Thursday, October 22, 2009

Celebrating and Sightseeing

Yesterday I drank some coffee, dark rich French roast brewed very strong, and it put some zip in my tired bones. I put the cousins in the car and took them to town. Ridgeland Mississippi has some lovely places. One of my favorites is The Gardenworks, a local nursery par excellance, with an overflowing plethora of gorgeousness.

From any direction you can view plants and arrangements you'd love to have at your own place.
For a fee of course you can.
The front entrance, sporting a new, rather colorful paint job.

Pumpkins always announce fall and start me baking pies.

Sweet potato pies to be precise. The Hunny declared me to be a "real housewife." I haven't been? The man loves pie!

These impress him of course, but do not seem to elevate me to the status of a "real housewife."

The secret to his heart is right here.

The man loves pie. He eats bread, but he loves pie. He does eat a lot of bread.

Just a little digression with food, but we are still perusing the nursery. These make ME drool. I would love to have a dozen of these lovely pots. Potted plants require a lot of watering but they are so pretty. Man loves pies, woman loves pots...yep that's about the size of it.
Very cute...

yes, definitely pretty...
Catching the cousin, catching some shots...
that could really be inspirational.

This is a quite attractive little arrangement and it inspired me to go home and fix up the area at my back door. In the south everyone walks around to your back door to come in. I have had so few folks come through my front door that I can count them on one hand, and that's in ten years.

Pansies, somebody should write a song about these happy little flowers.
(Somebody did.. courtesy of Lynne...)

. "Little purple pansies dressed in yellow gold.

"Growing in a corner of the garden, old.

"We are very tiny but we try, try, try.

Just one heart to gladen, you and I."

Another gorgeous pot, what a color!
We also went to some other places that are really cute, some of my favorites. I'll show you that tomorrow. A cute shop and a very chic restaurant. Speaking of restaurants, we went to a Mexican place last night (birthday girls choice of course) to celebrate Kayla's 19th birthday. One of the cousins mentioned it to our waitress and so she was adorned with the fancy sombrero and sung to with gusto.

Kissed by her Papa.

She loved every minute of it!

Happy Birthday sweetie.


Kathy said...

Good morning! Love the flowers and outdoor arrangments. I also adore your pie pans. Happy Birthday to Kayla, that is one beautiful gal and she just absolutely glows with happiness in your pictures. Looks like it was one great day.

Mental P Mama said...

So wonderful! Happy Birthday Kayla! And now? I guess I need to go bake a pie;)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Happy Birthday KAYLA!!

Love all the garden-center pics. I'm a goner for pretty pots . . . b ut then you already know that having seen my deck. Yes, they require daily watering, but SO WORTH IT!!!

Pretty, pretty post to feast my eyes upon in this little break in my daily doings. Thanks! : D

joanne said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Thanks for your sweet comments today KD..I'm not sure where I was going with that post! You are a sweetie and I am so Blessed to have found you in this great big bloggy world...;p

Unknown said...

Care to share a recipe for the pies? Please! I love me some pie.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh in that last photo she looked so embarrassed!! Love the pics of your home cookin'!! You always make my mouth water.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Happy Birthday to Kayla, what a pretty girl she is.

Almost all my flowers are in pots and they were/still are spectacular this year. And yes, daily watering. sigh.

There us a song about pansies. "Little purple pansies dressed in yellow gold.

"Growing in a corner of the garden, old.

"We are very tiny but we try, try, try.

Just one heart to gladen, you and I."

Karen Deborah said...

Lynne I love the pansy song!

Christi L the recipe is from Joy of cooking and it was awesome!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I think I loved everything in this post. The pansy song, the flowers, the flower pots, the pumpkins, the sombrero......
Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Kayla!

Unknown said...

19 years old. She is so pretty. She has the lovely look of youth! I hope she has a wonderful life and all of her dreams come true : ) Super fun!

Chris H said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA! Looks like you had a lovely day. Love all the photos KD!