Friday, December 13, 2013

No Pic Post

Guess where I am? Jacksonville Florida. I can't tell you how busy I am. first painting the house and then the litter of puppies....whoooooieeeee. The puppies were like babies, I loved them up so good I know they will make awesome dogs if treated well. Found homes for all EIGHT.                                                              My girlfriends mama has been sick and she wanted me to come so here I am. Mama is much better feeling pretty fiesty. She changes colors like a camelion lizard,, gray. we got hospice started and just doin that has her all pepped up. "Cut that leaf offa that POINNNNNSEETTTTTIA!, now go REST."                  It's funny unless you have been dealing with it 24/7 for 20 years.               BLESS IT.                                       When I get home I'll post some pictures/ My house turned out lovely. I have been busy trying to rehab myself. I started taking my little old man to the senior citizens exercises classes thru parks and rec. WE pay $10 a month to dance to the oldies. It's a blast to do I found my little niche. The instructor is so fun and we are working out to Christmas music this month. I know I wondered how that would work too, some of those songs are at about 50 beats and min that is definitely in the aerobic zone!  My little man just smiles and does his thing sittin in the chair, not bad for 89.  One day we went in and WAPT news was there to film. I about stroked. NOBODY is filming my butt in spandex, nosirreeee bob! I told that camera man in no uncertain terms that if he filmed me he better hold that camera high and not make me look like a blimp and no rear end shots. He about fell out.  He was very nice my dimples did not appear on the 10 o'clock news.                      We had a lovely Thanksgiving spent lunch with a neighbor and then went over to Jennifer's for a SECOND meal, lawdy have mercy. I worked out extra hard at exercise class. Have you ever heard of muscle memory? Well it's a fact. I used to be in shape I did jazzercise and wore leg warmers the whole shebang.  What's great is that my body remembers the moves!! I just look at her and whammo there I am smilin and groovin and hooting and singing; think I am the liveliest of the seniors. It's verra fun.                                                             I made a verra brave decision this year. I told the family we were not buying any presents this year. We are going to enjoy the decorations and have a feast. I'm going to make a prime rib, clam dip, cookies, banana pudding, and probably a bunch of other stuff. I am so relaxed. I find my self looking forward to Christmas with the same relaxed delight as Thanksgiving. It's been liberating not to have to worry about even a home made sumthin sumthin, just relax and enjoy. Sigh...too soon old too late smart.                                              I'm going to go hop around and read your blogs now. I'd like to get back into bloggy land. Time management. sounds like a whole nutha post.....                                                                                              talk at ya sooon Merry Christmas!

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