are so beautiful. This mare went to a lovely young woman about 19 and she will train her and enter the Extreme Mustang competition in Ft.Worth Texas.  After 6 of these colts were loaded up on the trailers we went out to the ranch to watch their first experiences with humans. How cool is that?

All together in a coral they circled and circled.

Wild and dirty, no hands have ever touched them.

The man in charge is a real life horse whisperer. This is one of his horses isn't he a beauty?

 The horse whisperers shirt totally true!

I learned so much watching this man work. He communicated so much to the colt with his posture, his hands and the rope. It wasn't long before the colt was just following him around the ring.
After she got tired he just squatted down in front of her and let her look at him, establishing trust he said. He used the two trained horses to buddy the newbies and give them confidence.

She doesn't fight long. He was amazing at how quickly and gently he won this young ladies trust.

Curiosity stronger than fear, it's a beautiful thing.

Former wild mustand now happily bonded to his human.

The 6  colts that went out  to the ranch were all going to girls. Three of the girls were TEN years old! Can you imagine being 10 and getting a wild mustang?  All of them are going to enter the Extreme Mustang competition. Some were planning to keep their horses but not all which surprised me. I guess training horses is not like having a pet, even if you do bond. My little friend with this thick blond braid trained her mustang  a few years ago and she is totally in love with him. No parting for those two. She placed second in the Mustang competition she entered.
If I was about 30 years younger I'd be getting into a whole new sport. I loved being around these horses. I kept holding my breath watching them snort, toss their heads and paw the dirt. Their is something about real life that is so much better than watching a film, or any technical device.
Being outside in the fresh air and observing these horses was pure magic, a wonderful, exciting, glorious day!!


Chris H said...

They are lovely animals... we have wild horses in one area of our country which are culled every few years. They go to new owners too.

kitter said...

We were so blessed to have had a horse when we lived in Scotts Valley. Her name was Pepper. A beautiful white horse with black flecks. I rode in several of the monthly Play Days held at Graham Hill. We ran barrel races etc. Fun exciting times. My favorite was just spending the day riding with friends in Henry Cowell Park.
Amazing beautiful loving creatures.

Kat said...

That is just so cool. I would love to be a horse (or any animal) whisperer. That must have been so awesome to be able to watch.
Thanks for sharing it with us!