Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hard stuff begins

Computer learning modules are designed to teach you at your own pace, you and the machine that you can't talk too and would like to cuss at. Especially when it's super ticky about stupid things that in real life don't matter. That was frustrating but holy cow the math test flipped me right out of my tree. Yooo hooo crazy farm where are you? I had THE hardest math test since nursing school that I was current in 1992, what the math for that? This is 2009-1992=17years ago. what the hec does anybody remember from 17 years ago much less 17 minutes ago?
We are talking brutal here, gtts (drops) per minute for flow rates on IV's that aren't going to be on a pump.RIGHT When does that happen? And on the sheer chance that it might there is this nifty little gadget called dial a flow. NOBODY does these calculations so even if they aren't hard I can't remember them. They had a bunch of real dozers it took me until 2pm to finish these modules. The nursing students were kickin butt, they were done with everything, they had gone home feeling sorry for the poor old brain dead nurses. Wait until the day, they are out there in wide eyed terror and we come to the rescue and know exactly what to do! HA sweet,...who am I kidding?
Tomorrow is another day of these computer module classes, I'll be doing EKG,
My brain feels like scrambled eggs, no grits, really mushy grits...

So much for knowing hard stuff. Would anybody consider that a whammy? I'm not whining I'm in shock my brain is having unusual activity it's a bit glitchy trying to search and retrieve old rusty files, we are in need of an upgrade.

Speaking of upgrades some one out there needs to upgrade the quality of white fabric for white scrubs and uniforms. They are ALL STINKIN SEE THROUGH! What's up with that? You want to count the dimples on your nurses a-- you aren't sick enough to stay. You get me, the number of dimples in my butt will scar you for life! This is serious business here. Who decided and when did this come about that white scrubs no longer provide modest coverage? BBBBBOOOOO
BAD BAD and Stupid. When I go to work as a nurse that is going to be working with blood, guts, vomit, poop, pee, and many more precious forms of body fluids, taking care of lines and getting close to people and next to their beds etc,... I WANT SOME CLOTHES ON!! Clothes you can't STINKIN SEE through!!!!! Can you tell this has got my goat? Can you tell I am peeved?

QUESTION OF MAJOR IMPORTANCE Does anyone out there know of a scrub manufacture for WHITES ONLY that uses a thick enough soft material for scrubs? Come on you lurkers save the day!! I'm serious I can't bloody believe me own eyes. There I stand with my bra and panties showing through like I'm wearing thin lingerie, bring back starched dresses, at least they cover you up! Rats! It's always something. Who knows the answer to this one????

Positively I passed my work today, I struggled with it but I won. Tenacious little booger that I am.
Yes, Winda my friend I am going to medical/surgical/ICU...wowie


Unknown said...

Sounds like you will need a major break come this weekend. Forget about the young nursing students, their day will come!

As far as scrubs, I buy my daughter the Baby Phat brand. Their scrubs are cute and the material is substantial. They have some cute white ones, and lab coats. I don't order on the internet because I liket to feel the fabric. Here is their website, minus dots.

www babyphatscrubs com

Debbie in CA : ) said...

THANK YOU for NOT supplying pics to go along with your entirely too descriptive and hilarity-producing diatribe against those "pegnoir" scrubs. I was afraid to get sick when I heard about the super-infections lurking in hopsital corridors, now with this peek-a-boo scrubs issue I'M TERRIFIED!
: D

I'll pray because I have NO expertise to share.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I have run a few pumpless Iv's in the last 10 years but in nursing homes and home health they have the coolest little BALLS that are pressurised and they infuse at the perfect rate... so simple to use so very cool too!
the pumpless ones were not too specific most said run over an hour so I just set them at a good slow drip... I doubt I could do those darn equasions any more... have mercy!

WHITE scrubs SUCK I hate them with a passion that absolutely kills. the best ones I have found was to just get the mens scrubs they seem to be better made and thicker materials.

Hugs Laura

Becky said...

Wow, that was quite a vent. Am I bad to have found it amusing? In an empathetic way of course. I'll be praying for you, too.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Just popping in to say hi! I am sitting by the pool writing this, my family went to Universal Studios without me today. I figured I can't go on 75% of the rides because of my back, so why pay so much to just sit there and hold everyone's stuff? LOL

We had to change our plan of driving to Denver, sorry to say. The cost to rent a car was over $1200-sheesh. So we just bought tickets to fly there and that way we will get to spend more time with our friends. I sure wish we could stop and see you! Maybe on our next trip we can make that happen.

Well, back to sunbathing...


Anonymous said...

You will get it but you just cracked me up with all the whining. it's good and is why expressive writing keeps you healthy! Have a good day!

farmlady said...

Holy venting, Batwomen. Glad you were able to get it off your chest. Now..., take a deep breath and charge on in the direction of your goal. You're doing great!!

Karen Deborah said...

who was venting me? Yes I suppose your are all correct but you get dressed for work to go to a Catholic hospital in see through clothes and see if it doesn't tweak you out just a tad! Actually had a good day today.
I got a 100 on my tests,...course thought it was going tobe a F but it was a 100, I really don't get that.

Kathy said...

You make me laugh! Shall I say 'sorry' for laughing at your misfortunes and misadventures? OR praise you for your great story telling and awesome sense of humor? I am glad you are home and blogging, sorry we didn't meet-up in Cali, maybe one day...

Susiewearsthepants said...

I tend to be a little modest, I would not be happy to have to go to work in see through clothes. Did I ever mention that you are hysterical? If not, consider yourself notified of your great sense of humor.