Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Silver Wedding Is Here

Time goes by so fast doesn't it? I am really having a reminder of the speed of time because we have just hit the 25 year milestone in marriage. WOwZas!

I think about the weddings and dresses that are in vogue today and I think it is just NUTS!

Our entire wedding cost $300. My dress and shoes were one hundred dollars a fortune in those days. I actually bought my dress before Jimmy asked me. I loved it and I loved him. I was absolutely crazy in love. I reasoned that since it was peach I could just wear it, but I just knew we would marry.
People that in love have to marry! We also did NOT have an intimate physical relationship before we married. You may think that is bizarre but because I had given my heart to Jesus Christ I couldn't do that. Jimmy believed the same way so there was some serious kissing going on. Steaming up car windows at our age imagine....well don't.

But you know what? God made me a REAL bride that day.

 What do you think of that leg huh? And look at all the hair Jimmy had! I just thought he was bald.

A friend of mine made our cake and gave it as a gift. What a blessing. I spend a hundred on flowers and a hundred for pictures. We were married outside on our pastors deck overlooking the beautiful mountains in California. The weather was perfect even in August. It didn't get too hot.

We had cake and punch. Our rings are gold bands.

Here's the thing. It's not the big wedding that a marriage makes. Sometimes beginning a marriage with those huge expenses starts it off on the wrong foot. Where do you go from there? The huge house the best cars, the big debts?

I loved our simple wedding. The flowers were gorgeous. The cake was perfect. The day was perfect. The dress was just what I wanted a pretty cotton. We were so in love it was hard not to cry.
Our pastor had to crack a joke because both of us were really going to cry. It was his fault the ceremony was amazing. So he cracked a little joke.

He asked Jimmy to put the fing on me ringer. We were laughing and then he said, "I can't believe I said that, I did that at my daughters funeral too." BWAHAAHHHHAAA
we didn't cry.

Tomorrow we are going to have a party. I am going to take pictures and share every bit of it with you.
I'm fretting because I have on this cast and I don't know what I am going to wear. I sure wish I still looked like that bride. I know I don't and my handsome man doesn't either but time has been kind to us in that we love each other more. We can't imagine life alone. We have nothing in common. We don't do anything special to cultivate our relationship, the credit is to God alone. It is our faith in Jesus Christ and our love for God that binds us together. God has given us love and more love. It is grace! When times have been bad and they have been we have been on our knees asking God to keep us, and He has done it. Christians say they will give God the glory for the great things He does. Sometimes we do in church and around each other. I think at times we are amiss to praise God in mixed company. Today I want to shout to the world that my joy comes from the Lord. My life has been redeemed and my marriage is a trophy of His goodness and grace!


Kat said...

What a glorious post to read. Just as it should be. Just as God intended. Marriage is a covenant. It is holy. It is appointed by God. And clearly you two treat it as such. Love. :) Love, love, love it. It isn't about the wedding or the dress or the cake (wow! you're friend did a great job!). It is about the two of you making a promise to each other and God. Marriage takes three, I always say. You, your spouse, and God. If God is at the center of your marriage there is NO WAY it can fail.
Love you both!
Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! :)

Rosie_Kate said...

Oh, I just love this story! Happy anniversary! You're both lovely. If you still looked like those pictures, something would be wrong. :-)

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!! May you be blessed to celebrate many more than you can count!! ~Love Heather

Michelle said...

Congrats to you! And, you are right. Spending a lot of money does not make a marriage!

Haddock said...

Agree with you on that " beginning a marriage with those huge expenses starts it off on the wrong foot"
Its always better to start simple and from the bottom.

Mental P Mama said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wonderful pictures!!

farmlady said...

I missed this post, Karen. Must have been doing my usual "over the hills and through... (the valley)" stuff.
Happy belated Anniversary to you both. Love the photos. You done good!

Bluebird49 said...

I love this post so much. After all you had been through, to find the Lord and then to find Jimmy---was so awesome. I would love to hear more about how you met an your courtship-and that is anther blogpost or 3, or 10. Start writing, girl! You were a beautiful bride and still are!

Chris H said...

Well.. better late than never!
HUGE CONGRATS to both of you.
You are both adorable.

Jensamom23 said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Unknown said...

Belated Happy silver anniversary! That's a rare one in this days. I'm happy for you guys. Keep loving each other unconditionally.
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Julia Ionov said...

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