Friday, February 20, 2009


I haven't really done a post in awhile. Very few times in my life have I felt at a loss for words. While driving to work I usually listen to talk radio. The recent events from the government have my guts in knots. This administration may be remembered as the one that brought America to it's knees in defeat.

It appears that almost the entire left wing agenda has been ram rodded down the throats of Americans in this new STIMULUS law.

Word is that the next move will be to force socialized medicine through, just as quickly. Which surprised me, not in that it would be attempted but I was expecting the "right to bear arms," to be taken next. Men are you there?

The government already has such a strong position in dictating health care that the actual take over is almost complete. When we gave them the power to pay the bills, they also were given the power to dictate what they will pay for and when, how etc... translated into Medicare-Medicaid and the rest is history. No matter what you think about these policies, when YOU are faced with rationed care, when your life requires a treatment that is not "cost effective," you will sit up and take notice.

History always repeats itself. The Nazi's not only killed Jews, they also euthanized more people in the hospitals than in the camps. Anyone handicapped or unproductive. The beautiful strong intelligent youth were prized. The rest of humanity was not precious, it was disposable.
We have a serious problem with aging baby boomers, one way to deal with that is, do I dare say it? Euthanize them? Offer them palliative treatments? If you are 59 no bypass? If you are 85 nothing but morphine? Do you know that it's already happening?

Now you know why I haven't been blogging much this week. I have been stewing in my own juices. This morning I woke up warm and sleepy, rested. I have a day off. A day not to think about the crashing economy. A day not to think about what to do with the pitiful remains of my 401K. It wasn't much, but it's all I had. I had thought to ride it out and hope for recovery but that may not ever happen. Since I don't need it until about 10 years from now my plan was to wait, but it is nerve wracking!

What to do with all this negative stuff?
Negative is the biggest understatement, anyone with a better vocabulary can please fill in the needed adjectives.

The question is how to quiet oneself.
How to become calm in a distressed world.
How to be thankful in captivity.

Which brings me back to God. Everybody knows the story of Daniel. He was the guy the king put in the lions pit. They were hungry too, they would have devoured him without the power of God. God did show up for Daniel in a big way. What impresses me is the peace of Daniel regardless of the outcome. Now that is even more spectacular than closing the mouths of the lions. You see Daniel was cool with being delivered from the lions OR dying. He just didn't get rattled by his circumstances. No matter what happened, no matter what the king decreed, he just went about his business the same way every day. Daniel prayed three times a day. Actually I think he prayed mentally unceasingly, and those were his times set apart to LISTEN to God.

Giving thanks. Being thankful is the answer. As I begin to remember all the times before that God has come through. As I remember, that His ways are not my ways, and His thoughts are not my thoughts. I can delegate to the background, those troubles of the foreground. Nations have risen and fallen throughout time and still God exists.

He still speaks, through His Word the Bible, his people, his church and our lives. He still wants all people to know him, really know him, intimately. He is still love and loves me and loves you. He is the same yesterday and forever. On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand. I need a rock. If you want to bring up issues of sin (missing the mark), suffering and justice we can, in another post. Today we need the quiet rock.

It's working and I am quieter inside, calmer. Have you noticed the early signs of spring? It's coming. Think I'll share with you what I saw on a stroll in the garden.


imbeingheldhostage said...

I turned the news channel off. It's comparable to burying my head in the sand, but it's so stinking depressing to watch what's happening.

Angela said...

Giving thanks. Being thankful is the answer. As I begin to remember all the times before that God has come through. As I remember, that His ways are not my ways, and His thoughts are not my thoughts. I can delegate to the background, those troubles of the foreground. Nations have risen and fallen throughout time and still God exists.
amen amen amen

We have some funds that have plummented down ALOT and I even phoned our bank manager to discuss with her about it. I was ready to take it all out and place it in RRSP's.....I didn't though. Slowly BUT surely it has begun to rise again. Like your's, this is for the long term finances, so I'm hanging on and trying not to jump the gun...

Very powerful post karen...

David said...

Your blog is a wonderful treat! I love it.
I will be a follower

MaBunny said...

its scary to think about all that for sure! I don't like to watch the news either, but my husband listens to talk radio alot and is better informed than I - guess I need to stop be bopping in the car and listen to the news! Then I can rant and actually know what i'm talkign about!

farmlady said...

Take a big breath and go for a long walk. Focus on what makes you happy and productive.
DON'T LISTEN TO THE NEW!! It's all filled with "what if's" and doom.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummm the devil did not like my answer... now to attempt to re write it again. Excellent post.
The news is depressing and seeing savings dissapear upsetting yet, In all the years that I have known God plus quite a few before I did, he has kept his promises to me.
I find that as long as I keep my wants in line with what God says are my needs then all is well and I am never without or unhappy. It is when I allow my selfish wants to take over that problems happen and worries take over. Anyway that is the jist of the comment I had before the Devil stole it.
Love n hugs Laura

Government Funded Blogger said...

God has used nations and empires to further his plans for His people. These entities have prospered and then having become even more sinful He turned away from them. Consider Assyria,Babylon, Media-Persia, Rome British Empire and now the United States. We live in interesting times and I believe the end time.

You are right His ways are not our ways. Yours is an interesting blog.

Heidi said...

This to shall pass in its time my friend. I push this from my mind and just revel in the fact that the Lord is coming back - soon. :) Prayers for your hear to be lightened!

Anonymous said...

Yeah who knows what is going to happen. Now they are talking about nationalizing the banks. Makes me want to put my money in a mattress.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Karen! I've been thinking a lot about all of this as well.

Interestingly, I'm beginning to think that all of this may be just what is needed to bring people out of complacency. It is easy to be fat, dumb and happy. It is easy to be lukewarm. However, being faced with such issues has a way of forcing one to either stand up or to turn away. It is through our choices made in tough times that our true beliefs... our true characters... shine through. I think people have already put their trust in the government too long. Unfortunately, it is going to take loss of freedom long taken for granted for people to sit up and realize that their hope lies not in what our government can do for us, but what God, and God alone, can do.

Flea said...

Yeah - I stopped listening to the news a couple of years ago. It disturbs me. Life is troublesome enough. But I'm thinking of finding work in a nursing home shortly, so I'm guessing I'll know more than I want to soon.

Miss Annie Sew and Sew said...

Our gracious savior will provide. Rest for the weary and all that we bring to him he hears.
Thanks for the lovely pics. If you search google images, look for pics titled grotto waterfall and grotto cave. I also like the ones for fjord, because they show the greatness of God without even trying.

Karen said...

I'm not sure if I'm being practical and realistic, but I choose to ignore things. The world will crash around me whether I know it's coming or not. I do fear for Micah's health care though. A lot. And that drives me to my knees daily.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Pretty garden pics. I'll skip the politics ~~

Just flyin' by to say "Hi" -- I'll write soon. Missin' you too much right now. Rachel is askin' to go see Nanny. You're loved! Don;t work too hard.

Brenda said...

Your spring is way ahead of ours. We are still brown and barren! Our nation has interesting days ahead for sure. An opportunity for us to spend more time in prayer.

Michelle said...

Nice reflection on our current events....I too do not watch the news much anymore. I try to focus on my family and being positive in the day.

Angela said...

Karen, just popping over to let you know that I've been thinking about you. ((hugs))