Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fixins Projects, Progress & Experiments.

 Today started out really lazy for everybody. We just could not get started! Mercy was in sync with me. Let's just lie down mom. Yeah Merc let's just sit here, my arms feel like lead pipes. Move over that dog bed is lookin real good to me.
 I din't fit on her bed so eventually I at least started walking around and checking the areas where I am fighting rain water erosion. What looks like a foot print here is actually soil loss. I still have some work to do here. You can see how there is an edge about an inch high or low depending on how you would describe this.
 This is a lousy picture. This is supposed to show you that I worked this area and planted my tomato seedlings. I see a big fat weed smack dab in front of a rock. HOW did I miss THAT?
 This one looks bizarre! Look at the optical illusion created by the angles. Photography intrigues and surprises me. One of these days I'll take a class.
 Trim is happening people. The man on the ladder can paint! Just a little FYI it rained before it dried. He will most likely have to paint some more.
While inspecting and walking I meandered out front.
 I love the light in the afternoon before sunset. I decided to experiment and photograph my house from a bunch of different angles.  I started on the far right of the lawn and worked my way over to the driveway.  The sun is coming over the far left corner of the house.
 I also changed how far away I was standing.  Here there are more angle illusions, weird huh? The arbor has an odd effect from this position. This isn't a place I would usually select to take a shot. I am experimenting.
 Hmmmm this one is pretty good.  Still weird angles and not great light.
 I like this one the best. I am so grateful for digital photos so you can shoot a lot and pick one or two.  This one does it for me. I wish I had a picture to show you of the house before we painted and made new shutters. All those pictures were lost with the last computer blow up. There are some in old posts, somewhere. I am too lazy to go looking. HA!
 This one focuses more on the beds. It doesn't capture the light as well. What do you think? Some of you have learned a lot about photography.
My rock work here is a success the driveway is clean and my neighbor did not receive a cubic foot of topsoil. YEAH!  This made me so happy I went and painted some doors and made a salad for dinner.
Life is good. Everything that has been transplanted is uber happy too. I need a plan for this bare patch. It was solidly filled with ajuga which obviously did not make it threw the winter. My husband will veto rocks even though that would look good because of weed whacking. Any ideas?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.
I hope you are blessed. Everyone has a mother, some of us are mother's, some want to be and aren't, and some have lost their mother's either recently or a long time ago. I pray that God bless, comfort, and encourage each of you wherever you are in that journey. My mom is smiling and hugging her twin who just recently joined her in heaven. That is the best place to be. One day I'll be there and missing my mom will be forgotten. In the mean time I get to fully embrace and enjoy being a mother and a Nannie; and I LOVE IT!
I have 12 grands and counting one of these days there will be the great grands. Like I said life is good I am abundantly BLESSED.


joanne said...

there is nothing i would rather be or do than be a mother. enjoy your blessed day.

Bluebird49 said...

The homeplace looks beautiful, Karen! Happy Mother's Day. Til I get to Heaven, I'll miss my daughter, Sherry(10-1-66---8-20-98) and Mama,(11-29-1914-3-30-2011). Everyday, I miss them, but I thank God for where they are! <3

Chris H said...

You have the same number of grandkids as me!
What's your ratio : boys/girls?

Rosie_Kate said...

Your yard makes me swoon with the gorgeousness of it all. I know it's a lot of work, but it's worth it for all the lovely, right?

The weird angles you're seeing is from your lens. When you're "zoomed out" you using it as a "wide angle" lens and there is some perspective distortion that happens.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Kat said...

Your house is absolutely gorgeous and charming. It looks like it came right out of a beautiful fairytale. I LOVE it. So pretty.
I love your Mother's Day wishes for everyone. I know the day is painful for some and your stated it so clearly and compassionately.
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Heather said...

Happy Mothers Day!! Your place looks great :) ~Love Heather