Friday, April 10, 2009


This kitty is wishing. See him in the window?
The rose arbor is beginning to bloom.

Sanding rockers the after and before.
Where we live we have covenants, what I now think of as a two edged sword. Covenants protect you from having a junk yard next door a common thing in Mississippi, but also limit what you can do. At times the limits are more than I can stomach. But I have the type of mind that will keep working on a problem until I can find an answer.

For the last 9 years that we have lived in this house I have wanted to make our carport into a garden room. My husband thinks I am crazy because of the long months of heat. We do have times of glorious weather. The spring and fall are glorious. Because our "carport" faces the garden it is a natural place for visiting outside. We have used it for parties, dinners, and even church services, even baptisms in our hot tub. It may be hard to believe but the car port is one of my most favorite places here and I have had big dreams for it.

Restrictions. We have had willing neighbors to sell us about 10 feet of side yard so we could build a garage. The covenants have restrictions about changing the lot sizes. Maybe it would be worth all the red tape to hassle with that. I don't really have the energy. Because I cannot build a garage I cannot enclose the carport for a sunroom.

Yesterday while sitting outside enjoying the breezes and dreaming of that space I began to feel the wheels in my head churning once again.

I am sanding down the rockers. They have two coats of paint on them that is chipping and looks terrible. I may be crazy but I like the effect! I was going to re do them but I am going to leave them like this.

Our carport has a regular ceiling and pitched roof with white posts holding it up. I'll take some pictures as I do the project. It has a cement floor. I have been talking with the husband about staining the floor and sealing it. That would not be too costly. As I was sitting there I began to imagine white gauze curtains flowing about. The wind picked up and the thought occurred to me that a breeze in the south can become a tornado and white gauze curtains could turn into a tangled mess of ripped fabric. Hummmm think think think. How about weights in the hems?
Wind could move those too. Then the light bulb went off.

Are you curious? Can I do it? Wooden closet poles or dowels come in any length. They can be attached with cup holders that can be screwed into each side of the posts. If we place one at the top and the bottom the curtains will be secured and also can be removed for washing and storage. so the carport would still legally be a carport. Ah but the carport with its nice floor and pretty curtains could become a lovely place of relaxing respite.

I would like to obtain some short concrete pillars and place a slab of granite on them for a table. The table could be used for meals but also art projects, pottery making and even some of the husbands carpentry projects. The slab would be the most expensive part of this project. But I may be able to find one in a natural uncut shape for less I will have to investigate.

Then to trim the room with small lights to have for evenings, and place potted plants in just the right spots. We will play the music and set the table, sit down and enjoy the beauty of being out doors right her in town, in a carport, and won't it be lovely?


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Such delightful musings with summertime ideas. I'm dreaming of tea ANYWHERE in your house and gardens; this portico patio idea sounds fun. Screens would be awfully nice. (Especially for a California girl unused to the swarming hospitality of your Southern BUGS!)

; D

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

My husband makes and sells granite tables. He buys scrap steel and fabricates the legs himself by welding and cutting them.

He goes to the local granite installers and gets their granite scraps for FREE. They are too small for them to use in kitchens and bathrooms, but they have to pay to dispose of them. They are the perfect size for tables. Check out your local granite guys.

Your ideas sound great--can't wait for pictures!

Chris H said...

I think your carport/gardenroom idea is delightful! I can't wait to see photos!
The them.

Mrs. Mom said...

Oh this is going to be lovely. Cant wait to see pictures of it!! Nice way to look at things from a new perspective! ;)

Marg said...


I wanted to thank-you for your comment about the pan.. You are so true, usually I've used a round pan, and I may have to eventually go back to that pan again.
I will probably try a pound cake next time....
I have enjoy browsing through your blog.
God bless you and have a Happy Easter.