Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 I am always talking about moving. I really don't know why. I just get ideas and talk about going other places. It really drives my family nuts especially since the one time I actually made a move; it was huge like from California to Mississippi.

 Recently I have been working on moving. For the last month I have been packing, boxing, organizing and wearing myself out.
 It has come to this. The last of the stuff for sale.  HIS stuff!!
Because we moved him to be closer to his family. It's the best thing for him and he moves into an assisted living apartment near his sons this weekend. You would think that would be enough to do right?

But noooooooo. Actually it freaked me out about stuff. You would not believe how much stuff people accumulate A lot of it was just trash too;sooooooooo.....I decided to start CLEANING.

When we first got here wall paper was so IN. It was also cheap and I thought I was so brilliant using wallpaper for shelf paper in my kitchen cabinets.It was a lot less than contact paper which is so retro now.
She says tongue in cheek.

 It has stayed right where I put it because I glued it on. Yes indeedy! Brains I tell ya!!!

 I have a lot of cupboards to clean and remove the paper. The only thing good about it is the paint is in pretty decent shape underneath. I thought about painting but then where would I stop? Everything needs paint.All the paint is the same age if I repaint the cabinets I'll repaint the trim and then the moldings and the doors SEE? It would end up with me doing all the woodwork in the whole house!  I want to live so I decided not to paint.

 So no on the painting. Yes, to the cleaning and yes to some purging. We all collect stuff. It's scary when you move to see how much there is to do. Just in case I really decide to go somewhere else it won't be so bad when I finish this.
 This entire side is finished including the drawers. It looks so clean and nice. I am worn out. But I have the rest of the kitchen to finish. Then the laundry room and the pantry.
 If I am still alive I will just stay put and enjoy it.
Pretty impressive right? Or maybe just crazy.

Truthfully I am really grateful to be able to clean my house again. It really needs it. I won't tell you how many years it's been since it's had a good, "going over". Spring is for cleaning, gardening and basically working yourself to death right?
I hope I can move tomorrow morning.


Bluebird49 said...

It looks so nice! Wish I had some energy to do something! This Fibro has about killed me, and I wouldn't mind the rest of me being gone! Just showering and washing and drying one load of clothes has done me in today. I am ashamed for anyone to stop by, so I just don't have people over.
I'm so tired all the time, and I've come to see that I am also a hoarder, like Mama was, GOd bless her. I am actually just too tired to sort through and give/throw away. My husband says "I'll put it in the attic where you won't have to see it!" Well, I'd still know it was there--just over my head.I don't want it in the attic! The attic is FULL--the HOUSE is full--of nothing but dirt and dust and cat hair, and stuff that needs to be thrown away. Stuff I don't know why I bought, or was given to me. My poor son and his wife are going to be left with this when we are gone, but it is so overwhelming--I do not know where to start. I think about doing something--and I get into a room, and just walk out, and lie back down, depressed--because it is too much. I know this is a sickness. I didn't use to be this way, and I don't know exactly when it happened, but it did. My brain is like my house and my pocketbook---overwhelmed--full of junk---just too much! And at this point--age 65--and in bad health- (and poor), I do not know what to do. Just pray for strength, I guess. Or to die soon! Good luck, Karen--you are a strong woman. <3

Unknown said...

See that little blue and orange/red picture? I have missed that picture.... it's been around for decades!! <3

Unknown said...

PS, Elizabeth Winslow is "Beth Joling"

Kat said...

Whew! What a job! That is a lot of work. But doesn't it feel so good to just purge of excess stuff sometimes? And it looks fantastic! Well done!

Also? I don't think you should EVER move from your charming home. It is so gorgeous. Like a fairytale. :)