Monday, March 2, 2015

Moth Balls---and dog tales

Seriously Facebook is a major time suck. I used to blog every day!!! I need to pull myself up by my two finger typing hands and start blogging again! I mean it!  What should I talk about?  For starters how about the friends I made blogging years ago and have started to meet in "real" life? Funny how a few comments and reading about other peoples homes, kids, pets, and jobs makes you feel like you know them and they become your friends.

Recently I met Flea of The Good Flea who has moved on the dog blogging and working for Jones Natural Chews.  She came by with two dogs mind you on her way to an event and spent the night. A good thing that I had one dog at that time so I didn't mind the dogs on my furniture routine. She brought my big ole hound dog who rescued me some TREATS which she salivated over in a big time way and we had a great visit.

I have posted so much of my life on Facebook instead of her so I think I'll start at the beginning. Actually I have been thinking about writing a book.......

Mercy was found in an abandoned squatters crack house in one of our ghettos. You ask of course what was I doing there? Well, not scoring crack rest assured. I was there helping a young woman with two small children get out of there and I saw this dog. Pathetic look on her very unhappy face.
She was a rack of bones and had been kicked the day before by her "owner". Her diet was scraps chicken bones anything he could find to feed her. I offered to take the dog and a friend of mine who knew the owner worked it out. My husband does not go for adding to the family easily but there was no way I was leaving her there.

Before bringing her home I took her to my vet and wallah she was pregnant!!! Her first heat probably about 8 or 9 months old.  Short story she had 8 beautiful puppies.
I had a lot of fun raising those pups. It was an absolute TON of work!!!!! From grinding up dog kibble in my food processor to make puppy pablum which they ate a huge amount of, to taking them outside to potty, to introduce them to water, to cars, to people, to cats, to little children.....oh my stars!!!! But the end product was super well socialized beautiful puppy babies. I was seriously attached to every single one of them.

I found good homes for all of them. I charged $100 for each pup to cover expenses and also to make sure the family was willing to commit to the dog. I asked them to spay and neuter but not being a rescue I couldn't require it. I received promises but who really knows. I wish I knew how they were doing. Two puppies found homes right here in my neighborhood!
One of male pups who is a humongous beastie of a boy!!! and the runt which was first born.
She doesn't come over to play but she is right next door and we seer her through the fence. She is gorgeous!!! Her coat is dark chocolate brown and her body is solid but her head legs and tail are brindled, beautiful. 

Once the puppies were gone I had a lot of work to do with Mercy. I named her Mercy because I had mercy on her.
She just wanted to run. Even though she had a good home her beginning gave her trust issues. She was digging giant holes in my yard, not winning points with my hubby. We have a lovely yard. He takes pride in it. Mercy actually dug a trench across the back part chasing a mole. She is probably a block cur hound mix and she was determined to get that mole! It took time and infinite patience which I seemed to always be in short supply of. More than once i went online and begged for someone to take this dog off my hands.
But not anymore...not ever.  This girl has my heart and I finally got hers...she doesn't try to run away anymore and she is a nice calm relaxed dog. She is actually the best dog ever, so smart. She is worth all the work, holes and the yard, and chasing her around the neighborhood; to have her like she is now. My big ole hound dawg.....

Tomorrow I will tell you about our latest addition another adoption....
Meet Bitsie Bella boo boo a little maltipoo female puppy about a year old. She has her charming ways!!!!

to be continued......


Tatersmama said...

They say that there's a sucker born every minute... and it looks like I'm in good company! Kudos to you, to helping to make this little girls life a happy one! We recently rescued a puppy mill doggie, and even with her issues, she has the makings to be a lovely little dog.
Why do some people even bother having pets, if they can't love them??? Grrr!

Chris H said...

I missed you blogging, then I didn't even notice you had started again!
I hope you stick around.

Heather said...

Hey I see you haven't posted in a bit, I am back blogging again looks like you have been having some adventures!! come follow me at my new blog if you are on here Hope your doing well take care ~Heather