Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Sprung & Sweet Surprises

This is snow in the South! Aren't you impressed? Isn't it amazing?

This is the storm that washes the snow away.
Last week the weather was cloudy, stormy and we had a real snow fall. Yes, that smattering of white stuff on the grass and flowers is a snow fall. Don't snort your coffee up your nose choking please. We were impressed, there was enough to make a snow ball and it was gone by noon.

This week we are into flowers and spring sun. It's bee you ti ful!

This is a peach tree in full bloom.

So I thought we could celebrate a little. I love it when the peaches are coming, peaches get me happy. Let's see celebrate how? Like a spring splurge, a surprise for you. I would like to offer a surprise give away. I'm not going to tell you what it is but I'll hint a little of what it might be.

It might be a cute thrift store find, it might be something good to eat, it might be something homemade by my lovin hands,

or it might be something good to drink with something good to read. It just might be an incredible jackpot of all of the above or maybe not. What will make the jackpot bigger is to have more contestants. So spread the word. Just leave a comment. One entry per person.

We are not savy enough to use random integer. We draw names from a hat, with a photo of the drawing and the winner. For every 7 contestants I will add another goodie to the box,a good goodie. Does it sound like fun? Do you want to win? Then leave a comment and check back now and then to be sure there are others entering the drawing. It will close in 2 weeks on March 22nd at noon. I will add up the 7's and determine how many items will be in the package. My friends already KNOW that I build cool presents so get busy.

Aside from this little brainstorm my brain is in a pretty continuous state of gel mode. I learn so much every day that I work. Actually it would help if studied when I'm home but so far I haven't done that, bad girl. It isn't a requirement but it will help, so maybe I'll pull out a drug book tonight and read up on "pressors."

The ICU brings up a lot of ethical issues, so bear with me as I'm sure there will be times when I cannot avoid a heavy discussion. BUT not today! Today it is spring and it is pretty! The biggest temptation I have right now is to flip the switch from heat to AC. I won't because this is the time of year we can actually save a bit on our energy bills and just have everything off.

Speaking of off, the TV is officially dead. No one is missing it! NONE of us are joan-zing for the TV. I actually think my blood pressure is lower and I am feeling more relaxed. Now when I can't sleep I'm crocheting little cotton dish rags- yeah I know what an OLD LADY thing to do. It hypnotizes me, I will get sleepy...I will get sleepy...

So what if a whole lot of people turned their TV's off? You know a boycott. What if we boycott TV, and Pepsi CO, and mail a tea bag to the white house on April Fools day, would it do any good? I don't know. I don't know if our government is even in the business of representation any more; it may be a big business that is interested in itself, or so it would seem. However in the smaller scope of things turning the TV off is benefiting our family already. We are talking more. We look for somebody to do something with, or talk about making something instead of flopping on the couch with the remote. My honey is out working in the yard which is just fantabolous, and I'm cooking of course. Our little experiment is working.

The next course of action is going to be removing as many pre made items from the grocery list as is possible. It takes thinking, there is a lot more to eat than beans, it's just the first thing I think of because of crazy Dave. Eat beans and rice he says. He has obviously never delved into the delights of scratch cooking and home made food. I'm pretty good at it but I'd like to kick it up a notch. I'd like to invent good breakfast items like breakfast burritos and ....what? What ideas do you have? On the days you go to work do your kids reach for the Wheaties? What about ways to premake stuff? The manufacturers do it. One month of cable,$50, 3 large boxes of cereal from Sams club $25, no drive thru junk food, $50,you see how it grows? What are you doing these days to cope with the rising prices? Are you saving money by spending less?

Too bad the government is too stupid to figure out that paying off debt with more debt is dumb, pay as you go, even if it's slow. But no THAT would be a sensible thing to do.

Your 2 cents is welcome feel free to speak up, and oh yeah, enter the contest.


MaBunny said...

Oh , that sounds like a fun contest. I've already done a post today, but I will do another tomorrow after work, or Tuesday morning when I am off.
Love the pictures. I like snow that is gone by noon!

Karen said...

I love the blooming things! Ahhh, spring.

Unknown said...

We haven't had any snow, but the weather has definitely been topsy turvy1 30's one day, 80's the next.

What's a girl to wear?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the blooming things, totally agree with work stuff and super totally agree with not paying off debt by borrowing more... it just does not add up... and I wanna WIN your contest!!! PICK ME OUTTA THE HAT :) PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Ok enough begging for now :)

Becky said...

