Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coffee Contest

A stange thing happened today, I actually won something. I don't win contests, but I was definitely qualified to enter this one. A friend of mine wanted "poo stories". I'm not to sure if they were funny or not but they certainly were about poop. Nurses spend the majority of their lives dealing with such bodily functions; the absence or excess of such things.
Humour isn't the easiest thing to accomplish with writing, especially if your trying, it's easy to sound contrived. My humour has to be spontaneous. You know what I mean?
A friend of mine recently sent me a beach photo of a mutual friend of ours in her 2 piece bathing suit, with her 18 year old daughter, muscle bound son and middle aged husband with hair like Einstein. What was wrong with the picture was that she looked like her daughter with these great tan legs and a 6 pack! Give me a break. My friend was talking about how nice it would be to live on the beach, and I got a mental picture. My husband has just few hairs on the top of his head. When the girls were little they drew pictures of 5 of them all pointing straight up. My mental picture drew the 5 hairs, then next to him were the girls, that part was ok. Then it came to me, unh unh, no 2 piece, how about a knee length moomoo those flowery Hawaiian things fat ladies love. Nope, not moving to the beach definitely not feelin it.
It's really sick that some people can be middle aged and actually look like a bowflex commercial in real life. They are just plain born with great genes period. In my family their is a whole lot of beef, or pork, or whatever you want to call it. I was looking at the website for the Chicago marathon today, the one I am supposed to sign up for and run in. Maybe it was a momment of insanity, or oldtimers, whatever possessed me to do this? My goal is quite simple, just to finish alive and hopefully the same day that it starts. At least I won't be wearing a moomoo.


Elysa said...

Oh I don't know...I bet you could sew up a cute moomoo with racing stripes! ;)

Kathy said...

Congrats on winning the coffee contest! I enjoyed reading your blog. a moomoo sounds pretty comfy to me!

stripeycat said...

Congrats on the coffee !
I'm with the moomoo crowd... hell i rarely get out of my pj's these days anyways ;}

Anonymous said...

I wanna see you in a Moo Moo!!!