Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gardening and decisions to make


When times get tough, the tough get tougher. This is a man removing grass to make space for vegetables. It's a lot of work. He grew up with a hoe in his hands. His parents were sharecroppers here is MS. They followed crops, picked, and worked. They made a living back when life was simpler. In a time before subsidies and illegal aliens to do this kind of work. The problem is these workers send their money out of this country and also use our services. On second thought, that's too big of a problem to tackle today.

When I see him work land it makes me think. All the skill in his hands, all the knowledge in his head of how to live without any of the things we have taken for granted. I hope the girls will learn from him.

We're going to plant a few things to eat. I'm sick of paying these prices. I went today to buy deodorant. Can we plant deodorant? I usually get Secret sticks with something not to perfumed. It is usually about $2 or a little over that. The prices had jumped to $4.00 for ONE. I kept looking and blinking my eyes. I watched a woman walk up and grab a sports type stick for almost $8, for ONE. I don't think she even looked. I kept staring and then finally found down at the bottom some for $2. I almost bought a dozen for fear of what it might be next time but didn't. I may end up stinky one of these days. It cost me almost $30 for seeds for the garden. Am I crazy? Am I the only one noticing that prices for the simplest things have gone completely stark raving mad?Well?

My husband and Kayla went to a tea party protest yesterday. They both thought it was wonderful. Did you go?

Ok completely different subject. Change directions radically,please?

I am going to work nights next week and then I probably have to decide if it is going to be days or nights. I am in a dilemma, here is the deal. The pro and con list.

Once I am sleeping all day like I did yesterday, staying up for the night shift wasn't bad.
I'll make almost $400 more a month just for working those hours.
The phone doesn't hardly ring.
The doctors don't round.
It's quieter and there is a lot of "down time." I can even read blogs sometimes!
The night crew are funny, they belch and laugh. They are goofy but they work together.
I don't feel much like eating at night, this has got to be a pro.

The cons are, it's harder to go back and forth from being awake at night to sleeping at night. I may get goofy and tired.
It can be a little boring if it's slow. My body can't figure out when it's supposed to poop. So far it's confused. I guess I am running out of cons. Wow when the con list is shorter that usually means the pro list is longer; duh really? So what do you think about working nights?

I made my room really dark and slept from when my head hit the pillow until it was time to get ready for work. Not bad!

I like reading yawl's blogs too. They play CD's and eat,...oh no! Not warm fresh baked cookies!
Really someone brought in two plates of warm cookies, I was so dead, ate at least 6, maybe more. You know one of the cons of wearing scrubs is they are baggy and have drawstring waists so you don't even know how fat you are until the next time you want to wear real clothes.

I've already had a memorable experience at this hospital. We have had a run of GI bleeds and drunks needing to detox because they are really sick. We don't do rehab but drunks can get so sick you have to dry them out or they die, and sometimes when it's been that bad they die anyway. I digress a little, blood is the topic. Bleeding and giving transfusions. I have been down to the blood bank so frequently they have learned my name!

Somehow when I went to spike the blood bag something went wrong because when I hung it up it started spraying out all over the place. It went all over the front of my top before I could get it down and what a stinking awful mess. I felt that sticky yukky blood oozing through my shirt and felt a bit of panic. I really really wanted to take my shirt off! Some one had gone to get me a scrub shirt. Next to the patients room was a little utility area with a sink. I went in there and pulled that nasty shirt off and stood there in my bra sponging blood off of my belly and bra.
There is a window in that area that faces the main circle where everyone is working. so basically I was in my bra in front of everybody. One of the cutest doctors on that staff said, "Um there is a nurse in there with her clothes off...." well you know if he hadn't seen an old lady in a bra by now. Oh well. I couldn't leave that stuff on me. My manager was really cool, he just said, " We have a shower for when it's really bad." People have been barfed on and all kinds of gory stuff. Oh goodie I can't wait.

You are wondering what my patient thought? My patient was unconscious. He was an alcoholic and we pumped over 15 bags of blood in him, 8 of platelets, and he died. That's life in the ICU.


Sadie said...

thats a beautful kitty! so very sad about the patient. :(

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i would have been standing there braless too if blood was on it... dr would have seen saggy boobs and i would not have cared!
kitty is cute and yes prices are insane... planting our garden here too! love my garden

Unknown said...

Your husband is amazing digging up all that grass for a garden. Fresh veggies are the best.

I would have gone braless too. Most scrubs aren't see through.

My heart goes out to addicts who destroy their lives, so sad.

Oh, take the night shift. The people sound nice, and the money is good too.

joanne said...

It takes an amazing spirit to work nights in ICU. And your a strong man.

I see everything in the store getting pricier and I just can't figure out what to do about it all. I'll be using a rock for deodorant at 4.00 a piece!

I'm no pro on the nights. Just a personal opinion that it is too freaking hard on the ole body to work those hours and switch back around. Take care... j)

Flea said...

It took me several months for my body to adjust to nights, but I think it was tougher because it's just weekends, so I'm awake days all week. But you adjust.

The quiet is wonderful. Having time to yourself is wonderful. If you can sleep during the day, that's great. I created an environment to be able to do that.

I just hate not having time for and with my family on weekends.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Our raised beds went in yesterday . . . the plants/seeds will go in today . . . the dreams will grow with the produce. The girls clamor for 4 more beds and a LARGE pumpkin patch (I agree).

Spring has sprung and I have naught but thought for gardening. ; D

Michelle said...

The night shift doesn't sound too bad, but your blood experience kind of makes me glad I did not go into the medical field!

Chris H said...

The price of ordinary everyday
essentials has sky rocketed here too! It is so wrong.
You are going to have an enormous vege garden! I hope you have a good freezer to put some of your produce in!
Blood all over you....IKKKK... major IKKKKK.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I am so very glad to see you guys ripping out lawn and planting gardens. Now I can sleep better knowing you are going to be O.K.!

I don't know anything about graveyard, but I did work swing shift for a long time and loved it. I would get off at 11:30 at night and still get to bed in good enough time to get up and have the whole morning and early afternoon to myself before getting to work at 3:30.

It sounds like there isn't as much stress in the hospital at night?

Trudy said...

It sounds like, since you're able to sleep during the day, that the night shift might just be the best one for you. THe pros outweight the cons!

I hope the garden will produce many goodies for you!

Big Hair Envy said...

Gardens? What I don't plant, my dad and sister will. Best stuff going!!

Tea Parties? Thumbs UP!

Blood, Barf & Death? You are a better woman than I....thanks for all that you do:)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. That story made me GAG! I like that you have less stress during the night shift. That would be my favorite thing about it : ).

Karey Swan said...

Karen, it sounds like the night shift is the winner. But oh ... menopause sleep is already hard, I don't know if my body could handle the changes, or MAYBE things could improve!

The freedom to talk about blood, boobs and bras is makes for fun reading. I'm smiling...

Rosie_Kate said...

I could NOT work a night shift. I think I would pass out and be ill...