Wow thats quite a post. I will vie for your giveaway and give you mention on my bloggypoo but right this second I am needed elsewhere. Just wanted to leave a hearty hug and a peck on the cheek for you to find later :-D


You have inspired me to kill my TV :-o

Anonymous said... it! Sounds like a fun contest. I'm in!! Love following your blog. Kitter

Kathy said...

No real TV here for years. A few minutes of scratchy news some mornings. I enjoy TV-less life.

I try to eat natural and from scratch also. Doesn't always work with several others in the household. Tonight was potato soup, salad and homemade bread sticks. Everyone was so full, didn't eat the cherry cobbler.

I wish for a meeting with our leaders, I would have two simple questions 1) where will all of this economic stimulous money come from? 2)how,when and who will repay it?

Breakfast foods? I usually cook the old fashioned oatmeal or cream of wheat, Jerry's specialty is making pancakes. I pack leftovers for lunch in my lunchbox!

And I look forward to being entered in your contest. You make great gift packages!

Rest well.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I would like an entry please!

Breakfast? How about a big batch of the delicious Bran Muffins from my uncle's recipe? It makes enough that you just dip into them in the fridge and bake them fresh every morning. These are not old lady bran muffins--they are delicious! Plus boil up a gob of hard boiled eggs the beginning of the week, mark them with a pen so no one mixes them up with regular eggs and have one everyday with a freshly baked bran muffin.


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea for your contest! I'm in!

Baseball is in full swing... I did not pre-plan the food issues that come with it and we spent soooooooo much money the last couple of days. We've got 4 games this week and I am a driver which means I am picking boys up around 2 pm (depending on where the games are) and we don't get home until 7-8 pm. My son is playing on both school teams. UGH!!!

And, in case you are wondering why parents are driving... the school does not have a baseball field yet. It's been excavated but we need more money to finish it. By not paying for buses it gets us closer to the goal.

I know what I need to do but I needed to do it prior to now. Now I am going to have a lot of trouble finding the time to get ahead. A couple years ago we had one sports season (girls in soccer, son in football) that we did not eat out even once because I had planned ahead and had two months worth of meals prepared and frozen in advance. It was awesome.

Becky said...

OK, Dear. I bowed to your fabulous surprised giveaway greatness... I hope you get lots of comments and have to ship that prize in a fridgerator box. teehee~


Hmmm... with all this go here there craziness maybe someone should give you a prize ;-)

Linda said...

Hey, Karen! I do need to be better about making food at home,but cooking for just yourself is not that fun. So, what I've been doing lately is buying pkgs of turkey sausage patties and cooking them all at once. I keep them in the fridge and nuke them for a few secs and grab some toast...out the door! You hang in there with the ICU stuff, you can do it. If you need any help let me know!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to enter your contest! And I love reading your newly found blog. I wish we could turn off our tv, but hubby won't agree to that. But there's NOTHING on to watch--and I don't WANT to hear the news! I'll keep working on him! I love the fact that your girls haven't missed the tv, as well. That's really a great thing--and they must be great kids!

I always have yogurt for breakfast--I used to make my own, maybe it would be cheaper to start doing that again!

DaNella Auten said...

Unless we have to be approved I should be commenter 13, yay!!! That is my favorite # I live in the south too, judging from your pictures, I live a little north of you... I live in Columbiana Al.

Flea said...

I'm an Aldi shopper. So I already pay as little for food as I can. Whether I work or not, the kids eat cereal. :) And beans and rice is one of my favorite meals!

Love your snow!

Karen Deborah said...

Great start! I need the bran muffin recipe, and I need Debbie's daughter elizabeth to give me a massage and I need Linda's know how for ICU, I am not whining. Welcome newcomers. There are now 2 items in the gift box for the first day that's not to bad. A refrigerator box? that would definitely be a challenge.

LDF said...

I've been without a TV for about 5 years now, and I don't miss it at all. However, I still enjoy Coronation Street - a British soap - it's my weekend "down time" treat via the Internet. I do like to go out to an occasional movie at the local movie theatre. Seems way more fun to me than sitting in front of that mindless idiot box! As for breakfast, there's only me at home now, and I like hot breakfasts year round. Once in awhile I make homemade granola for a treat. I'm pretty old fashioned in the kitchen, and I eat well yet spend a lot less on groceries than the majority of my friends. I agree with you about paying debt off slowly rather than with more debt. If only our government leaders thought the same!

betty said...

hi; I came over here from Becky's (Adult Deprived) blog. sounds like a fabulous giveaway; do enter me for sure! one time when I was growing up we went without TV for six months because my mom didn't have money to get it fixed or a new one; surprisingly we found a lot of good fun things to do; nowadays here every one panics if the cable goes out for a few hours or so



Heidi said...

OH a fun contest!!! I miss you my friend - I have been so busy that I have not been able to comment or visit... work ya know! SO enter me in your contest!! *hugs* Milk Dud sends his love auntie....

imbeingheldhostage said...

I seem to be spending more. Since I seem to be running like a crazy person being two parents, I do a lot of "last minute" things that I normally have taken care of way ahead. I'm a huge crock pot cooker (wait, that didn't sound right) and I can't even manage to get things going before the craziness hits. TV off is a huge bonus though, glad you're enjoying it!

Linda said...

One of my friends has a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. Whatcha think about that??

Linda said...

Don't be all grumpy, lovie! Just get on in the bed!! So, it's the more times I comment...the more times I'm entered??

Karen Deborah said...

No Winda, you get one entry, or I would be shipping in a refrigerator box. silly willy, do you have any good books on critical care? I need to go back to school! So much to learn.

Unknown said...

I can't think of anything witty to say about the government. I hope, that during this very stressful time, our President and the reigning powers, make wise choices for all of us. For our future. I can only pray and ask God's guidance upon them so that is what we are doing.

What a nice giveaway. I know that anything you come up with will be delightful!

Elysa said...

You can add my name to the list. :)

Angela said...

I'm here,,I rushed over as soon as you left a comment letting me know..LOL...

I LOVE your determination in all the wonderful changes that are being made in your home girl!!! I will tell ya,,these last 6 months of Randy being unemployed sure has made us ALOT wiser with our money, what we buy, and looking for ways to save money. I'm on the look out now for a new company for internet, satellite and phone service. Forget the childen not having tv here,,my husband is the one that would go I have tried telling him about cutting back on that and he was NO WAY..I think he would give up food first..stinker !!!

Rosie_Kate said...

Flowers?11?? You have flowers? Blooming trees?

So. Jealous.

I am months away from flowers. I live in the wrong part of the country, I can tell.

Sometimes I'm frugal to the point of nutsoid, so you probably shouldn't get me started... :-)

One Gray Hair At A Time said...

We went 2 years without t.v. I told my family the other day that come April we will be without t.v. again. Now when I say no t.v. I don't mean we won't be watching the gazillion of movies we own. We just won't be watching the garbage on regular t.v anymore.
We are also getting rid of our gym membership when it comes up for renewal in May. I told my husband it was crazy to be paying for something we "might" use.
Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Your home is SO beautiful!! I can't wait for my flowers to start blooming:)

If I win, will you be sure to enclose one of those handmade dishrags? I LOVE those things....I'm a grandma at heart!

What are we doing to save money? Packing our lunches, eating at home, and eating LESS!!!

farmlady said...

'thanks for the reminder. I hadn't caught up with my favorite blogs yet because my internet was down for a week. I would love to have a chance at your giveaway. In return I will send you one hen, who will lay fresh eggs for you everyday. Is that a deal or what?

Flea said...

I know I can't enter twice, so this doesn't count, but THANK YOU for the photos! I'll be finishing the second dress tonight at work. I sat an entire day this week and churned out the machine work on the four dresses I've been working on, including yours. I need to slip stitch, hem and put buttons on it and it will be on it's way!

Stacy said...

Just found your blog. I'm really enjoying it! Love the pictures of your johnny jump ups...I have some that survived the winter...with freezing morning temps too.
And please, enter me in your giveaway.

Tracy said...

It's amazing how much money I save now that I don't buy pre-made items...or at least as few as possible. My weekly grocery bill has dropped by about $40.00! I now make my own pizza dough and then make frozen pizzas. I know exactly what's in them. I bake bread each week (easy with my Kitchen Aid!).

And, thank you for your comment about government debt (at the bottom of your post). Sometimes I think I'm the only person that get's that concept. It seems that our government helps foster that "I deserve it now" attitued that so many people have...even if they don't have the money.